How to reduce Java relat In case you are getting Java

How to reduce Java related pop
pop-ups on BEML SRM Portal
In case you are getting Java related pop
ups/messages/warnings repeatedly, the following steps may be
followed to reduce them.
Open ‘Control Panel’ of the Windows and click on ‘Java’.
‘Java Control Panel’ as shown below will open. Click on the ‘Advanced’ tab.
Under ‘Java Console’, select ‘Do not start console’.
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Further below, select settings for ’Mixed code (sandboxed vs. trusted) security verification’,
‘Performsigned code certificate revocation checks on’ and ‘Perform TLS certificate revocation checks on’
as shown in the screenshot below.
After making the settings as above, click on ‘OK’.
After closing the Java Control Panel,
el, close the all the browsers and open SRM in a new browser.