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his September Restaurant & Bar Hong Kong will return for its 13th edition. Specially
tailored for the food and beverage industry, the show attracts over 20,000 operators from
restaurants, bars, hotels and club houses from across Hong Kong, Macau and the Pearl River
Delta Region. Restaurant and Bar is the show to source or directly order a wide range of
products from a variety of exhibitors, and with invitations strictly reserved for buyers and
sellers, you can be sure of finding exactly what you need.
As well as the finest food and drink, kitchen equipment, interior design and technology
solutions, the show features a number of popular and brand new features that deliver the
latest industry news and trends, and plenty of opportunities to expand your industry contacts.
To become part of this year’s exciting F&B trading event, or to arrange a meeting with any
of the exhibitors participating in the expo, visit our official website and complete the preregistration process, or contact a member of our team using the details overleaf. We will quickly
respond to your enquiry and ensure you make the most out of the industry’s most exciting event!
Bo o th
B o o th
Drinks99 imports and distributes luxury
British drinks brands. Sipsmith brings
uncompromising quality to the world of
gin, handcrafting spirits with love and
passion. Sipsmith’s multi-award winning
gin is the marriage of a traditional-10
classic botanical-recipe, and a genuinely
small batch distillation process, delivering
the quintessential expression of the
London Dry style.
Fine Vintage (Far East) Ltd
Fine Vintage is the longest established fine wine importer in Hong Kong. It
proudly introduces Taittinger Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs, made
entirely from Chardonnay of the prestigious Cote des Blancs. To enhance the
intrinsic qualities and complexities, the cuvee goes through a slow and patient
ageing period for almost 10 years in the Saint-Nicaise chalk pits. The result is a
rich finish accompanied by pleasant freshness.
B oot h
Ess-food Hong Kong Ltd
B o o th
Ess-food is part of Danish Crown and supplies
Danish pork to the Hong Kong market. The pork
is free from paylean and growth hormones and
animals are raised in line with strict animal welfare
guidelines. TenderPork is a range of delicious cuts
of pork offering consistently superior cooking
results retaining flavor and tenderness. Thanks to the
addition of a unique marinade and production process,
the tenderness remains even after reheating or keeping
warm for many hours.
Hailea Hong Kong
Investment Group Limited
LIGHTKING was established by Hailea Group
in partnership with German industrial design
company, Aquamedic, in 2004. Its high quality
tea-ware with modern design is an ideal appliance
choice for hotel chains and restaurants. The
products combine a mixture of western exquisite
design and zen Chinese traditions. The perfect
combination of East-West culture makes its
products both unique and functional.
Bo o th
Gaggia Milano
Gaggia’s roots are deeply intertwined with the
history of Italian espresso. Its line of products
includes espresso machines for commercial use,
coffee grinders and accessories. It continues to
revolutionize the coffee industry and bring baristas
an extraordinary experience.
Restaurant & Bar HK 2015
B o o th
Houseoffinewines & Gourmet foods
House of Fine Wines presents the best quality black
truffles, which are hand selected by experts before
confectioning in jars to be tasted all year long. Using
artisan methods and high quality raw materials, your
customers can enjoy luxury all year round from Italy.
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Bo o th
Bo o th
JB Products (Hong Kong) Limited
JB Products is one of the leading manufacturers in the
hotel and restaurant accessories industry. The company
provides a large line of stylish plastic cups with crystal
clear design made from unbreakable polycarbonate (PC).
Its popular dinnerware is made from 100% A5 Melamine
material, USA NSF approved for human health.
Nespresso provides a wide range of
machines dedicated to professional
use that meet the different needs and
expectations of your customers. The new
Aguila machine offers a one-touch coffee
making process in which bespoke hot
and cold coffee beverages and exquisite
milk-based recipes are served to delight
customers’ tastes and preferences.
B o o th
Hago Ltd.
B oot h
Hago Ltd. is pleased to present Naturata, which carries a
whole range of cooking ingredients such as pasta, tomato
sauce, natural sea salt and olive oil. Most of its products are
at Demeter grade, representing the highest quality and the
strictest standard of organic food.
Woodside Wine + Spirits
WW+S is a multinational distributor of fine wines and distilled
spirits. One of its brands, Aviation, has been leading the revival
of America’s craft distilling tradition and cocktail culture for the
past decade, combining distilling expertise and a passion for
outstanding cocktails. This cocktail-inspired American Gin is loved
and widely used by mixologists, chefs and bartenders.
B oot h
B o o th
Continental Wines Limited
Continental Wines proudly presents Cherubino from Frankland
River in The Great Southern wine region of Western Australia.
With simple winemaking philosophy, Cherubino spent most of
the year focusing on vineyards and grapes to ensure that only
the best fruit ends up in the winery. The wine won the James
Halliday Red Five Star Rated Winery and Winery of the Year
Competition 2011.
Charming Ideas
Company Ltd.
Charming Ideas is one of the leading businesses
providing elegant dinnerware for any restaurants.
With unusual designs and excellent quality bone
china, Charming Ideas offers dinnerware that
is fashionable, long-lasting and sophisticated.
It also offers services to many famous hotels,
restaurants and clubhouses.
B oot h
Kung Kai Hong & Co.
B o o th
Kung Kai Hong has over 60 years’ experience in the
table top industry. Its Vacu Vin is the perfect tool
to ensure opened wine remains preserved. Vacu
Vin vacuums air from wine bottles prolonging the
beauty of the wine.
J&A Global Limited
J&A is a seafood distributor for food
services, wholesalers and retailers based
in Hong Kong and Europe. It introduces the
Mermaid oyster, originating in the depths of the
Atlantic Ocean and born out of many generations of
traditional Irish oyster cultivation. The Mermaid oyster
has a taste that is mild to strong in saltiness, followed by a
soft flavoured sweetness, with a long, pleasant aftertaste.
Colour Palette – Print & Online
Bo o th
Eurasia Creative Ltd
Eurasia is proud to be one of Hong Kong’s
leading glassware and kitchenware suppliers.
It offers a wide variety of beverages and
utensils, including the well-known Bormioli
Rocco and Pasabache Glass & Table utensils.
Its mission is to serve and provide quality
merchandise at a reasonable price.
Black & White
C25 M90 Y80 K20
R160 G53 B35
B o o th
Bread Elements
C40 M64 Y80 K33
R120 G80 B53
PANTONE 7568C* is preferred,
or else please use PANTONE 463C
Bread Elements bakes bespoke artisan breads,
croissants and Danish pastries for gourmet
restaurants and hotels in Hong Kong. Its
artisan breads are fermented on its signature
sourdough, made with premium ingredients
without any additives, skillfully shaped and
freshly stone-baked in Hong Kong, every day.
B oot h
Ettason (HK) Ltd
Ettason is one of the largest importer,
exporter and distributors of Asian fine
foods in Australia. It provides high quality
Australian grown Short Grain Rice, with a
perfect appearance and texture for authentic
Japanese style sushi. It also stocks Sunlong
Long Grain Rice, the long slender grains of
rice that is light and fluffy and perfect for
absorbing the flavors of any recipe.
Restaurant & Bar HK 2015
B o o th
Golden Gate Wine
Golden Gate Wine was established in 2004 and
remains the leading importer of wines from the USA.
It is proud to represent the number one luxury wine
brand from Napa Valley: Far Niente. This Cabernet
Sauvignon is produced only from Oakville vineyards
controlled by the winery, resulting in complex and
long flavor with supple tannins.
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Bo o th
EBLEX, the organization for beef and lamb
levy payers in England, is a division of the
Agriculture and Horticulture Development
Board (AHDB). Known for its high quality
grass-fed beef and its famous cattle
breeds, EBLEX enforces tough standards
to ensure quality is upheld throughout
the supply chain process.
B oot h
B o o th
Connect Ware Catering Supplies Ltd.
Connect Ware is known across Hong Kong and Macau for its
professionalism in the food service industry. Alongside hotelware,
barware and tableware, Connect Ware also provides a complete
solution to the industry with a comprehensive product offering, a
guaranteed stock level and a service-oriented sales team.
B o o th
Hurstbourn & Priors (HB&P)
EC Electronics, Limited
HB&P is a premium provider of branded hospitality
products that are perfect for enhancing branded,
themed events, special occasions, gifts and
promotional items. All products are available with
no minimum order quantity.
EC Electronics is a total hardware solution provider
offering you the latest technology at competitive prices.
The EC-1553 POS Terminal is a high standard 15 inch
Touch POS Terminal with Lightweight stature. It is water
proof, dust proof, oil proof, and the CPU incorporates
the Intel® Celeron fan-less design.
B oot h
Schmidt Vinothek
B o o th
Schmidt Vinothek offers unique collections
of wine. It presents the 2011 Riesling
Feinherb ‘’Haart To Heart’’ from Reinhold
Haart, VDP Mosel, Germany. The wine is
half-dry with aromas of citrus, honeydew
melon, herb and a little chalk.
Good Young (HK) Co. Ltd.
Good Young (HK) specializes in providing quality
beverage products to the catering industry. JF fruit
syrup is a healthier choice of syrup with 50-75% real
fruit juice. Simple and tasty, just add water to enjoy.
B o o th
B oot h
Kedington Wines
Kedington Wines is a well-established and
respectable wine importer and distributor
with operations in Hong Kong for over 25
years. Church Block from Kedington is the first
wine from the late Greg Trott produced under
the Wirra Wirra label back in 1972. Over four
decades, the label has become an Australian
favorite, consistently offering a smooth, soft
red wine that balances the complexity sought
by aficionados, with the approachability desired
by those seeking pure drinking pleasure.
Wilson International
Frozen Foods (H.K.) Ltd.
Wilson International Frozen Foods has over 20
years’ experience and a proven track record
of importing and handling frozen meats. It
introduces Donald Russell steaks produced
by the British Royal Warrant holding butcher.
Traditionally dry-aged for 28 days to develop
a rich, mellow flavor and tenderness, the
steaks are hand cut by expert butchers to
exacting standards.
B o o th
Bo o th
Catering Depot Inc
Mastri Italiani Limited
Caterig Depot Inc. focuses on importing, exporting
and wholesaling catering equipment for commercial
purposes. Its Sous Vide Professional Series, featuring the
precise temperature controlled circulator, is developed to
meet the sous vide cooking requirements of the world’s
best chefs. Sous vide cooking is great for retaining vibrant
flavor and texture in vegetables, and long cook times on
secondary cuts of meat without drying them out.
The Caffe del Doge brand has offered specialty coffee
from Venice dating back to 1960s. Traceable farm
direct top quality beans are perfectly roasted in Italy
following the classic Venetian roasting tradition. The
unique recipe avoids bitterness and enhances the
rich coffee flavor. It is suitable to be used in signature
Blend coffee and single origin seasonal coffee.
B o ot h
Marvel Solution Limited
Marvel Solution is one of the best software
developers in Hong Kong. It presents the highperformance Golden Mean POS Solutions and Casio
V-R100 POS Terminal which won the iF Product
Design Award 2013. Golden Mean uses the Google
open source license, AndroidTM, that supports faster
and more cost effective applications development.
Restaurant & Bar HK 2015
B o o th
DIVERXU’s Iberico ham comes from a prestigious
producer in Salamanca and follows a traditional, artisanal
method to create the finest taste. Iberico’s long curing
process gives the ham a deep aroma and the legs are
salted for few days before the curing process begins.
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B o o th
Bo o th
Lowe Refrigeration Ltd
Lowe Refrigeration is the world’s largest
commercial refrigeration provider. The Lowe M1
Showmaster buffet display chiller preserves fresh
products for hours. Equipped with infrared remote
control for auto centering hood adjustment, it
provides effective hygienic product protection in
any location.
Entrée Ingredients Limited
Entree Ingredients was established as a foodservice
distributor in Hong Kong in 2010. It introduces
Tajima, the most famous of the Wagyu bloodlines,
originating in Japan’s Hyogo prefecture. Tajima
Wagyu is produced in Australia and fed a specially
formulated Japanese diet for a minimum of 400
days. Renowned for its consistent specifications
and superior marbling, Tajima Wagyu is sought
after for restaurant menus across the globe.
B oot h
Mediamix HK Ltd
Mediamix provides IT solutions to the Food and Beverage industry
all over the world. FOODIT21 is a highlighted cloud service which
combines the various functions needed for food and drink outlets
in one system. The system aims to reduce the office processing
load on sales, ordering, purchasing
and inventory control by smoothly
connecting outlets, head offices and
points of sales.
B o o th
Million Tech Development Limited
Founded in 1987, Million Tech is dedicated to providing
automatic identification system solutions and Auto-ID. It
introduces the Android based V-R7000 retail business terminal,
equipped with 15.6-inch widescreen touch LCD. The terminal supports a
wide range of retail operations, from small shops to chain stores, and features
a stylish design suitable for installation in any location.
Bo o th
Universal Exports (Far East) Ltd
Universal Exports brings exceptional global
brands to Asian markets offering the
hospitality industry a fresh, imaginative
and inspired approach to the business of
branding and distributing premium wines
and spirits. It introduces Jose Cuervo, the
number one tequila in the world founded
in 1795 by Don Jose Antonio de Cuervo.
The Jose Cuervo range of spirits is distilled
following rigorous standards, each one with
its own identity and character.
B o o th
Hop Leaf
Hop Leaf imports the finest craft beers from
around the world, including Rogue, Mikkeller and
Barid. The featured Rogue Dead Guy Ale is one of
the best-known names in craft beer. This smoothdrinking maibock beer from Rogue Ales in Oregon
is distributed exclusively in Hong Kong by Hop Leaf.
B oot h
B o o th
AQ Bio Technology Group Limited
New Base Trading Co
AQ Bio Technology Group Ltd is a Hong Kong enterprise
with a variety of manufacturing facilities located in
Singapore, New Zealand and Mainland China. GP200 is the
feature product from AQ BIO and can be sprayed directly
into the air or applied onto hands, parts, utensils and any
surfaces. Spray AQ all around your customers and staff to
shield against germs and reduce the chance of contacting
contagious diseases.
Bo o th
Chef Works China Ltd
Chef Works is the leading manufacturer and distributor
of chef clothing and uniforms for restaurants and hotels
worldwide. The Urban Collection by Chef Works, is a
street-inspired line of culinary apparel that provides
the perfect combination of edgy fashion and forwardthinking functionality. With bold stripes, dual tone
denims and unique trims, the Urban Collection offers
you cutting-edge trends, affordability and high quality.
New Base introduces Camel Brand nuts.
Camel started in 1974 and has over 40 years’
experience providing quality, healthy nuts to a
range of customers. Camel Brand nuts are made
in Singapore and come in a wide selection of
flavors. Product customization can be done
upon request to meet the requirements from
different restaurants and bars.
B o o th
K-Solutions Limited
K-Solutions provides innovative products for the take away
market. Its automatic food tray sealer, EnterPack, helps
businesses avoid the common issue of product leakage.
EnterPack is 100% leak-proof, has a packing speed of 8~10
times per minute, and can be used with peelable or weld
film at temperatures ranging from -40 to +125’C.
B oot h
Premier International Marketing Limited
Premier International Marketing Limited keeps F&B
caterers abreast of the latest Cuisintec Glass Heating
Technology. Its Far Infrared Glass Griddle – Electronic, 2000W
combined with non-stick German SCHOTT ceramic glass, reaches 70C 330C and has an L.E.D. temperature display, serving multi-purpose cooking such as
grilling, frying, defrosting and teppanyaki efficiently.
Restaurant & Bar HK 2015
B o o th
SENSIS x Boschendal
The French wine brand, Sensis, and the world famous
South African winery, Boschendal, share a common
passion for providing an extraordinary experience to
wine lovers. They combine innovative and premium
design with a large selection of award-winning wines
to celebrate Boschendal’s 330th anniversary in 2015.
Page 4
B o o th
Francesca and Giovanni Ltd
Bo o th
Ausca Food & Wines Limited
Ausca Food and Wines was founded in 1993. It introduces Minex
orange juicer, a stylish compact with fully automatic squeezing
processes that easily fits into any space and style establishment. Ideal
for cafes, bars, pubs, boutique hotels and meetings rooms, Minex
ensures performance with minimum cost and space demands.
Francesca and Giovanni Ltd was established in 2006
and is renowned for its customized cookie and
chocolate fountain products. It insists on using the best
and freshest ingredients and believes “handmade is
best”. Francesca and Giovanni places strong emphasis
on creativity, adding a personal touch to each of its
delicious sweet creations.
B o o th
B oot h
Hong Kong Caren
Industrial Company Limited
Ho Fung Food Limited
Ho Fung has years of food and drinks market
experience among China, Korea and Japan. The USAmade Ghirardelli Classic White Frappe presented
by Ho Fung Food Limited adds a wonderful white
chocolate flavor to any drink. Its western-style flavor
creates a rich and complex taste preferred by white
mocha lovers.
The highly recommended Caren Self-service
Ordering Kiosk has been widely used by restaurants
and hotels for self-service ordering and advertising
displays. In addition, cash payment, coin changes,
and card recharges can be performed by the kiosk,
providing customers with a brand new and greatly
convenient dining experience.
B o o th
Emtex Industrial Co. Ltd.
B oot h
Importitaly Limited
Importitaly Limited introduces ReAle, a product inspired by
traditional Indian Pale Ales best known for their generous hopping.
ReAle is customized with American aroma hops, it’s amber,
the predominating notes are grapefruit and orange with a hint
of pepper. The carbonation is low, keeping the beer true to its
original style and the body is medium with a long finish.
Emtex is a renowned HK wine and food importer and
wholesaler. It introduces Velvety’s 2011 Cabernet
Sauvignon, an ideal house red wine. Made using only
the finest Cabernet Sauvignon from Mount Veeder
in Napa, it is aged in French Oak for 8 months.
This medium-light body, with intense flavors and
hints of red fruits is a favorite amongst many wine
connoisseurs, and pairs well with many dishes.
B o o th
Global Pacific
International Food Co. Ltd.
Global Pacific is a well-staffed freight forwarding
and logistics service company based in Hong
Kong. It introduces DuckHuo Nectar, a product
extracted from palm sap using traditional
methods. It has a rich, fruity flavor with a hint
of caramel and coconut. DuckHuo Nectar brings
a harmonic balance between health and taste,
a great choice for sweet consumption anytime.
Boot h
Hong Kong Empire Software Ltd
Auphan Software is the leading developer of
enterprise wide point-of-sale systems for restaurants,
bars and the hospitality industry. With their Instant
Remote Login, users can remotely login anytime to view
the business without disrupting operations at the store.
B o o th
Peak Honour International Ltd
Bo o th
Master Concept (Hong Kong) Limited
As the Google Maps Business View Trusted
Agency, Master Concept offers a premium quality,
360-degree virtual tour powered by street view
technology to showcase the inside of your business
to potential customers around the world and
enhance your web presence across Google.
B oot h
Ocean Harvest Frozen Food Limited
Ocean Harvest is a leading importer of frozen
seafood from all over the world. It offers a
wide range of seafood to Chinese, Western,
Japanese, Korean restaurants and supermarkets.
It provides products from sustainable sources
and certifications can be provided upon request.
Restaurant & Bar HK 2015
Peak Honour International Ltd supplies hotel,
catering and building equipment. It offers
Henkelman products, a world-class manufacturer
of vacuum packaging machines. Henkelman offers
the most complete range of professional vacuum
packaging machines from the smallest table-top
vacuum packer to the largest heavy duty vacuum
double chambers.
B o o th
Lift Lifestyle International Limited
Lift Lifestyle offers a range of high quality products
for outdoor living for commercial outlets like
restaurants and hotels. It also offers umbrellas,
pergolas, heaters, BBQ grills, mist fans, composite
decking, artificial turf, artificial greens walls, and
many other items suitable for the outdoor area. All
furniture items can be custom-made.
Page 5
Fantastic Features in
As a world class trade exhibition for the F&B industry, Restaurant and Bar not only offer sales and
networking opportunities throughout the 3-days show, but also a wide array of educational and
inspiring activities, including industry awards, competitions, seminars, and networking sessions,
located across three exhibition halls. Regardless of your expertise and interests, everyone can
guarantee find excitements in every corner.
In Hall 5F, you can find a great range of gourmet food, Chinese ingredients, fine wine from different
regions. In additional, you can participate in the seminars at the Modern Chinese Cookery Theatre,
Fine Food Village, and Wine Tasting Theatre to learn more about your field from other experts.
Hall 5G focuses on products and services for restaurants and hotels, such as ingredients, kitchen
supplies, table-ware and speciality food. Executive chef and purchasing directors can interact with
each other in the Bakery & Patisserie Theatre and Disciples Escoffier Theatre. We have also introduced
Gourmet Japan, catered to the increasing demands of Japanese restaurants in Hong Kong.
Hall 5E is dedicated to the needs of bars, clubs and cafes. Bar owners, mixologists, baristas and
spirit professionals can find a number of features and awards presentations, including the everpopular coffee and tea segment, Hong Kong Barista Championship, Cocktail & Spirit Theatre and
the networking Show Bar.
Battl hefs!
Executive chefs will compete
in the Battle of the Chefs with
their signature Michelin dishes.
The chefs will then transmit gastronomy
knowledge to the young chefs and be judges
at the 7th Disciples Escoffier Young Talent
Trophy, where 8 young chefs from Asia
will represent their countries and compete
against each other.
Bakery & Patisserie
Gourmet Japan offers Japanese restaurant
and bar operators their own professional
purchasing platform specifically tailored
to their needs and high standards. With
thousands of Japanese outlets in Hong Kong,
Guangzhou, Macau, Shenzhen and Dongguan, this
is the biggest and most concentrated Japanese F&B
market outside Japan.
Asia’s top bartenders will showcase
their creativity and mixology skills
in the thematic Restaurant & Bar
Cocktail Competitions, using special
ingredient from our sponsors.
International mixologists and spirit
professionals will share sophisticated
skills and knowledge in this theatre
as well.
Hall 5G
Cocktail &
Spirit Theatre
Hall 5E
Netw t
The Show Bar will undoubtedly
be the social hotspot of the
show where the hospitality
community gathers for an
unlimited supply of the
region’s best beers and finest
Restaurant & Bar HK 2015
HK International Beer Awards
House Wine Awards
Wine by the Glass Restaurant Awards
Seafood Expo Asia
Hall 5BC
Page 6
Hong Kong and AsiaPacific diners have a
strong and growing love
of desserts, cakes and chocolates. This
inspiring demonstration theatre offers
you the most effective way to show your
new products and engage with your
target audience including hotel pastry
chefs and leading bakery professionals.
Ice-c t Session
Wine Tasting
The region’s top
gather to create
signature dishes in front of fellow
professionals, making this theatre
one of the greatest chef lineups
in the world! If you would like to
showcase your products, ingredients,
or demonstrate your master cooking
skills, contact us now!
Modern Chinese
Cookery Theatre
Discover how to put together the
perfect wine list and how to help
your customers make the most of
their wine choices with professional
guidance from leading experts. It is
also the destination to learn wine
pairing - if you would like your
products to be paired with fine
wine by our wine master, get in
touch to find out more.
Lear e Cuisine
Coffee professionals and café owners can find all
the products and accessories they need to make
the perfect cup as well as a range of juices, ingredients, desserts,
tablewares and discover cutting edge products. The leading
baristas will compete for the Hong Kong Barista Championship
and Latte Art Championship in the area too.
Hall 5F
The Hong Kong International Beer
Awards aims to educate customers
about a wide variety of beers and
encourage trade by increasing the options
available to restaurants and bars.
Café Culture
The reputable 5th House Wine
Awards and Wine by the Glass
Restaurant Awards will reward
the wine distributors and
restaurants. It is a great opportunity
to meet and greet them.
Restaurant & Bar HK 2015
The 5th Year
This leading expo is co-located with
Restaurant & Bar Hong Kong and takes
place on the same floor of the HKCEC.
Premium seafood exhibitors from over 20
countries will showcase a variety of live,
fresh and frozen seafood products from
around the world.
Page 7
B o o th
Bo o th
Tai Po Chun Hing Ltd.
Far East Industry Ltd.
Parasolutions (Far East Industry Ltd) is a
European-owned and managed Chinese
manufacturer of parasols and outdoor
furniture products. It produces goods for
the top-5 beverage companies exporting
worldwide. Its parasols meet the highest
quality requirements and their European
design matches any outdoor design profile.
Without artificial color or preservatives, Tai Po Chun
Hing’s signature beef balls are made from 100% quality
beef legs, bringing your customers a luxurious and
supple texture. The beef balls are generously portioned
with all-natural ingredients in order to ensure their
B oot h
Ancient Wines Ltd
Ancient Wines strives to bring you the best range of wine from around
the world. It introduces Kindzmarauli wine, a semi-sweet wine from
the Mildiani Family Winery. The perfect growing conditions allow this
estate to create a number of high-quality wines, which have received
many important awards and are successfully sold around the world.
B o o th
NOHO Drink Asia Ltd
NOHO is a mixture of nutrients and vitamins, containing
no sugar, caffeine or other stimulants. Its products
appeal to your customers with socially active and healthy
lifestyles by protecting body from the adverse effects
of alcohol consumption. NOHO is now the number one
hangover prevention beverage selling in the market.
B oot h
Thirsty Brothers Limited
Thirsty Brothers focuses on premium alcoholic beverages. As the signature
cider, Bulwark Original is a hand-crafted traditional cider which is dry,
crisp, and refreshing. It has a faint hint of spice followed by the Bulwark
Original signature flavor that is achieved through the careful blending of
five varieties of fresh-pressed Nova Scotia apples. It is both great on its
own or on ice!
Bo o th
Fancor Refrigeration Company
Fancor is a professional commercial refrigeration
and kitchen equipment manufacturer and
distributor. The fashionable and stunning design
of the Cake Display Showcase catches the
attention of customers and is elegant enough to
fit interior decoration cakes. It is a firm favorite
amongst bakeries and high-end restaurants.
B oot h
Grand Remix Catering Equipment Company
Grand Remix is one of the leading companies in Asia area that
specializes in providing high quality and eco-friendly food
service solutions to different restaurant in countries across the
world. Their 100% Biodegradable customize Items, or food and
beverage carriers that are both user-friendly, attractive, and
suitable for restaurants, cafés, as well as some take-away shops.
B o o th
EASC (HK) Co. Ltd.
EASC specializes in digital signage solutions for the food and
beverage industry. It offers a variety of solutions including interactive
digital menus, image visualization, product promotion, queuing
systems, ordering systems, coupon apps, system support plug &
play, central management and networking & cloud services.
B oot h
Chilled Wine Limited
Chilled Wine represents estate vineyards from a number of German
vintner generations. Its portfolio includes wines from markus Schneider,
Germany’s Wine Entrepeneur 2013, and Oliver Zeter, whose Sauvignon
Blanc Fumé won the German Sauvignon Blanc Trophy in 2014; his Pinot
Noir Réserve also made it to the Top 3 at Germany’s Red Wine Prize 2014
in the Pinot Noir category.
Bo o th
food & beverage logistics (HK) Ltd.
Food & beverage logistics is a highly specialized
division of the a. hartrodt group. With more than
30 dedicated food & beverage logistics offices and
global partnerships with shipping lanes, airlines,
customs brokers and other domestic logistic
providers, food & beverage logistics organizes and
manages door-to-door supply chains worldwide.
Bo o th
Hiang Kie
Coffee Group Limited
Hiang Kie Coffee Group is a professional
beverage service provider offering a
comprehensive range of services for the
food industry. It introduces the VA 388,
an espresso coffee machine that includes
both T3 and Gravimetric technologies.
Combined these ensure thermal stability
and the right amount of coffee in the
cup, meaning the barista can ensure
a consistently excellent espresso,
personalized by enhancing the features
and aromas of each type of coffee.
Restaurant & Bar HK 2015
B o o th
Leon Trading Co
Leon Trading Co helps your business make a strong
impression on their customers through restaurant
logo design, address and telephone number printing
for sugar sachets. It also supplies Enviro Ice Gel (EIG)
Pack, a highly researched technological product that
can replace traditional ice, and enable full moisture
retention and control.
Page 8
Bo o th
Bio-Gene Technology Ltd.
B o o th
Bio-Gene Technology Limited was founded in 1993 and
is a well-established distribution company based in Hong
Kong. To significantly reduce the risk of contamination, BioGene introduces 3M™UNG3™ Luminometer, a powerful tool
for verifying and monitoring the effectiveness of cleaning
kitchenware and cooking environments. Easy to understand
and cost-effective, the device is widely used by hotels, food
manufacturers, restaurants and supermarkets.
Fordeo Limited
Fordeo is a software development company offering
a low-cost F&B platform – Join8, which allows
restaurant customers to order food with their mobile
phone and pay online. The restaurant can then
receive their order and have it printed automatically.
B oot h
Concord Medical Limited
Siliconier offers top quality silicone
kitchenware, bakeware and gadgets
dedicated to professional use. The ice ball
mold is one of its most popular products and the
best way to make a perfect ice sphere. Made from
100% food grade silicone, this colorful and easy release
ice ball maker keeps drinks cold for hours.
B o o th
Imperial Wine Cellar Limited
Imperial Wine Cellar is the exclusive agent of a number of Spanish
wines including Allozo, Castilo Olivia and Moll De Alba. It introduces
Otazu Premium Cuvée, listed in 100 best sellers by Wine Enthusiast
in 2014, and served in a number of Michelin starred restaurants. The
wine is blended with Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo and Merlot
to bring out the fine balance of the wine.
B oot h
Amorosso Fine Wines Limited
Amorosso Fine Wines supplies wines from around the world
to top restaurants and hotels in Hong Kong and Macau. It
recommends Beronia Rioja Reserva 2010, winner of the Best
Rioja Trophy at the 2014 Hong Kong International Wine &
Spirit Competition, and the Gold Medal at the renowned
Spanish competition, Tempranillos of the World, 2014.
B o o th
Eco Concepts Asia Ltd.
Eco Concepts Asia Ltd. is a wholesale supplier
of green concepts® environmentally preferable
cleaning chemicals. The Green Concepts® All
Purpose Cleaner Combo set is a multipurpose
neutral cleaner and degreaser that is safe to use
on a wide range of surfaces.
B o ot h
Greens (HK) Ltd.
Greens is a popular Indian grocery store. It
introduces CORNITOS, the irresistible crunchy,
gluten free Nachos. CORNITOS Nachos come in a
range of flavors and are perfect for any occasion.
B o o th
Bo o th
New Growth Co.
New Growth Co. is the sole agent of MAPA Professional
in Hong Kong, providing a full range of protective gloves,
including cut resistant gloves, thermal protection and
disposable gloves. It also supplies non-woven protective
products including masks, caps and protective wears.
China-European Technology Investment Company Limited
Gastro-Gerätebau GmbH is a German manufacturer of comprehensive and modern
solutions for the food service industry. Since 1874 the brand has offered the following
product and service range: cooking appliances, refrigeration and freezing appliances,
self-service-lines and cafeterias, stainless steel furniture subcontracting in S/S
metalworks, and toolings.
Bo o th
B oot h
King Kong Brothers
King Kong Brothers introduces OKY sweetener, a granular
sugar substitute sweetener patented in Hong Kong and
Mainland China. OKY Sweetener is suitable for all types
of cooking, baking and beverages. It has a texture and
taste similar to sugar, with no preservatives, aspartame,
or saccharin. White granular low calorie, brown granular
low calorie, and Sugar Free zero calorie are available for
all restaurants and cafés.
Restaurant & Bar HK 2015
Nice Things
Nice Things is an urban lifestyle brand
founded by two curious founders
and based upon the joy of sharing
the finer things in life. Nice Things
connects people through creating
new experiences and resurrecting
ancient customs. It lives to help your
customers liberate their minds and
embrace the new and exciting.
Page 9
Bo o th
Bo o th
Hario Co.,Ltd
Twinkle Baker Décor
Twinkle Baker Décor is an innovative
manufacturer of high quality bakery sprinkles,
tools and accessories. Twinkle’s mission is to
provide a wide range of services in the field
of bakery decor. The designers not only create
an original collection of products but also
customize designs to suit a wide range of needs.
Hario is a Japanese heat-resistant glassware
company founded in 1921. The Smart Beam
Heater is a professional coffee brewing
equipment made by Syphon. It allows for
entertaining customers with the coffee brewing
process and offers three different modes for
use: manual, memory, and professional.
B oot h
Elite Fresh Food Co. Ltd.
Elite Fresh Food Co. Ltd. supplies high quality
sustainable foods to hotels, private clubs,
restaurants, fast food stores and supermarkets in
Hong Kong and Macau. Some of the hot products
of Elite include fresh seafood, meat and dairy items
from Europe, Northern America and Asia-Pacific
region. Currently Elite is the largest Japanese
Wagyu importer occupying over 80 per cent of
total imported meat per month in Hong Kong.
B o o th
Links Concept Company Limited
Links Concept is one of Hong Kong, Macau and China’s leading
distributors of wine and spirits. It offers Louis Roederer Brut Premier,
a wine composed of harvest from four different years, including
three years from the Louis Roederer reserve wine cellar. Louis
Roederer Brut Premier was awarded a gold medal and the nonvintage Champagne trophy at the Decanter World Wine Awards.
B oo th
FD26 Pericles Technology Ltd.
Pericles provides Desktop and Mobile Point of Sale
solutions to the food and beverage industry,
retail inventory management, and integrated
eCommerce. The cloud solutions allow
management tools to be accessed
anywhere in the world. Exportable and
comprehensive sales reports are also
available anywhere on demand.
B o o th
B oot h
Uniform Power
Galaxy Fastfood Products Company
Uniform Power creates fine uniforms for corporations.
It focuses on incorporating your brand image
and visuals with elements of fashion and suitable
materials. Uniform Power’s vision is to establish a
culture of corporate fashion in Hong Kong.
Galaxy Fastfood Products Company manufactures paper end
products with the aim of providing high satisfaction to customers
along with developing new paper-end products for the market.
Its stock includes paper cups, paper bowls, paper plates, dim
sum papers, doyley papers, writing pads, take away boxes, m-fold
paper towels, paper napkins, etc.
B o o th
Bo o th
Kairun Food HK Ltd.
La Fortuna Gourmet Limited
Kairun Food HK was established in 2004 and the parent company is
Kairun GmbH from Germany. Kairun specializes in wild mushrooms
with high quality and safety standard. Their products include
porcini, black truffle, mastutake, morel, chantarella and different
premium mushrooms from China and Europe.
La Fortuna supplies luxury products which are
100% made in Italy, including fine wine, organic
products, gourmet food and ingredients. The
professional Italian team is also dedicated
delivering the best services to restaurants, bars
and clubs.
Bo o t h
B o ot h
Fish & Vegetable
Marketing Organization (FVMO)
Rappboxx (HK) Limited
Rappboxx (HK) Limited introduces you the
insect trap Mushipon®, which uses ultraviolet
light to attract insects into its patented
Mushipon gel tape that has received HACCP
certification. Even the smallest of bugs stick
firmly to the gel tap to ensure the highest
levels of hygeine in a multitude of locations.
The Fish Marketing Organization and Vegetable
Marketing Organization were set up to support
local farming and fisheries for the marketing
of vegetables and fishery products in Hong
Kong. Their product line features a full range
of premium and local organic vegetables and
fishery products.
Bo o th
Intertek Testing Services
Hong Kong Ltd.
Intertek provides a range of food services
focusing on global analyses, inspections, audits,
training and consulting. It delivers a range of
testing services, including microbiology, food
contamination, nutrition fact labelling, label
accuracy, shelf-life, sensory and allergens.
Restaurant & Bar HK 2015
B o o th
Fok Hing (HK) Trading Limited
Fok Hing (HK) Trading Limited specializes in supplying
South East Asian Food to Hong Kong. Indomie Fried
Noodles are one of their best selling products. Made
using high quality spices and a secret recipe offering an
authentic and unique taste, simply cook the noodles for 3
minutes, drain well and mix with seasoning, for a delicious
noodle suitable for all kinds of catering.
Page 10
B o o th
Yui Kee Company Ltd., (Yui Kee Wines)
Yui Kee Wines introduces Eiswein, a treasure in its
collection, made from grapes that have been left on the
vine until temperatures drop to minimum -8° C in the
time between November and January and not affected
by Botrytis. A full textured sweet wine that is perfect for
sipping on its own, it is incredibly rich, with a sweet nose
of lime and some spiciness. The palate is syrupy sweet
with a spicy edge.
Bo o th
Vinoshare Company Ltd.
Vinoshare is a leading wine importer in
Hong Kong that specializes in Spanish
wine. It introduces Dido and Dido
Blanc from D.O. Montsant in Spain. The
sustainable agriculture and winemaking
methods enable these wines to receive
90+ points from international judges.
B o o th
Chef’s Garden Ltd
Chef’s Garden is an established leading
supplier of fresh products and gourmet
foods in Hong Kong and Macau. It
introduces Steggles chickens that are freerange, fed a balanced diet and farmed in
Australia’s richest agricultural regions.
Steggles chicken and Turkey product
range includes fresh-frozen raw pieces in
tray pack, whole chicken, frozen cooked,
crumbed, uncoated and small goods.
Boot h
Century Equipment Co Ltd
Century Equipment Co Ltd has been in Hong
Kong for over 50 years. It demonstrates a huge
leap forward by introducing the Convotherm
4. Created around a chef’s needs in the kitchen
the product comes in two styles: easy Touch
and easyDial, for manual automated processes
or maximum automation. The focus is always
on ease and functionality.
B o o th
SNP-Refrigeration &
Kitchen Equipment Ltd.
SNP-Refrigeration & Kitchen Equipment Ltd. has two decades’
experience in maintaining and selling commercial refrigerators,
ice makers, walk-in wine cellars and cold rooms. All their spare
parts are purchased in Europe, designed in Taiwan and made
in Hong Kong, with the aim of presenting the best quality to
Bo o th
Creative Foodservice & Packaging Ltd.
Creative Foodservice and Packaging is a
manufacturer of specialty packing products for the
food industry. Meeting customer needs across a
broad range of categories, it offers a line of finest
quality disposables for foodservice processors and
retail industries including paper plates, bowls and
cups, aluminum food containers, backing trays,
candles, and cake molds.
Boo th
Rentokil Initial Hong Kong Limited
Rentokil Initial is one of the worldwide leading
business services organizations operating in
the major economies of Europe, North America,
Asia Pacific and Africa. With over 100 years’
experience, Initial offers a dedicated and expert
hygiene service; and Rentokil relieves pest
nuisance with safe and effective solutions in the
restaurants and hotels.
B oot h
German Kitchenware
International Limited
B o o th
German Kitchenware International Ltd
was founded in 2014 with the intention of
introducing four high-quality German brands
to the Asia market. Its products include a
wide range of frozen foods, energy saving
kitchen cooking appliances, professional
kitchen cutting machines, and cabinets.
Nihon Shokken Holdings Co., Ltd
Founded in 1971, Nihon Shokken has been
Japan’s leading blend seasoning manufacturer
delivering high quality blend seasonings to the
world. Their Fried Chicken Powder helps retain
the juicy texture of chicken, minimizes preseasoning time, and keeps cooking oil clean.
Bo o th
ShoEi International
Trading Hong Kong Co.,Ltd.
ShoEi International Trading Hong Kong Co.,
Ltd. was established in July 2006 in Hong
Kong. ShoEi offers the highest quality baking
material and strives to satisfy the needs of
restaurants and cafés with safe and high
quality foods and food materials.
Restaurant & Bar HK 2015
B o o th
SGS Hong Kong Ltd.
SGS offers a one-stop solution for hotels, restaurants
and the food service industry to ensure the safety,
quality and regulatory compliances of their products
and services. SGS offers pathogens, pesticides,
chemical contaminants and allergens testing, label
review service, ISO22000 and HACCP certifications,
and a wide variety of training programs.
Page 11
B o o th
Bo o th
Goodbase Trading Limited
世界第一的綠色生物啤酒廠Flensburger Weizen擁有超
Pak Tat Industrial Limited
XINYA Refrigeration成立二十多年,用料謹慎,榮獲多
B oot h
B o o th
Fu Wah Industrial (HK) Limited
Pun Chun Sauce & Preserved Fruit Fty. Ltd.
各類材料,包括:PS PP EPS發泡與非發泡,以及各類彩印紙製品
Bo o th
Sun Wah Japanese Food Limited
Qinghai Tibet Yak
(Hong Kong) Limited
B oot h
Asian Culinary Highlights
Boo th
Koon Chun Hing Kee Soy & Sauce Factory Limited
B o o th
Hung Fok Company Ltd.
Bo o th
Cheung Tai Hong Foods Ltd
B o o th
Fung Tai Provision Food (HK) Ltd.
B oot h
Lam Kie Yuen Tea Co., Ltd.
林奇苑的「生肖 - 甲午年普洱茶餅」(舞馬
B o o th
B oo th
Whole Beverage (HK) Co. Ltd.
Ming Sang Steel - Bamboo Receptacle
(HK) 的Wholequick®港式茶包和速溶奶茶粉,配方獨
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