Can Botox Change Male Organ Size

Can Botox Change Male Organ Size?
Male organ size. It’s something men spend way too much time thinking
about, whether it’s worrying about whether their own measures up or feeling
jealous that another guy clearly “outranks” them in this entirely superficial
way of categorizing masculinity. Since male organ size is not generally a
male organ health issue, and since most men are sufficiently endowed to
provide sensual satisfaction to their partners even if they cannot compare to
a horse, there’s no reason for male organ size to be such an obsession. But
reason and reality don’t always go hand in hand – and thus, there is now
interest in using botox as a means of increasing male organ size.
What is botox again?
Lots of guys have heard of botox, but it may well be one of those words that
rolls around the brain without a guy being able to quite put a finger on what
it is. Botox is a short way of saying botulinum toxin, which is a protein
caused by some forms of bacteria. But it’s not just your everyday garden
variety protein – it happens to be one of the most lethal toxins around; the
bacteria that creates it also causes botulism, which is widely associated with
food poisoning and is nothing to joke about.
Amazingly enough, though, botox is used – very carefully, one hopes – to
treat some medical and physical issues. For example, muscle spasms and
migraine headaches often respond well to exposure to botox-related
But botox really became better known a couple of decades back when it was
discovered that injections of botox could help rid or diminish – wait for it –
wrinkles. Suddenly, many women (and yes, men as well) were having botox
injections to smooth out those foreheads or cheeks. And by the way, some
men who did not like looking down and seeing how wrinkled their sacks
were – though wrinkling there is unrelated to aging – have used botox to
really smooth out their sacks.
Botox and male organ size
But where does botox come in where male organ size is concerned? Back in
2009, some scientists published the results of a study in which they took 10
men who felt that their members were too short when soft (although they
were apparently satisfied with their tumescent length). The scientists
realized that botox works in muscle spasms by enabling muscles to relax.
They also realized that when the dartos muscle contracts, it causes the soft
member to shorten, and when it relaxes, it lengthens. By targeting the botox
injection to the dartos muscle, there was some noticeable lengthening of the
soft manhood in 7 of the 10 men they studied.
Some doctors have since reported an increase in girth of members injected
with botox as well. But the jury is still out as to the true safety and efficacy
of using botox to increase male organ size. And since administration at this
point still involves injecting into the manhood, men who don’t like a needle
near their manhood may especially be wary. For the present at least, most
doctors are not convinced of the wisdom of using botox for male organ size
Male organ size, whether enhanced by botox or not, is far less important
than male organ health, so men would be well advised to keep their male
organ healthy and to regularly use a first rate male organ health creme
(health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically
proven mild and safe for skin). Most men will want to look through the
ingredients listed for the crème to see if it contains L-arginine and Lcarnitine. The former is an amino acid which helps produce nitric oxide; this
then helps keep male organ blood vessels open and expanded. The latter
helps to maintain appropriate manhood sensation, which can otherwise be
diminished due to ro8ugh handling or nerve damage.