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Orthotic Supplies By Alba Medical
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Orthopedic devices and equipment carried by Alba Supplies are braces and supports for the
arms, ankles, elbows and more. These Orthotic devices are ideal for physical therapy,
rehabilitation and preventative support. Ankle braces come in a few different styles: wrap
around supports for compression or tie-on style braces to provide additional protection. Knee
braces are ideal for compression, stabilization or immobilization, depending on the style of
it. Back braces and lumbar supports are perfect for physical therapy uses, for everyday
comfort, as an industrial back support heavy lifting and more.
Orthotic devices such as slings and splints are ideal for relieving pain and providing
stabilization after an injury. See our selection of wrist braces for wrist stabilization, for mild
compression or for immobilizing the wrist or hand with a wrist brace. Whether it's orthopedic
equipment like braces or other orthopedic devices you are looking for, we'll have something
for you. Choose from a wide variety of orthopedic products that are the right fit and function
for you today.
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