Curriculum Vitae of Dr Neil Daniel Lloyd-Jones

Curriculum Vitae
Dr Neil Daniel Lloyd-Jones
Stable Cottage,
Whorlton Hall Farm,
Newcastle upon Tyne,
Telephone Number – Home – 0191 2862923
Work - 0191 2322973
E-mail – [email protected] (home)
[email protected] (work)
Batchelor of Medicine and Batchelor of Surgery.
University of Newcastle upon Tyne 1984.
Membership of the Royal College of General
Practitioners 1989.
Section 12(2) Mental Health Act Approval 2000.
Renewed 2010. Approved mental health and
mental capacity assessor. Panel member for Section
12(2) Approval.
University of Northumbria 2000. 2:2 Degree
obtained whilst working in full time General
Practice and completing LLM (see below).
Subject: The Legal Aspects of Medical Practice.
(LAMP) University of Cardiff 2000.
Very Competent. University of Northumbria 2002.
Called 2002, Middle Temple.
University of Lancaster 2004
Accredited Mediator. London 2005.
(Civil and Family).
I undertake both Criminal and Civil work. The following is a resume of the type of work
I undertake in both areas:
Reviewing of medical records/results/treatment and care regimes;
Duty and standard of medical care;
Common and good acceptable medical practice with reference to:o medical care in general;
o medical examination techniques;
o the use of chaperones;
o drug treatment, prescribing, opiod use in the community;
General Medical Council (G.M.C.), Royal College and N.I.C.E. (National Institute
of Clinical Excellence) guidelines on good medical practice;
Review of and use of medical protocols, procedures and guidelines;
Management/care of patients in:o General practice;
o Nursing homes;
o Care homes;
Investigation of:
deaths in community;
} with particular reference to duty
deaths in custody;
} and standard of medical care
Consent/informed consent to treatment;
Care of psychiatric patients in the community and the use of the Mental Health Act;
Standard of medical record documentation;
Interface between general practice, Primary Care Trusts and Prescription Pricing
In addition, in Civil Law, I undertake Personal Injury work in the following areas:Work based accidents, e.g. trip and slip, falls etc;
Psychiatric reports; covering general areas of psychiatry – depression, anxiety,
obsessional compulsive disorder, phobias;
Competence e.g. formation of Wills etc.
Clinical complaints advisor to the Medical Defence Union and the Medical
Protection Society (2000 to present)
Expert witness for the MDU (2000 to present)
NHS ombudsman work (2000 to present)
Advisor to clients who come before the General Medical Council (2000 to
Medico-legal adviser on NPIA Expert Advisers Database (2000 to present)
Expert witness to H.M. Police (2000 to present)
Expert witness for Crown Prosecution Service (2000 to present)
Criminal cases I have done include:
 R v Anders (murder)
 R v Fuller (murder/manslaughter)
 R v Jackman (gross indecency)
 R v Sinha (gross negligence/manslaughter)
 R v Stevenson (gross negligence/manslaughter)
 R v Mtetwa (murder/manslaughter)
 The case of C vs Thein - indecent examination of patient.
 The case of M - Accusation of neglect and involuntary euthanasia.
 The case of C – patient died from ruptured aortic anerysm.
 The case of OM vs Mistry – patient died due to overdose of morphine.
 The case of AB – patient found in hospital toilet cubicle, cardiac arrest. Hypoxic
brain damage, cardia dysrythmia and alcohol liver disease.
 The case of JF – Patient died of mixed drug use and hypothermia.
 The case of IN – Cancer of the bowel, died of oxycodone poisoning and
metastatic carcinoma.
 The case of GH – suicide.
 The case of ES – Patient died of compression of the neck associated with facial
 The case of JC – Possible murder/suicide.
 The case of BN – Patient admitted to hospital with shortness of breath and found
to have bilateral pleural effusions.
 The case of JW – Resident in care home, overdose.
 The case of BP – Patient died from widespread metastatic disease.
 The case of MH – Patient died from intracerebral haemorrhage.
 The case of BK – Patient died of acute left ventricular failure, coronary heart
disease. Patient involved in car accident.
 The case of GB – patient died of peritonitis secondary to a perforated duodenal
The case of RD – patient died drowning in fresh water, Epilepsy and ingestion of
The case of MM – Resident at care home, sedated with sodium valporate.
The case of JK – overdose
The case of AR – Prisoner died of aspiration pneumonia.
The case of CM – Patient died of hypovolaemic shock.
The case of GA – Prisoner died of metastatic renal cancer.
The case of JS – Prisoner suffered from ulcerative colitis.
The case of C vs Aziz – Indecent examination of patient.
The case of AT – Possible DVT.
The case of JM – Patient died of bronchopneumonia and vasculitis with renal
failure and pulmonary haemorrhage.
The case of PM – Patient died peritonitis, perforated benign chronic duonal
ulcer, ischaemic heart disease with congestive cardiac failure.
The case of ANO – Prisoner who had a myocardial infarction.
The case of OPM – overdose of morphine patches.
R vs Bhatti – Indecent examination of patients.
The case of JA – Prisoner with ongoing cardiological problems.
The case of SB – Sexual assault/inappropriate examination of patient.
The case of AB – Use of drug Chlormethiazole for his alcoholism.
The case of NB – Prisoner died of cardiopulmonary arrest. Drug use.
The case of DH – Resident in care home. Underwent surgery and died of sepsis,
multiple pressure sores.
The case of DH vs Mistry – Morphine overdose.
The case of JL, LE vs Frame – indecent examinations.
DG vs Adeosun – Indecent examination.
R vs Gore – Indecent examinations.
The case of x7 vs Collis – indecent examinations.
The case of WC – Prisoner with chest pain died of heart attack.
The case of CF – Patient died of myocardial infarction.
The case of ABR – Morphine poisoning.
The case of FB – Patient died in custody at Police station.
The case of SB – Prisoner died of streptococcal septicaemia.
The case of AC vs Dhillon – Trained herbalist in Chinese medicine.
The case of PH – Malignant carcinoma.
The case of x3 vs JAM – indecent examinations.
The case of MALY – overdose of morphine.
The case of TM – Patient died in custody at an immigration centre.
The case of JC vs BGUR – indecent examination.
Expert witness for H.M. Coroner (2000 to present)
Expert witness for the Prison Ombudsman of Northern Ireland
10. Expert witness for the Police Complaints Commission
11. Expert witness for various solicitors (2000 to present)
12. Medical examiner for personal injury claims (2000 to present)
13. ADR. I am registered with the Alternative Dispute Resolution Group as an ADR
Mediator. I also undertake Family Mediation work.
14. Expert witness for the Prison Ombudsman for Northern Ireland investigating deaths
in custody.
After qualifying I did my house jobs in medicine and general surgery. I then undertook
the three-year General Practice Training Scheme gaining more experience in general
medicine, obstetrics and gynaecology, casualty and orthopaedics, and psychiatry.
I then completed a further year training in psychiatry, both adult and child-psychiatry.
In 1991 I decided to enter general practice as a principal and was appointed a Medical
Officer to Newcastle University. A year after joining the University Health Service I
became the Senior Partner. When the health service became an independent practice I
was solely responsible for writing the new staff contracts, negotiating the contract
between the University and the new medical centre and establishing new links with the
Health Authority.
As a GP I provide a full range of general medical services.
Since independence in 1992 I have remained the Senior Partner of the University Medical
Centre renamed Newcastle Medical Centre in February 2007. It is a City Centre Practice
with 12000 patients and a very successful MASTA travel clinic.
1. Doctors Deputising Service (1990 – 1995).
2. Benefits Agency Doctor (1993 – 1995).
3. Health Screening Doctor at Nuffield (1999 – 2001).
4. School Medical Officer (2001 to date).
5. Section 12(2) of the Mental Health Act Approved.
1. Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners.
2. Member British Medical Association.
3. Member of Royal Society of Medicine.
4. Member of Honourable Society of Middle Temple.
5. Member of the Expert Witness Institute.
1. Training days for Clinical Complaints Adviser for the Medical Defence Union.
2. “Expert evidence in civil disputes” – Expert Witness Institute.
3. “Single joint expert training” – Bond Solon.
4. “Excellence in Report Writing” – Bond Solon.
5. “Courtroom Skills Training” – Bond Solon.
6. “Report Writing and expert evidence” – Medical and Legal Training Services.
7. “Cross-examination training” – Bond Solon.
8. “Role of the Coroner” – Medical Protection Society.
9. Middle Temple Advocacy Course.
10. Expert witness training – Medical Defence Union, November 2003.
11. “Beyond Reasonable Doubt”: Medical Experts in The Criminal Court, Royal Society
of Medicine, September 2004.
12. Forensic Physicians Course, NPIA, Harperley Hall, March 2010.