re-DeFiNiNG The elecTric shower eXperieNce

TempesTa 100 elecTric showers
re-DeFiNiNG The
elecTric shower
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TempesTa 100 elecTric showers
re-DeFiNiNG The
elecTric shower
GROHE brings its global expertise and renowned
showering experience to Electric Showers
Grohe, a world leader in delivering luxury showering solutions,
is taking the electric shower experience to the next level with the
introduction of the new Grohe Tempesta 100 electric shower range.
electric showers are the ideal choice for consumers who don’t have
stored hot water or have only limited supplies of hot water. only mains
cold water is required, which the electric shower heats on demand.
This means you can shower anytime and be sure of hot water, even if
your boiler breaks down. it also saves energy as you only heat the
water on demand.
Now you have the option to choose an electric shower, but still enjoy a
luxurious experience. This experience is ensured through the application
of our unique German innovations, which deliver the sensation of a
more powerful and evenly dispersed water flow.
Grohe quality is at the heart of
everything we do. The application of
our core technologies to the electric
shower range has allowed us to set
a new standard for quality.
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TempesTa 100 elecTric showers
luXurious waTer Flow
eXperieNce showeriNG
The Tempesta 100 range is designed with hand showers that have a wide spray face that delivers a rich and luxurious water flow.
Grohe Dreamspray® technology within the hand shower ensures a perfect water distribution through every nozzle. From powerful
and refreshing to invigorating or relaxing – we have a choice of three spray patterns to suit your mood.
A rich spray pattern with many
soft individual drops.
A smart pattern that uses less
water to deliver full showering
A vigorous spray pattern
to stimulate the skin.
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simple, iNTuiTiVe & precise
Grohe TechNoloGies
Grohe Tempesta 100 electric showers incorporates our unique Grohe Technologies for enhanced performance.
Even distribution of water
for a perfect spray.
Radiant long-life shine
resistant to soil and tarnishing.
Flexible rail system - re-use
existing holes.
Remove limescale with a single wipe
of the hand shower nozzles
Zoom from extra wide Rain to
focussed Jet spray.
Silicone ring prevents damage
if hand shower falls.
Inner water guide for a longer life
of the hand shower.
Two dials to conveniently control
power and temperature. The
independent start stop button
allows your settings to remain the
same, ensuring your perfect
shower every time.
A Thermal cutout helps prevent
scalding by switching off the
heater should the water
temperature become too hot.
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6 power and 8 water entry
options on top, rear or bottom on
right and left hand side for fast
and easy installation with
maximum flexibility. Ideal for
retro-fit or replacement.
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TempesTa 100 elecTric showers
26 178 000
Nighttime Grey, 8.5kw
26 179 000
Nighttime Grey, 9.5kw
26 221 000
Frosted Granite, 9.5kw
26 222 000
sandstone, 9.5kw
FleXiBle iNsTallaTioN
incorporating Grohe QuickFix® technologies in both the electrical unit and riser rail, allows for retro-fit over an existing
electric shower.
For installation, a choice of 8 water and 6 electrical entry points and dual terminal blocks for left or right hand power
connection. Designed for maximum flexibility when fitting a new shower or retro fitting over an existing model.
The riser rail allows the wall fixing to be easily adjusted to cover existing screw holes.
other features include:
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separate start/stop button
power on and auto-reset
neon indicators
phased shutdown
removable water inlet filter
operating pressure 0.7 to 10 Bar
mains cold water supply
anti-kink 1500mm shower hose
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TempesTa 100 elecTric showers
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