Tank Top made from a thin cotton jersey.

Tank Top
A tight fitting tank top. Made from two pattern parts. Best
made from a thin cotton jersey.
size S ( waist ca. 74 cm* )
* This garment is made from stretch fabric and is meant
to be worn tight. The waist of the garment can be significantly less than your actual waist.
fabric: knit, 80x140 cm
1x front
1x back
estimated time: 2h
Recommended sequence of work:
1) Print this file (A4, greyscale). Each page has 1 cm
margin on all sides for the printer. Assemble the pattern
according to the map on page 2. The grey areas indicate
overlaps. On the finished paper pattern, no grey areas
are visible.
2) Cut out each pattern part from fabric once. Both
pattern parts have an axis of reflection, meaning that the
paper pattern part only represents half of the actual pattern part. Add generously (3 cm) to all edges for sewing.
3) Sew the shoulders together.
4) Close the side seams. Use zigzag lock stitch.
5) Use a narrow zigzag lock stitch on the hem, the neck,
and the armholes. Cut away the waist fabric.
Have fun! Please do send in pictures of your finished
garment. Whether you attempted a faithful copy or your
own interpretation, whether you deem the outcome to be
a success or a failure, I‘m interested in all results. Send
in your picture anonymously and uncommented, or add
as much personal information as you like: name, age,
location, face-book, website, anecdotes. Are you happy
with the result? How was the experience of making it?
What was on your mind while making it? etc. Share your
experience with like-minded people and become part of
a creative discourse!
[email protected]
René Shiro, 2011
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/3.0/
tank S 01/06
tank front / size S
lengthwise grain / axis of reflection
tank S 02/06
tank S 03/06
tank S 04/06
tank back / size S
lengthwise grain / axis of reflection
tank S 05/06
tank S 06/06