GYM Does Your Diet Impact Your Fitness

Does Your Diet Impact Your Fitness
Exercise and fitness have a direct relationship with your diet. If you exercise regularly then you need to ensure
that your diet doesn’t compromise any of the efforts you are putting into your workouts. A good diet is usually
composed of all the important nutrients. This includes carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals and also
water. Each nutrient has a role to play and can end up making or breaking your exercise session. So, you have to
make sure that you take each nutrient in the right amount before, during and after the workout.
Carbohydrates provide fuel to the body. They are responsible for offering you the energy that is needed during
an intense workout session. Without proper intake of carbohydrates, your body would be low on energy and
your muscles will tire out quickly. Thus, it is important that you consume carbohydrates before every workout
session. Another reason why carbohydrates are essential for people who exercise regularly is that they
accumulate in the muscles in the form of glycogen. This glycogen is used up when you perform any kind of
strenuous activity or exercise routine. Replenishing the glycogen reserves is necessary if you want to speed up
your recovery after an exercise session.
Your muscles are composed primarily of protein. This nutrient is not only needed for building new muscle
fibres but also for repairing damaged muscle tissues. People who are looking to increase their muscle mass,
need to 2 grams of protein for each kilogram of their body weight. You should try to get the bulk of the protein
through dietary sources. Protein is also needed for the recovery phase too. However, you will need the proteins
which have branched-chain amino acids for this purpose. You can find them in whey.
Vitamins and Minerals
You need minerals and vitamins for the different chemical processes going on in the body. They can help in
accelerating the metabolism and generating energy which is needed for performing any exercise. The body
relies on sodium for balancing the fluids in the cells. If your diet is short on sodium then you will start feeling
cramps in your muscles because of the fluid imbalance. Similarly, having an iron deficiency can affect your
blood’s ability to carry oxygen. Thus, you will feel winded and exhausted very quickly during an exercise
session. The iron deficiency is usually caused in the body due to deficiency of Vitamin C. So, you need to make
sure that you are consuming enough vitamin C as it is needed for absorbing iron.
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