Having your own grown fruits and vegetables to eat is enormously beneficial. It has lots of health benefits. Growing
fruits and vegetables needs a large part of the backyard where Permaculture can be designed. But for this first, you
need to learn about PDC online. If you know how to design Permaculture then you can grow your own healthy food.
Permaculture is a complex system of sustainability. Your backyard must have the productive benefits of
Permaculture with a calm and relaxing space that can help to restore balance to a stressful life.
The essential key areas of the Permaculture design system are:
1. Water- The water is the most essential part of Permaculture. Water is the basis of life. Everyone needs water
to drink, including humans, animals, and plants. We need water to wash, clean things and cook. Rainwater
tanks are the key feature of Permaculture. You can also collect the grey water for watering the garden.
Swales are also used to collect and limit the flow of water.
2. Animals- Chickens provide you a regular supply of eggs and meat. Similarly, rabbits also provide supply of
meat and fur. You need to choose the right breed of rabbit for your small backyards. Young rabbits are
usually ready to eat between 8 to 12 weeks of age. Whereas in larger backyards, goats, pigs, cattle, and
sheep provide you meat, milk, and leather.
3. Power Creation- A varied range of power supply is observed in Permaculture systems. The power supply
varies from backyard wind generation to generators to solar panels. Permaculturists try to use self-sufficient
power but mains electricity is also required in some circumstances.
4. Shelter- Many people construct their homes on the basis of Permaculture designs. These homes are made
of mud bricks. Various traditional building materials and methods are also used by the Permaculturists.
5. Fruit, vegetables, and grains- The Permaculture design is also used to grow fruits, vegetables and grains
organically. You can grow many of the vegetables, and green salads throughout the year.
The key features of Permaculture are not merely this much. It includes much more than these. Permaculture gives
healthy and chemical-free grown food to us. It is the best way to live a healthier life.
But before starting a Permaculture system you need to learn a lot about it. There are various sources that provide a
Permaculture design course online. You can learn from these sources and built your own Permaculture design.
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