Midtown Manhattan Commercial & Residential Pressure Power Washing

Midtown Manhattan Commercial & Residential Pressure Power Washing
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Cleanliness is an important factor for many people in New York when they decide where to shop and conduct
business. Maintaining a clean parking lot enhances your property image and creates a professional image.
Aside from the fact that parking lot and street sweeping is a best management practice, it’s an essential factor
in positioning your Brooklyn based business. Think about how much effort you put into providing a positive
customer experience. Have you considered that your parking lot is the first interaction customers have with
your property? It can play a large role in a customer’s first impression of your NYC business.
Benefits of parking lot and street sweeping in NYC, NY include:
Discourages Littering: People are less likely to throw trash on the ground in a clean parking lot; the dirtier the
area, the less remorse people have about littering.
Prevents Erosion: In New York we have a lot of sand and dirt living in the desert. This sand and dirt combined
with other debris will eventually break down the asphalt pavement of your parking lot and streets. Over time
causing a much more expensive fix compared to parking lot sweeping and maintenance services.
Minimizes Pollution: Removing trash prevents it from being washed into storm water drains and canals.
Deters Rodents: The accumulation of trash becomes a feeding ground for bugs, rodents and other animals.
Avoids Lawsuits: Debris left in a parking lot can cause injuries to your customers, as well as cause damage to
their vehicles. Potentially leading to a lawsuit and liability claims.
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