Know about Butter Packing Machines and its usages

Know about Butter Packing Machines and its usages
The vacuum packaging technique is a trend for the preservation and presentation of food in
the industry, as you must have already noticed. Undoubtedly, this type of packaging provides
multiple advantages for your business and for your customers in terms of food quality,
hygiene, comfort, time savings and return on investment.
What are these advantages? Is vacuum packaging convenient for your business? Here we
advise you on all this.
Importance of vacuum packaging in food
Foods such as meats, cheeses, fruits or vegetables, sausages, and in general, liquid products
of different types, can extend their shelf life while maintaining their taste, texture, colour and
appearance properties, thanks to vacuum packaging.
But how is this achieved? It happens that in the vacuum packaging all the air that the bag
can contain inside is suppressed, which makes aerobic microorganisms (They need air to
live) do not proliferate and die.
These microorganisms are responsible for the breakdown of food; therefore, by including
vacuum packaging by Butter Production Lines, you can keep your food longer and better.
In fact, packing the vacuum prolongs the shelf life of a certain product up to 3 times or more.
A very practical example is that which occurs with cheese; this food is one of those that, in
normal packaging once put in the fridge, dehydrate after a couple of days, and at most, it
would be suitable for consumption until the two weeks.
By keeping the same cheese vacuum packed in the refrigerator, you could keep it for up to
24 months.
Advantages of vacuum packing
Undoubtedly, the great advantage of acquiring a Butter Packing Machines is that of
extending the shelf life of the food that your company produces. Now, how much can that
prolongation time be? * In refrigerator
For your business
This is one of the best product packaging with which you not only get the remarkable
advantages in terms of prolonging the shelf life of food, but also because of the different
advantages it represents directly in your business. Among the most important:
Increase the availability and capacity of products stored in the warehouse
Facilitates the export of products
Reduce production times and costs
Facilitate the expansion of your products to new markets
Ensures high quality packaging
Your presentation makes your products more striking
For your clients
Of course, the inclusion of vacuum packaging for the presentation of your products also
means a series of advantages for your customers. Some of them are:
Safety and hygiene in the products you consume
Saving by being able to keep your food longer, without having to dispose of it for not
eating it quickly.
Easy storage in pantry, refrigerator or freezer.
Increased hygiene in food handling
Practical sense when having vacuum packed food, which is usually already portioned
Intelligent and optimal use of storage space
Less food waste by having the possibility to buy precise portions and adjusted to the
quantities you need.
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