DVD worksheet-Desktop stretching

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Create your own Desktop Stretching exercise sequence using the directions below.
 Choose 5 different desktop stretching exercises to use in your sequence. Write them
down in the spaces provided below.
1. ___________________________________________________
2. ___________________________________________________
3. ___________________________________________________
4. ___________________________________________________
5. ___________________________________________________
 Write the exercises in the order in which you wish to do them in the chart below.
 Next, determine the number of beats you will need when you perform each exercise.
Choose a multiple of eight. (8, 16, 24 etc.) Write that number next to each exercise.
Number of Beats
 Practice your sequence. Repeat the sequence 2 or 3 times to increase the time of
exercise. Have fun and teach your exercise to a friend or your classmates!
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Desktop Stretching Exercises
Desktop Stretching is an easy way to increase flexibility while seated at your desk. Stretching
activities also help to reduce stress and tension, and energize to increase productivity.
Hold each stretch for 10 counts and repeat each stretch 2 or 3 times. Students should stretch to the point
where they feel a slight pull in the muscle.
Neck Stretch:
Shoulder Stretch:
In an upright position, drop your right ear
towards your right shoulder. (This stretch is
for the left side of your neck and top of your
Extend right arm straight out in front of you at
shoulder level. Place your left hand on the
triceps between shoulder and elbow.
Pull right arm across your body.
Hold and repeat on left side.
Hold for 10 seconds and then repeat on the left side.
Quadriceps Stretch:
Hamstring Stretch:
Move to the right side of your chair.
Place the top of your right shoe/shoelaces in
your right palm. Your right knee should point
directly towards the floor.
Extend right leg out in front with your toes
pointing up toward the ceiling.
Place both hands on your left leg for support.
Bend at the hips dropping your chest forward,
toward the right leg until you feel a slight pull
in the back of your leg.
Press foot down into your palm. You should
feel a slight pull in front of your upper leg
(quadriceps muscle).
Your body should be in a straight line from
your right shoulder to your right knee.
Be sure your right knee is slightly bent. Do not
lock your knee
Hold for 10 seconds and repeat with left leg.
Hold for 10 seconds and repeat with left leg.
Hip Stretch:
Angry Cat Stretch:
Lift your right ankle up and across your left
leg so that your right ankle is just above the
left knee.
Bend forward and wrap your arms around your
legs. (Feet should remain flat on the floor).
Your right knee should point to the side.
Gently pull your chest toward legs with arms,
Round back.
Lean forward slightly from the hips to increase
the stretch.
Drop chin toward your chest, pull belly button
in towards your head points down slightly.
Repeat with left ankle crossing the right leg
Separate your shoulder blades and round your
back like an angry cat.
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