Programme of the Glass Deterioration Colloquium

Programme of the Glass Deterioration Colloquium
Friday, Feb. 20th, 2015
Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart, Am Weißenhof 1
Lecture Hall, Neubau II
Registration open
Petra von Olschowski, President of the State Academy of Art and Design Stuttgart
Gerhard Eggert, Chair, Objects’ Conservation
Welcome at the Academy
Session I: Glass Deterioration & Conservation
Chair: Britta Schmutzler
9:45 Katherine Eremin (Harvard):
What we know about glass deterioration and how we analyze it
10:15 Guus Verhaar (Amsterdam):
Identification and documentation of early stages of glass sickness
10:45 Posters & Coffee
11:15 Norman Tennent (Glasgow):
The relevance of refractive index for the treatment of crizzled glass
11:45 Chiara Gamarra (Torino):
Influence of degradation in the production of quantitative data by using portable-XRF
on glassy matrices of Limousin composition
12:15 Lunch Break
Walking Tour Options: 1. Producing Glass Art at the Academy
2. The Weissenhof Estate – an Architectural Icon
Session II: Glass Induced Metal Corrosion on Museum Exhibits (GIMME)
Chair: Christoph Krekel
14:00 Gerhard Eggert (Stuttgart):
A short history of GIMME Research
14:30 Andrea Fischer (Stuttgart):
Further (unknown) GIMME corrosion products
15:00 Robert Dinnebier (Stuttgart)
Ordered structures from powdered samples:
Modern X-ray powder diffraction of corrosion products
15:30 Posters & Coffee
16:00 Isabel Keller (Zurich):
How rare is it? A survey in the Swiss National Museum
16:30 Stephanie Wümmers (Stuttgart):
Glass balls falling down: Brass and lead corrosion on a Black Forest Schäppel
17:00 Silke Beiner-Büth (Hamburg):
Glass deterioration in the Hamburg Museum
17:30 Refreshments
18:00 Conference Dinner (extra ticket needed, 25 EUR)
Posters on Display on Friday
No. 1
Gerhard Eggert (Stuttgart):
Peculiar pictures: The Geilmann album (slide show)
No. 2
Helen Ganiaris (London):
Hazing of display case glass: a review of recent work
No. 3
Elzbieta Greiner-Wronowa (Kraków):
Alteration of historic glass objects caused by volatile organic compounds in museums
No. 4
Dana Rohanová (Prague):
Corrosion of potassium archaeological glass
No. 5
Ulrike Rothenhäusler (Zurich):
Historic Swiss pharmacy glasses after 100 years of permanent exhibition Condition and conservation treatment
Saturday, Feb. 21st, 2015
Landesmuseum Württemberg, Altes Schloss, Schillerplatz 6, Lecture Hall
Andrea Funck, Chief Conservator
Welcome to the Landesmuseum
Session III: New Theories
Chair: Gerhard Eggert
9:45 Olivier Schalm (Antwerp):
Laminated altered layers in historical glass: density variations of
silica nanoparticle random packings as explanation for the observed lamellae
10:15 Christoph Lenting (Bonn):
In situ, real-time, and isotope tracer glass corrosion experiments:
Understanding pattern formation in silicate glass corrosion zones
10:45 Round table discussion:
Gel, cracks, layers – Understanding glass deterioration
11:15 Coffee
11:30 Meeting, Glass Deterioration Group of ICOM-CC Glass & Ceramics WG
11:30 Astrid Wollmann (Stuttgart)
Ernesto Wolf Glass Collection Visit, Tour 1
12:15 Ernesto Wolf Glass Collection Visit, Tour 2
13:00 End of the Conference
14:00 Optional, if weather permits:
Walking Tour, Stuttgart City Centre