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Lower & Upper Back Pain Relief
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Lower back pain. The pain can be sudden and sharp or a persistent, enduring ache. Acute low
back pain tends to last from a few days to one month. Subacute pain ranges from four to 12
weeks. Chronic pain lasts longer than three months. About one in five cases of acute pain
develops into chronic pain.
Upper back pain. Although less common than lower back pain, upper back pain can be just as
uncomfortable. The pain focuses on your shoulders and neck.
Middle back pain. The pain in this area centers around problems with your thoracic spine. Midback pain may be a symptom of something more serious.
If you’re tired of suffering from back pain, get the treatment you need to get back in the game
and back to your normal routines. Contact the best back pain treatment doctors and specialists
of New Jersey at Redefine Healthcare. Visit one of our four locations.
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