DFS Service home security systems resolve all your concern about burglaries

DFS Service home security systems resolve all your concern about burglaries
If you want to keep an eye at your house outside activities to protect or secure your house from
burglaries and another happening then DFS Services home security cameras and other security
devices will help you protect your house. Your area is in the surveillance under our latest quality
technology cameras and our advanced clear vision with good quality will help you for sure. We
are serving the best home security systems India which also makes us the best & most renowned
home security systems company in India and we proves out position right by serving the best home
security systems & solutions to the people who are worried about their house protection.
Our smart house security devices are wireless and allow you to store the data on the cloud so you
can even find the old clips to find out what’s wrong when you come back at home after a long trip.
Which means with our smart home security systems, you can go on a long trip without any worry
and in your smartphone, you can keep an eagle's eye at your house with our wireless smart devices
for home security. We are offering the home security products such as smart doorbell with a video
camera, security grid with an active team of experts and smart iCAM with an advanced wide-angle
of 355 degrees to cover the wide range of the outside of your house. home security system india
Have a look at our home security systems smart solutions for you:
Smart video doorbell: DFS Services the best home security systems company serving the most
advanced solutions for you with a smart video doorbell with the extra smart PIR sensor which can
also detect the motion and sound outside your door when someone comes near to your house door
and stands them. The smart doorbell will alert you about the outside activities and also we are
offering the smart doorbell with an autoresponder so no one standing outside your door and waiting
for your response will go back without any response from your side. You can record a customized
message for your visitors.
Smart iCAM: With our smart iCAM you can cover the wide angle outside your house with the
advanced 355 degrees of coverage area. The size of the camera is very compact as you can adjust
it anywhere at your door and within the 3 easy steps, you can install and access the camera to see
the view in your smartphone. The night vision of the camera is also very clear as you can see the
night activities with IR sensors features to see it clear.
Security Grid: DFS Services home security systems India launched a new technology to protect
your houses and to keep an eye at your area activities which are Security grid in which our expert
team 24 hours take care about your area activities and respond instantly whenever they feel any
danger and unwanted happening was going there. Which means we are always with you and protect
you from happening with instant actions.
Here we go as being the best home security systems company in India we are introducing more
advanced home security solutions for you choose us now!