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“Our Board of Education was enthralled with this aesthetic
security solution that displaced the need to replace perfectly
good aluminum doors - and at a fraction of the cost.”
John Mauro, Johnson City Central School District
Director of Business, Facility Safety and Security
Making Schools Safer introduces:
The BackSTOP Intruder Deterrent Screen
The Intruder Deterrent Screen is a panel comprised of a material with performance
features equivalent to that of a 16ga. steel sheet. Panels are perforated to permit
maximum exterior light penetration and interior visibility to the exterior without
compromising structural strength. Panels are secured to the INTERIOR of a door
with glass or a non-operable window with self-anchoring tamper-proof fasteners,
which can only be removed with a specialized tool to permit access to the glass.
Application to Doors with Glass
Attachment slots on the vertical perimeter
of the panel appx. 8” on center. The attachment
is accomplished by use of a bolt and selfanchoring sleeve type fastener. Removal of the
screen is accomplished with a specialized tool
to allow service to the glass area.
Architectural Features
The panel will be .080 aluminum, powder coated. As an option, art work, lettering, logos or other custom designs can
be applied with photographic quality through a patented process that sublimates the graphic into the powder coating
creating a permanent, mar-proof image.
Visibility without vulnerability.