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Woodline Range
Tiles in this image:
Woodline Grey Oak 200x900mm
Woodline Range
Rustic style is no longer limited to wood. Woodline’s striking combination of distressed layers and colours
inspired by both recycled and modern timber. The woodline range is a cost-effective way to achieve the
wood look without the expense of installation and maintenance of timber.
Tiles in this image:
Woodline Driftwood 200x900mm
Laying Requirements:
Due to the size of the tile it is important that the
substrate be prepared to standard and is level.
It is not recommended to lay this product in a standard
or staggered brick pattern.
The optimal lay pattern is either a stack bond or a 1/3
offset as shown in the image below.
Basic Specifications:
Glazed porcelain
10 year warranty applies*
Suitable for floor and wall use
Exclusive to National Tiles
Available in matt and external finishes
V2 rating
Size 200x900mm (please note: sizes
are nominal)
Slip resistance : wet pendulum
external - P4 / internal - X
Rectified edge
Slip resistance : oil-wet ramp
external - R 11 / internal - R 10
Ink jet technology
Incorrect Layout
Walnut Grey
Size 200x900mm
National Tiles Co Pty Ltd
Correct Layout
Vintage Brown
Grey Oak
Available in matt and external finishes
*Terms and condtions apply.