In today’s world, almost everyone is suffering from some kind of vein disease among which
45% of people are men and the rest are women. Women are the majority because of an array
of responsibilities on them. The most common vein diseases are painful varicose veins and
spider veins. However, ignoring the symptoms of these diseases may lead to severe
Spider Veins
These are the unhealthy and defective veins present just below the surface of the skin. These
veins are most commonly found in the lower parts of the body majorly legs. Spider veins are
mostly purple, red or blue in color. These veins look like spider webs on our body. This
disease occurs mostly due to venous insufficiency.
Symptoms of Spider Veins
The major symptom of spider veins is the cosmetic appearance. However, some people feel
various other symptoms such as heaviness, aching, burning sensation, tingling, swelling,
throbbing, itching and cramping. If the disease is severe then some individuals develop skin
changes and ulcerations.
Cause of Spider Veins
The primary and the major cause of spider veins is chronic venous insufficiency or vein
disease. But other causes include increasing pressure in veins. Long hours of standing and
sitting, pregnancy, exposure to the sun, etc. are also some of the common causes of spider
Diagnosis of Spider Veins
A vein specialist will closely examine your affected areas to diagnose the spider veins. And if
he/she found any symptoms of it then he/she will recommend an ultrasound of all the veins to
find out the defective veins.
How to Get Rid of Spider Veins?
If you are suffering from spider veins, then you can take some prevention at home to make
the blood circulation proper in your legs. Here are some preventive factors that can be
considered to get rid of spider veins:
Do regular exercise and physical activities.
If you are suffering from obesity, then lose some weight.
Avoid sitting and standing for long durations.
Wear compression stockings.
 Put your feet up for a few hours a day.
How To Remove Spider Veins?
There are lots of treatments available for spider vein removal. And the treatments for spider
veins are safe and effective. Always remember to undergo comprehensive vein evaluation
before taking treatment for spider veins. If you are suffering from venous insufficiency and
you take spider vein treatment directly without addressing it, then you may suffer from spider
veins again. Some of the common, minimally invasive and effective treatments for spider
veins are:
Laser Therapy
Vein Surgery
Endovenous Laser
Radiofrequency Ablation
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