Pain Management Union

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Pain Management Union
2500 Morris Avenue, Suite 220QW
Union, NJ 07083
(908) 772-8297
Category: Chiropractor, Pain management physician, doctor, medical clinic.
Monday to Thursday- 9am–5pm
Friday 8am–4pm
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Pain can interfere with your life at any age and for a variety of reasons. Whether you’re an avid
runner who can barely walk now due to runner’s knee or a senior with recurring hip pain after a
fall, the best pain management doctors in New Jersey can help you not only get through a
traumatic time, but also teach you how to prevent further accidents. The Redefine Healthcare
pain specialists treat everyone from athletes with acute painful injuries to aging adults suffering
from chronic conditions. Don’t live with pain. Call the pain management experts for a firm
diagnosis and appropriate treatment.
When pain is acute, it comes on suddenly, often following a sports injury or other trauma. That
makes it fairly easy to diagnose and treat. But the source of your pain isn’t always so
recognizable. In these cases, you require the experienced detection skills of a trained pain
management specialist.
Your pain management doctors in NJ bring a wide range of experience to the care and
treatment of back pain. While back pain is the most common cause of missed work and
disability, your situation is unique and treated as such at Redefine Healthcare. Your doctors
carefully examine you and listen to your symptoms and concerns before suggesting the most
suitable course of treatment.
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