Becca Doehring first picked up a racquet in January, 2014, when invited to
a St Clair Clinic by a friend. But it was in September, 2014, when
circumstances allowed her to start playing consistently and "really
learning to play." She stated, "I caught that silly tennis bug and love seeing
the progress." Becca's involvement at St Clair includes private lessons,
drills, and playing with friends, which is something she really enjoys. She
is Mom to 3 very active girls and also works as a commercial
Participation in sports has always been a big part of Becca's life - she
played every sport that was offered and played college soccer for Stetson Univ. in DeLand FL. Her husband, Scott, had
a similar sports background and now coaches baseball at Mascoutah High School. Looking for something enjoyable to
do as a family, and believing in the importance of sports to teach life skills, they also involved their 3 daughters in
tennis. Scott and Becca positively guide the girls in their approach to all sports. "This family works hard, plays hard,
but laughs even harder."
Becca's tennis goal is "to keep working on the game, bettering my skills, slow down, play tennis with friends, play a
game my whole family can play forever, and of course have a lot of laughs playing a game that is truly enjoyable no
matter your skill level."