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A tooth filling, also called a cavity filling, is often necessary to remove decay or repair minor fractures in a
tooth. Tooth decay can occur from an unhealthy diet, poor dental hygiene, medical problems or even a
dry mouth. Tooth fractures result from an accident or a dental injury.
Getting a cavity filled is one of the most common dental procedures. It’s an effective solution for stopping
tooth pain due to decay and for restoring the tooth to full functionality. Dental fillings have a long history
in tooth care; the earliest discovered evidence dates back six thousand years to beeswax fillings found in
Italy. Your dentist has much more advanced techniques though, so don’t wait, it will only get worse.
Your dentist at Albany County Dental Associates first needs to determine if you have a cavity severe
enough to require filling. He inspects your teeth visually and perhaps with an x-ray, if needed, to
determine the size, location and severity of the decay. If a filling is necessary, the next step is to remove
the decay.
The best family dentist administers a local anesthetic to eliminate any pain during the procedure.
Sedation dentistry, is rarely needed for fillings. Once your mouth is numb, the dentist accesses the
problem area and removes the decayed tissue. The procedure is painless, although you may feel some
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