INFORMATION NOTICE Civil Aviation Authority –2014/038 Number: IN

Civil Aviation Authority
Number: IN–2014/038
Issued: 17 February 2014
Type Rating and Synthetic Flight Examiners (TRE/SFE) Aeroplanes
Examiner Refresher Seminar
This Information Notice contains information that is for awareness.
Recipients are asked to ensure that this Information Notice is copied to all members of their staff who may have
an interest in the information.
Air Traffic:
Flight Operations:
All Aeroplane AOC training post holders
Type Rating and Synthetic Flight Examiners (TRE/SFE) Aeroplanes.
Part-FCL 1025(a) – An examiner certificate shall be valid for 3 years.
Part-FCL 1025(b)(2) – Revalidation and renewal criteria for examiner certificates includes the
requirement for the holder ‘to attend an examiner refresher seminar provided by the
competent authority or by an ATO and approved by the competent authority, during the last
year of the validity period’
Following implementation of Part-FCL, examiner refresher seminars will be required for all
categories of examiners. All categories of examiner who require revalidation or renewal of
their examiner certificate will have to have attended an examiner refresher seminar.
CAA Flight Operations Advanced Pilot Performance (formally FCS) will be conducting a
seminar for Type Rating and Synthetic Flight Examiners (TRE/SFE) for Multi-Pilot Aeroplanes
(MPA) and Single-Pilot High Performance complex Aeroplanes (SP HPCA) on the following
16 April 2014
Future dates will be published on our website:
This one day seminar will qualify a delegate examiner in accordance with the requirements of
Part-FCL 1025(b)(2).
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Civil Aviation Authority Information Notice
The examiner refresher seminar will provide refresher training to examiners that covers their
knowledge and practical understanding of all elements of the examiner standardisation course
syllabus as detailed in AMC1 FCL.1015, and the content of the relevant CAA Standard
Documents and additional guidance material. The seminar will cover changes in regulation
and associated changes in the examiner’s privileges which have occurred since the delegate
examiner completed his or her initial examiner standardisation course. The seminar will also
cover the following topics as required by IN 2012/123.
New CAA administrative procedures for the renewal of type and class ratings.
A review of CAA administrative procedures for the designation of examiners for skill
tests (FCL.205(c)).
Vested interests of examiners.
CAA Forms.
Any revision of CAA policy and recent amendments to CAA Forms, Standards
Documents, CAPs, Information Notices, Guidance material etc.
Procedure for the conduct of assessments of competence for TRI and SFI certificates.
Applicability of appeal procedures under CAA Regulations.
Examiner briefing and debriefing techniques incorporating TEM and CRM facilitation.
Further Information
The seminars will take place at Aviation House, Gatwick.
Starting at 09:15 and finishing at approximately 16:30
The cost of attending the seminar will be £400.00.
On completion delegates will be provided with a course completion certificate.
Seminars will be limited to 12 delegates.
Please complete the attached application form and submit via e-mail, to
[email protected]. Applications must be received by the CAA no later than six days
prior to the date of the chosen Seminar. Payment for the seminar MUST be taken in advance
to secure your place. Once an application has been received we will contact individuals to
take payment. Confirmation and Joining Instructions will be sent once payment has been
taken. It should be noted that once the booking has been made, costs and charges will not be
reimbursable in the event of non-attendance.
IN-2012/123 stipulated that the CAA policy is that industry should conduct examiner refresher
seminars (except for Senior Examiners which will be run by the CAA). This policy remains
unchanged and a number of ATOs have been approved to conduct examiner refresher
seminars, details of these courses can be found in the national aviation press.
Any queries or further guidance required as a result of this communication should be
addressed to: [email protected]
This Information Notice shall remain in force until 31 January 2015.
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Type Rating and Synthetic Flight Examiner (TRE/SFE) Aeroplanes
Examiner Refresher Seminar
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