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Child-friendly phonics
The complete phonics programme
covering all 44 sounds
books CDs games software
New for 2014
Phonics Teacher’s Guide
It features:
Includes Resource CD with:
• Systematic decoding through the whole
word, left to right
• Daily reviews of previously learned phonics
• Blending and segmenting activities
• Multisensory learning strategies
• Carefully sequenced teaching of
‘tricky’ words
• A fully integrated Assessment Strand.
Assessment Section
Fluency Lists
Decodable Take-Home Booklets
Story Phonics Software
FREE online software demo:
Digraph stories
It features:
• Animations of digraph stories featured
in the Phonics Teacher’s Guide
• Audio of letter sounds and key words
• Blends and digraph songs to
sing along to
• Games to test your knowledge
• Quick Dash section to revise
letter sounds
• Word building section.
Word building
Interactive Whiteboard Compatible
New for 2014
Phonics Readers Set 1-4
The progression in these 83 short stories links directly to
the Letterland teaching order. They are fully decodable
and contain a few ‘tricky’ words. There is one story for
almost every lesson the new Phonic’s Teacher’s Guide.
Message from the Author
When I was developing Letterland, the idea of replacing
dry facts and rules with brief stories came directly from
the children I was teaching. The stories provided the
children with all the clues they needed for remembering
the abstract letter shapes, sounds and typical behaviour
in words. Now, over 45 years since I started, it has been
gratifying to watch the system spread into over 100
Highlights include a brand new Phonics Teacher’s
Guide with CD, great new Story Phonics software, 83
decodable stories in 20 Phonics Readers, a delightful
set of 26 Alphabet Storybooks, and the cheerful My First
Set 1
Lyn Wendon, Originator of Letterland
Set 2
Set 3
Set 4
Phonics Workbooks 1-6
These six workbooks cover all the sounds and spelling
patterns in the Phonics Teacher’s Guide. Each workbook
contains structured, decodable activities and guidance on
blending and segmenting sounds.
Early Years
At Home
Support and Training
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What is Letterland?
Letterland is a unique, phonics-based approach to
teaching reading, writing and spelling to 3-8 year olds.
The Letterland characters transform plain black letter
shapes into child-friendly pictograms and they all live
in an imaginary place called Letterland.
Simple stories about the Letterland characters explain
the full range of dry phonics facts so that children are
motivated to listen, to think and
to learn. These stories explain
letter sounds and shapes,
allowing children to progress
quickly to word building,
reading and writing.
How does it work?
1. Learn letter sounds
Once you have met the friendly
Letterland characters, just
start to say their names for the
correct letter sound.
2. Learn letter shapes
Harry Hat Man makes the sound at the
beginning of his name. Just whisper it –
Whenever Sammy Snake starts to hiss
loudly behind Harry Hat Man, the Hat
Man turns back and says ‘sh!’ because
he hates noise.
Hurry from the Hat Man’s head
down to his heel on the ground.
When the Hat Man gets to start
an important word, he is so happy
that he does a handstand with his
hat still on.
Actions for the alphabet are linked
to each character, forging a strong
connection between the action, letter
shape and sound.
Go up and bend his knee over, so
he’ll hop while he makes his sound.
Simple stories about the
Letterland characters ensure
correct letter formation,
avoiding confusion over similar
looking letters.
Multi-sensory learning
Letterland activates every learning channel through music, actions, movement, song, art, craft, games
and role-play.
Picture Coding
Picture Code Cards
When children draw Letterland
characters within the plain shapes, they
bring the letters to life and make them
their own.
Use the cards to bridge the gap between
the Letterland character(s) and plain
letter shapes.
Live Reading (Blending)
Interactive Software
Let children hold the Picture Code Cards
and read a blend of letters as a whole
class activity.
Broaden learning experiences by linking
letter sounds into other subject areas like
arts and crafts.
Bring your classroom to life with fun
songs and animations to help pupils
learn how to blend and segment words.
3. Word building
Blending and segmenting all
through words is introduced
very early on, covering blends,
digraphs and trigraphs.
4. Advanced Spelling
Phonics stories give children a
friendly logic for remembering
all 44 letter sounds and their
major spellings.
Early Years – Age 3–5
The Letterland Early Years teaching level provides children with a solid foundation for learning to
read, write and spell. Finding out about characters such as Annie Apple and Clever Cat helps even the
youngest children to learn the alphabet sounds and shapes, and to develop their phonics skills in a fun
Teaching Scope
Letterland who’s who a-z
Letter sounds and shapes a-z
Capital shapes A-Z
Long vowels a, e, i, o, u
Actions for each letter
Songs and rhymes
Activities for each letter
Speaking and listening
Vocabulary development
Alliterative words
Phonemic awareness
Letterland Starter Pack
This award winning starter pack is designed specifically for
nursery and pre-school teachers. Each teaching resource has
been carefully selected to help even the youngest children learn
the alphabet sounds and shapes, and develop their phonics
skills. All products come in a bright box for easy storage.
Box dimensions 425 x 300mm.
£189.99 + VAT
Don’t just take our word for it,
here’s what others said:
“We love Letterland!
The presentation pack is inviting
and offers an interesting selection
of resources and definitely
supports learning across
all areas of development.”
Pack contents can be
purchased separately.
See page 7–10 for
individual product details.
Early Years Handbook and CD
Letterland Starter Pack contents:
ABC and Living ABC Software
Big Picture
Code Cards
A–Z Copymasters and Early
Years Handwriting Copymasters
Alphabet Songs CD and
Handwriting Songs CD
• Early Years Handbook
• Early Years Handbook CD
• ABC (hardback)
• Living ABC Software
• A–Z Copymasters
• Early Years Handwriting Copymasters
• Big Picture Code Cards
• Alphabet Songs CD
• Handwriting Songs CD
• Alphabet Frieze
Early Years – Teacher’s Guide
Early Years Handbook
Packed with over 200 phonics activities, teaching ideas
and discussion topics this handbook is perfect for nurseries
and pre-schools. Each double page introduces the letter
sound, letter shape and handwriting stroke with help from
the Letterland characters. A4 paperback, 80 pages.
Download a FREE sample lesson from
Letterland materials which
are useful for teaching this
particular letter
Action to accompany
each character
Suggestions for
activities you can do
with the children
Example words
beginning with this
character’s sound
Sample script to use as a guide for
introducing this Letterland character
Points for
The Letterland
explanation for the
capital letter pictogram
Suggestion to use Letterland Living ABC software to ensure
valuable ICT skills are integrated into learning
Early Years Handbook CD
Listen to the accompanying audio CD which includes a spoken example
of how to introduce the alphabet and Letterland characters.
Audio CD, 52 tracks.
£8.99 + VAT
Primary – Age 4–7
The Letterland Primary teaching level covers essential spelling patterns for all 44
sounds of the English language and includes a wide range of interactive teaching
resources. Letterland teaches phonics through child-friendly stories, increasing
the rate at which children learn to read, write and spell.
Teaching Scope
a-z, A-Z
a, e, i, o, u, ck, ng, sh, ch, th, ph, -ff, -ll, all, wh
sc, sk, sm, sn, sp, st, sw, bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, sl, br,
cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, tr
Long vowels:
a_e, ai, ay, e_e, ee, ea, i_e, ie, y, igh, o_e, oa,
ow, u_e, oo
More digraphs and trigraphs: ar, or, ir, ur, er, igh, oo, u, aw, au, ew, ow, ou,
oy, oi, air, ear
Phonemic awareness:
Word building:
Consonant blends:
Fast track a-z
Long vowels
Digraphs and trigraphs
r-controlled digraphs
High frequency words
Letterland Classroom Pack
The award winning Letterland teacher’s pack is perfect for
teaching children to read, write and spell confidently. The wide
range of teaching resources will help you cover the alphabet
and essential spelling patterns for all 44 sounds of the English
language. All products come in a bright box for easy storage.
Box dimensions 430 x 300mm.
£269.99 + VAT
Don’t just take our word for it,
here’s what others said:
“A very comprehensive kit
for the teaching of synthetic
phonics. The children responded
well to the stories and liked
the pictures, songs and
support material.”
Pack contents can be
purchased separately.
See page 12–18 for
individual product details.
Teacher’s Guide
ABC Trilogy
Letterland Classroom Pack Contents:
Blends & Digraphs
Copymasters and Word
Bank Copymasters
Living Code
Blends & Digraphs Songs, Alphabet
Songs and Handwriting Songs CDs
Vocabulary Cards and
Picture Code Cards –
Action Tricks Poster and
Class Train Frieze
• Phonics Teacher’s Guide
• Class Train Frieze
• Action Tricks Poster
• Picture Code Cards
• Vocabulary Cards
• Alphabet Songs CD
• Handwriting Songs CD
• ABC (hardback)
• Beyond ABC (hardback)
• Far Beyond ABC
• Blends & Digraphs Songs
• Living Code Cards
• Blends & Digraphs
• Word Bank Copymasters
Primary – Phonics Teacher’s Guide
Phonics Teacher’s Guide
Every child needs to learn to read, write and spell. With Letterland it is simply an enjoyable
journey of discovery. This new edition of the Letterland Teacher’s Guide encompasses the
fun of learning with Letterland friends, whilst ensuring that the core criteria of an effective,
systematic, phonics programme are fully met.
A4 spiral bound, 256 pages.
Review previously
learned letters and
Lesson 29: Clever Cat & Harry Hat Man
ch as in chip
You’ll need
PCCs for ‘Quick Dash’ plus ch
A hat and cat ears headband
Beyond ABC or Story Phonics software
Blends and Digraphs CD
Helpful colour images
to demonstrate which
Letterland resources to
use in the classroom.
F o c us o n
List of Letterland
materials which are
useful for teaching each
Download a free sample lesson from
Opportunity to review
phonics concepts
like Vowel Stealers
(r-controlled digraphs).
Use the bold blue text as
a guide for introducing
lessons and phonics
refe cher
New concept
p - The Vowel Stealers
In the pages that follow, a remarkable fact about the English language is
introduced. Almost every time a single vowel is followed by an r, that r will
alter the vowel’s sound. Consider tap but tar, hen but her, fist but first, pot
but port , fun but fur. The vowels become rr-controlled and the new phonemes
ar, er, ir, orr and urr are created.
Letterland explains this phonic fact at a child’s level by dipicting all r’s as
running robots who capture vowels in their sacks.
Display the Vowel Stealers Poster and explain:
There is a gang of vowel stealing robots in Letterland. Red Robot is the
ring leader. These robots all have a bad habit of running off with vowel
sounds! We must become sharp-eyed detectives to spot these robots. Let’s
find out what they get up to so they won’t stop us from reading words!
Phonics Readers 2a
Individual activities (p228-238)
Letters for picture coding (TGCD)
Review previously learned letters and sounds
‘Quick Dash’
PCCs: ă, ĕ, h, ĭ, m, n, o, p, s, s/z/, ŭ, ck, ng, sh
'Live spelling' (page 202)
Use the words below as a review of recently learned digraphs and other letters
sounds. Do fewer words or use the PCCs for some words if time is short or
attention is flagging.
PCCs: ă, ĕ, h, ĭ, m, n, o, p, ŭ, ck, ng, sh
List of decodable
words to use in
activities and
group work.
Vowel Stealers Poster
F o c us o n
Lesson 70: Arthur Ar, the apple stealer
ar as in farm
Words: ship, shop, shock, mash, neck, hung, hang, shin
You’ll need
PCCs for ‘Quick Dash’ plus g, r, s, t, ar
The Vowel Stealers poster
Far Beyond ABC and/or Story Phonics software
Clever Cat and Harry Hat Man
Show the ch PCC picture side and ask, What does Clever Cat seem to be
doing? Yes, she’s sneezing! Let's find out why.
Beyond ABC
Show the ch pages and read the first paragraph about Clever Cat and Harry
Hat Man, which explains her sneezes.
Role play
Pair up all the children to role-play this story logic. Each Clever Cat and Harry
Hat Man pair stands a bit apart, filling the room with their own /h/ and /c/
single letter sounds. On a signal from you, each pair comes together. Clever
Cat sniffs at Harry’s imaginary hat and says /ch/ as she covers her sneeze.
Harry Hat Man just looks startled. Try it again reversing roles.
Push the plain letters forward a few times as everyone does the sneeze
catching action and says “/ch/ /ch/…” (This should be a whispered sound so
make sure no one adds an “uh” sound!)
Show the scene in Beyond ABC again and ask the children to name as many
things as they can see with the /ch/ sound (complete list on final page).
Introducing Arthur Ar, the apple stealer
Picture Code Cards
Show the picture side of the ar Picture Code Card.
Arthur Ar is a robber who steals apples. When he captures an Annie Apple,
don’t expect her to be making her usual ‘a’ sound. Instead you will hear Arthur
Ar reporting back to his ring leader, Red Robot, with a tiny radio device in his
outstretched arm. He calls in with just one word: his surname “Ar!”
Can you say it with me? “Ar!....Ar!”
Group activities
Blending ar words
Phonics Teacher’s Guide CD includes:
Assessment Section
Fluency Lists
Decodable Take-Home Booklets
Bank of reproducibles
Intervention guidelines
CD contains over
150 pages of
Arthur Ar in
Far Beyond ABC
Words: car, park, star, smart, dark, darkness, radar, garden*
Blends and Digraphs
Songs CD
Section 2: a-z Word Building
Picture Code
Phonemic awareness and language development
Explore the ar scene in the Story Phonics software and/or Far Beyond ABC
Book. Listen to or watch the animated story of Arthur Ar and ask children to
hunt for items in the scene that include Arthur Ar’s /ar/ sound.
ch in Beyond ABC book
Make these words one at a time with plain letter side of the PCC’s or on
screen. For each word, let a child be the Chief Detective. The detective comes
forward points out Arthur Ar and turns the card to the picture side, showing
Arthur has not fooled anybody!
Then the chief leads the class in the Roller Coaster Trick for the word.
* Leave a space between the syllables of garden (gar den) and ask children
to do the Roller Coaster Trick for each syllable. Then close the space for
Blending with Picture Code Cards
Make the words below with PCCs and guide children in using the Roller
Coaster Trick to blend them (page 188).
PCCs: ă, c, ĕ, ĭ, m, n, o, p, s, s/z/ t, ŭ, ch, ck
Blend & Digraphs Songs CD
Phonics Readers 4a
Fluency List P (TGCD)
Make ‘Tricky’ Word Cards: who and were
Write sentences for Word Detectives on the board
Review previously learned letters and sounds
‘Quick Dash’ PCCs: ā, c, d, ĕ, k, m, n, p, ee, ea, ie, oa, ss, ue
Play the ch song on the Blends and Digraphs CD and sing along (Lyrics on
TGCD). You may want to let several pairs of children at a time role-play the
song as everyone else sings.
151 Section 5: Further Vowel Sounds and Spellings
c ar
Primary – Phonics Readers
Phonics Readers Set 1-4
These engaging short stories are designed for children learning to read and write
using the Letterland system. They are fully decodable and contain a few ‘tricky’ words.
As children progress through these readers, new letter sounds and ‘tricky’ words are
added and previous learning is revised. The progression links directly to the teaching
order used in the Letterland Phonics Teacher’s Guide.
83 decodable
stories link to lessons
in the Phonics
Teacher’s Guide
150 x 180mm paperback, 5 books per pack.
Set 1
Set 1 (120 pages)
Code: TE10
(5 books per pack)
Phonic focus: c, ă, ā, d, h, m, t, s, ĭ, ī, n, g, o, ō, p, s (plural), s/z/, ĕ, ē, ss, ŭ, ū, k, ck, ng
Set 2
Set 2 (120 pages)
Code: TE11
(5 books per pack)
Phonic focus: sh, ch, th, th, l, f, ff, ll, b, j, all, r, qu, v, ve, o (as in son), w, x, y, z
Set 3
Set 3 (160 pages)
Code: TE12
(5 books per pack)
Phonic focus: consonant blends, y (as i), a_e, i_e, e_e, o_e, u_e, ed, ed, ed, y (as e), ai, ay, ee, ea, oa, ie, ve
Set 4
Set 4 (196 pages)
Code: TE13
(5 books per pack)
Phonic focus: ar, or, ir, ur, er, ow, igh, oo, oo, u (put), aw, au, ew, ew, ou, ow, oi, oy, air, ear