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Qtrly News
2nd Quarter 2015
Volume 3 Issue 2
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1 Dr. Holly
Meet Our New Veterinarian
I’m very excited to be joining the Bailey Veterinary clinic team!
2 Pet First Aid
3 National Pet Week
4 76th Annual Lamb Show
5 Upcoming events
6 Human Medication to
7 Marijuana
Dr. Blair Bailey, Partner
Dr. Barry Downie, Partner
Dr. Paul Bailey, Partner
Hi, my name is Dr. Holly.
I received my Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from
Oklahoma State University in 2013 (the other OSU). I’ve been
working at a mixed animal practice in Moab, Utah for nearly
2 years and look forward to leaving the desert for a place
where it actually rains! I love mixed animal veterinary
medicine because it allows me to work on all species rather
than being confined to just large or small animals. In my free
time I enjoy mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking,
horseback riding…basically anything that involved the
outdoors. Together my boyfriend and I have a yellow lab,
boxer and a schipperke mix along with a very doglike cat.
I’m very excited to move to Oregon and look forward to
working with you and your pets.
Dr. Holly
Chelsea VanderKley, Prac.
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Sunday – Closed
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2nd Quarter 2015
April is National Pet First Aid Awareness Month
Build your own first aid kit
Board or blanket to use as a stretcher
Soft cloth to use as a muzzle (Do not use if vomiting)
Bandage scissors
Instant ice
Towels or cloth to control bleeding
Gauze and bandage material for wrapping wounds
You pet’s medical record and identification information
Saline eye flush
List of emergency Phone Numbers
Disposable gloves
Artificial tears
Medical tape
Adhesive tape
Non-stick (Telfa pack)
National Pet Week- May 3rd-9th
National Pet Week® is May 3-9, 2015. Always the first full week in May, National Pet Week® is
dedicated to celebrating the more than 200 million pets that enrich our lives each and every day.
National Pet Week® was created in 1981 by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)
and the Auxiliary to the AVMA to honor the many important roles pets have in our lives and to
promote responsible pet ownership. Whether companion, comedian, confidant or protector, our
pets are always there for us and don't ask much in return. National Pet Week® celebrates this
bond and encourages pet owners to be certain they provide their best friend with all they need
for a happy, healthy life every week of the year.
Stop by and say Hi. We will have free soda and cookies! To honor pet week we will be offering
some specials for this week only.
Specials for Pet Week:
Heart Worm Test $19.99
Feline Combo $31.99
Microchip $29.99
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Quarter 2015
76 Annual Lamb Show, BBQ and Auction
Sat, June 6, 2015 9am – 9pm
Pavilion & Douglas Hall
Description: Show 9:00am,
BBQ 5pm- 6:30pm,
Auction- 7:00pm
Admission: Large Plate $10, Child Plate (12 & under) $7
DC Livestock
For years Bailey Veterinary Clinic has participated in the DC Lamb Show by volunteering our time for health checks of
the lambs and we look forward to doing it again this year. We also participate in the auction to support these hard
working kids.
These young people range from 10-18 years old and are involved in either 4-H or FFA. The participants have cared for
their lambs by feeding, doctoring, exercising and grooming. All the hard work and records done by the young members
are evaluated by judges.
Don’t miss out on all the activity….there is a cooking and wool contest as well as the BBQ and then the auction where
the students reap the rewards of their hard work. See you there!
We now offer a 10% discount on services (not product) to all military personnel past
and present, with presentation of a valid military I.D.
May 3-9 is national Pet Week. During this week we will have refreshments and
specials. Come by and say Hi!
June 6- 76th Annual Lamb, BBQ and Auction at the Fair Grounds. See you there!
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2nd Quarter 2015
Do Not Give Human Medication To Your Pets!
You’ve read articles, gotten advice from a friend, or accessed the worldwide web to get information on what
types of human medications are ok to give to your pets. But is this information reliable? And have you
considered the risk you might be taking with the life of your furry companion?
There are important differences between animals and humans. Sometimes the metabolic enzymes in the
body that activate or break down drugs can differ between animals and humans and in some cases alter the
actual absorption of the drug which can increase the toxicity of the drug and may even be fatal.
Always contact your veterinarian for proper dosing information before giving any medication to your pet.
Your veterinarian knows your pet, is familiar with your pet’s history, and also knows which medications they
are currently taking that might interact with other medications.
Marijuana, Is It OK For Pets? ...NO
Marijuana intoxication may occur in pets that have access to marijuana plants, dried portions of the plants, or
foodstuffs containing marijuana. Intoxication with marijuana appears clinically similar to other, more serious forms of
Anxiety, panting, and agitation commonly occur following exposure to marijuana.
In some pets, marijuana toxicity results in profound lethargy that can border on unconsciousness.
Pets suffering from marijuana intoxication often show impaired balance. They may stagger, stumble, and fall
when attempting to walk.
Drooling, vomiting, and diarrhea may occur.
After exposure to marijuana, pets may lose bowel and bladder control. This results in house soiling
(cats, dogs).
Extreme responses to noises, movements, and other forms of sensory stimulation may occur in pets that are
exposed to marijuana. These responses can manifest as trembling or jerking of the head or extremities. In
severe cases, the responses may appear similar to seizures.