Sample Assessment Tools

Met/Not Yet Met Chart
The student:
participates in the development of a plan (e.g.: how are you going to use the
elements of dance to communicate
your ideas?)
explores and experiments with a variety of ways to use the elements of dance
before deciding on the best way (e.g.: try a few things before you decide on a final
version of your choreography)
adapts or modifies the choreography based on peer and teacher feedback
(e.g.: use what your classmates and teacher have told you to revise the dance
piece and make it better)
Not Yet
I noticed…
Not yet
Elements of dance
Some of the elements used
Most of the elements used
All of the elements used
Performance skills
Adequate performance skills
Good performance skills
Excellent performance skills
Use of the creative process
Needed reminders and
assistance to work through
creative process
Worked through creative
process well
Independently worked
through creative process
More of
Elements of Dance
Locomotor movement-you spend too
much time on the spot
Performance skills
You need to spend more time
rehearsing so you are confident when
it is time to present
Creative Process
(try a few things before deciding what
works best)
Less of
You need to eventually make a decision
and stick with it, you are taking too
much time during the rehearsal
process before committing to a choice