How To Pay Employees Using Xero Pay Run Feature-converted

How To Pay Employees
Xero Pay Run Feature
Pay Employees By Using
Xero Pay Run Feature?
Make payrolls easy to handle, Use Xero pay
feature to pay your employees right away.
Whether you want to pay multiple
employees or individual, all or part of their
pay slip, Pay Run lets you pay your
employees easily from anywhere. Before
you get started with the steps mentioned
below make sure to approve pay run first.
Now get going with the steps given below to
pay your employees using Pay Run.
Follow Steps
➢ First of all, open Xero and then select Pay run under
Business menu.
➢ Now select and open the payment run you just
approved from which you want to make payments.
➢ Select the amount you want to pay next to the
employee name to open their payslip.
➢ Fill in the information needed under Make a Payment
tab. You can choose to pay all or just a part of the
payslip total.
➢ Now select Add Payment.
Check Payment Process
The payment will start processing and finish
within a few seconds. After the payment is fully
processed, you can check the payslips statuses
changed from Awaiting Payment to Paid. In case
you have paid just a part of the payslip total, the
status will remain at Awaiting Payment. The
status is updated to Paid only when all the
payslips within it are paid. If you want to pay
multiple employees using batch payments then
follow the steps given below:
Follow Steps
• Select Pay run from the Business menu and then open
your approved pay run.
• Select Batch Pay Employees and enter the payment date.
• Select the Bank Account from which you want to make
• Optionally, fill the Details segment and then payment
information for individual employees including bank
account, personal info, payment amount, etc. Note that
you can pay all or part of the due amount of the pay run.
• At last click on Make Payments.
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