Bedbug Prep Notice - Nu Way pest Control

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Rernove a1l the clutter that you can from the dwelling. Bedbugs will hide in every place
they canfind in the bedrooms and if over populated, they will move to other rooms.
All floors must be cleared of all loose items,
newspapers, toys, clothing, and all items
lighter than furniture. Baseboards must be as cleared for treatment also.
Remove mattress and box spring and place into sealed "BEDBUG MATTRESS
PROTECTORS" OR discard both. We WILL NOT TREAT THEM. However, we can
spray the bed frame if the tenant has REMOVED the mattress and box spring.
Once the technician arrives, leave your home or unit for 4 hours or until the treatment has
had time to dry. Treatment will include all accessible baseboards, corners, around and
under all accessible furniture. Certain upholstered furniture can be treated depending on
the material used. Nu Way Pest Control cannot be responsible for spotting or staining of
upholstered furniture. If a piece of upholstered furniture cannot be treated and is infested
with bedbugs then it should be disposed of immediately.
Do not mop floors unless a spillage occurs for at least two (2) rveeks but vacuum carpets
Keep adults, children and pets offtreated surfaces until the treatment has dried.
You need to give the treatment time to work * at least four (a) weeks.