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Residence Halls Move In – Getting Started in Your New Home
What to Bring – Packing List
Furnishings UCSB Provides
 Extra-long twin beds with mattress
 Desks with a fluorescent lamp
 Desk chairs
 Closets & chest of drawers, ¾ length
mirror & towel bar
 Trashcans
 Carpets & drapes
 Laundry machines in each hall
 Public areas with microwave ovens or
kitchenettes in each hall
You May Want to Bring
 Laundry basket & detergent
 Decorating Items – Push pins for
 Filtered water pitcher (i.e. Brita, Pur)
 Refrigerator (4.5 cu. ft. or smaller)*
 Mug, other dishes & utensils for snacks
 Television with cables (32” limit, No
Wall Mounting Permitted)
 Bicycle, helmet, ULock & bike light (put
lock & light on bike before leaving
 Computer & printer
 High quality surge protectors
 Small fan
 Rain gear
You Need to Bring
 Pillow & pillowcase
 Sheets & mattress cover (extra long
 Blankets
 Towels
 Bathrobe & shower shoes
 Toiletries and carrying caddy
 Alarm clock
Do Not Bring
 Firearms, Explosives, Weapons
 Illegal drugs, Alcohol
 Empty alcohol containers as decorations
 Torchiere-style (floor lamps), halogen or
incandescent lamps
 Waterbeds
 Pets (no pets allowed in buildings at any
time, especially during Move-In Day.)
 Cooking equipment
 Microwaves
 Hotplates, Coffee pots
 Toasters, Rice cookers, Grills
 Hot coils, Hot-oil popcorn poppers
* Refrigerators can be rented and delivered through or you may purchase your own if
you prefer. Check with your roommate, sometimes roomies share.
**Make sure you order your MicroFridge Fridge/Freezer prior to September 12th , 2014. If your order is received
by this date, your Fridge/Freezer will be in your residence hall room when you arrive. All orders received after
this date will be provided on a "first come, first served" basis. Prices will be higher after the announced cut off
NOTE: While this company does offer microwave rentals, please remember that microwaves are NOT allowed in the
resident’s rooms. There is a microwave on each floor for residents to use so please only rent a fridge.
In accordance with the Residential Life policies,
cooking is not permitted in student rooms.
UCSB Housing & Residential Services
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