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The Redefine Healthcare chiropractic team specializes in helping treat back pain, joint pain, headaches,
and other issues related to pain management. Led by Dr. Richard Sabbagh, our team helps patients
improve their strength and mobility through a combination of chiropractic techniques, Progressive Rehab,
and other therapies to meet your unique health needs.
Between each vertebra lies a fibrocartilagenous structure called the intervertebral disc. This disc is
present at all levels of the thoracic spine. The disc is comprised of a series of outer fibrous rings (annulus
fibrosis) and a gelatinous center (nucleus pulposus). The walls of the disc are thinnest and weakesr
posterior laterally where the spinal nerves exit the spinal column. The disc serves as a joint between the
vertebrae, functions as a cushion and allows movement between the vertebra.
Inflammation, damage or degeneration of a disc can cause a range of symptoms, which vary based on
the severity of the problem. Disc pathology may produce a loss of back motion, back pain, pain that
radiates from the back around the ribs and chest, numbness, tingling, muscle spasm or some
combination of these symptoms. The thoracic level with the highest rate of disc degeneration is T8-T12.
The incidence of thoracic disc problems is far lower than in the lumbar and cervical area.
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