Teeth Retainer After Braces

Teeth Retainer After Braces
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Retainers are devices that retain the teeth in their current position, ensuring that
your beautiful smile stays exactly where you want it to. Retainers can be either
appliances that are removed and reapplied to your teeth or they can be devices
that are glued to the back of your teeth. You and your doctor will determine
which retainer type is best for you and for how long and when you should be
wearing them.
VIVERA RETAINERS. Vivera Retainers are a type of removable retainer that are
made by the Invisalign company. Formed from a clear, plastic-like material, Vivera
retainers are extremely strong and durable and custom made to fit your teeth
with great ease and comfort.
FREE INVISALIGN CONSULTATION. Whether you’re not happy with how your teeth
look or feel, or you’re concerned with how your bite may be negatively harming
your teeth and gums, we can be sure that you have questions that need
answering. At Park Dentistry, our team of smile experts would be more than
happy to sit with you and discuss your smile and concerns. And best of all, we
want to do it at no charge! Call today to schedule your free Invisalign
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