Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative Disc Disease
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Degenerative Disc disease is a term to describe the progressive, gradual wear and tear of the
intervertebral disc. This degeneration affects the outer annulus fibrosis and nucleus pulposus.
As the disc wearsthere is loss of disc height and increased likelihood of the development of
bulging and herniated discs. Degeneration of the disc is normal with aging but can be
accelerated as a result of trauma, repetitive strain or injury as well as musculo-skeletal
imbalances like scoliosis. Disc degeneration itself may not be a problem, but the associated
conditions that may develop as it progresses can be symptomatic and debilitating.
Inflammation, damage or degeneration of a disc can cause a range of symptoms that vary
based on the severity of the problem. Disc pathology may produce a loss of back motion, back
pain, pain that may radiate from the back around the ribs and chest, numbness, tingling,
muscle spasm or some combination of these symptoms.
Common conditions of the intervertebral disc include bulging disc, herniated disc, prolapsed
disc, degenerative disc disease, anular tear of the disc, ruptured disc and slipped disc.
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