The Fairies Pyjama s 2012/13 Organic.

Be Fair. Be Unique. Be Comfortable. Be
s Pyj
ma s
Fair Trade + ORGANIC
Alternative Clothing
Festival Inspired Designs
Made and Priced Fairly
What Fair Trade means
Fair Trade Criteria
*Pay a fair wage in the local context.
*Employees have opportunities
for advancement.
*Engage in environmentally
sustainable practices.
*Be open to public accountability
*Build long term trade relationships.
*Provide equal opportunities for all people,
particurlarly the most disadvantaged.
*Provide healthy and safe working conditions.
*Ensure that there is no abuse of child labour.
Source: Fair Trade Federation
29 Kensington Ave, Toronto, Ontario. M5T 2J8 WWW 647 343 1876
358 Baker St. Nelson, British Columbia. V1L 4H5 250 352 0781 [email protected]
s Pyj
ma s
B e Fa
i r.
e. B
e C o m fo r t a b l
The Fairies Pyjamas (TFP), is a travelling store and boutique based in Canada.
Owner Michelle Lynn Johnson works with a Fair Trade facility in Nepal to produce
her festival inspired clothing and accessories.
It’s been a year of evolution and excitement at TFP with numerous successful festivals, in store events,
and online sales. In 2012/13 we are looking forward to providing ORGANIC cotton to our customers and
wholesalers. Introducing ORGANIC cotton means we are taking a further step in creating a successful
clothing company that cares where, how and with what our designs are made.
With the help of our Fair Trade sewing facility in Nepal, we have found a certified ORGANIC mill near by
in India. This means our fabric doesn’t have to travel very far to be made into our TFP collection. The
consistency and quality of the new organic fabric will raise ‘the bar’ on our already high standards.
To introduce the ORGANIC cotton we have chosen to use it in our stretchy lycra fabrics.
Over the years we have built a fan base that expects our prices to be affordable,
and this years ORGANIC line will be no exception.
TFP provides: Fair Trade, Organic, Sustainable and Affordable Unique Designs.
For your convenience, our catalogue of the entire 2012/13 collection, is available to order all year,
and the ORGANICS are highlighted- look for the ‘green’ fairy. As we travel across Canada
this summer to numerous music events we carry both our warmer and lighter wear with us.
You just never know what you will need In this day of climate unpredictability.
Our inspiration for this year’s collection has been influenced by a
sub-genre called Steampunk. It is the vision of what a Victorian era
individual would imagine fashion would be in the future. While
keeping our whimsical, stretchy, functional and comfortable style, we
have played with this influence by adding lace trim, rail pulls and
ribbon corsets. We’ve used this genre as inspiration,
we haven’t gone all the way over to the ‘Steampunk side’we are just playing with some of the ideas.
As always we would love to hear from you on our Facebook
Fanpage, through email or by phone. Look for our fashion shows,
event listings and sales. They are all posted to our website.
The evolution of TFP is largely dependent on what our customers have
to say, so we would truly love to hear from you.
Our aim to develop a responsible and sustainable clothing store
is a project that has become its own entity with customers like
YOU participating- THANK YOU for supporting TFP!
Together we are making a difference..... and looking good too!
Page # , Catagory
4-5 Womens Sleeveless Tops
6-7 Womens Tops
8-9 Womens Vests
10-11 Womens Pants
12-13 Womens Skirts
14-15 Womens Skirts
16-17 Dress’s
18-19 Womens Outerwear
20-21 Womens Outerwear
22-23 Mens Tops + Pants
24-25 Mens Tops + Shorts
26-27 Mens Tops + Bottoms
28-29 Mens Tops + Bottoms
30-31 Arm + Legwarmers
32-33 Headbands + Hats
34-35 Bags + Belts w/ Pockets
With our warmest regards
Michelle Lynn Johnson- Owner/Designer
Christina Mannella - Manager Toronto
Mary Cronin- Manager Toronto
Heather Holdener- Manager Nelson
WT-114 Hooded High Collar Shirt- ORGANIC
A classic TFP top, made with stretchy ORGANIC lycra
cotton, the Hooded High Collar Top with Lace can be
tied in the front or back, making the size and fit
very adjustable. The front neckline cowls because
of the extra fabric from the small hood in the back.
There is a flattering opening in the centre-back,
which adds to the festival-ready look of this top.
The centre-front dips down to a “Fairy Point”, and
the hemline is trimmed with cotton lace for
2012/2013. This top flatters any body type, and can
easily transfer to colder months by layering
underneath for warmth. Wear it over the AH-011
Headband, which also doubles as a Bandeau top!
BL- Black, PL- Plum, CH- Charcoal Grey,
DO- Dark Olive, TQ- Turquoise.
Small/Medium. Medium/Large.
WT-114 Hooded High Collar
WT-113 Druid Shirt
WT-113 Druid Shirt w/ Hood- ORGANIC
This unique kind of “t-shirt” is a great top for the
Elven and Fairy folk. It has an asymmetrical
hemline, which runs in opposite directions from front
to back. A leaf shaped pattern is achieved using
overlock stitch lines, running into the points at the
sides. The hood is lined in the same contrasting colour
as the thread, and the hemline is trimmed with lace.
This top is made from a soft, ORGANIC cotton-lycra
blend and has enough stretch for a fitted look, or can
be worn in a bigger size if a looser fit is preferred.
BL/PL- Black/Plum. PL/BL- Plum/Black
DO/LO- Dark Olive/ Light Olive.
Small. Medium. Large.
WT-104 Sexy Halter String Top- ORGANIC
This little number is a sexy backless cowled halter with a fairy
point in the front middle. It is designed to replace the generic
bikini top, while covering the tummy. Made from ORGANIC lycra
cotton, there is a double layer in the bust area giving the
flattering cowl attractive folds no matter what size body.
With a criss-cross string back one can wear
this tight for the ultimate sexy look or
loose in the hot weather.
BL-Black. PL-Plum. DO-Dark Olive. CH-Charcoal
Grey. S/M Small/Medium. M/L Medium/Large.
WT-105A Sexy String Top- ORGANIC, WT-105B Sexy String Top in Relic
A. Another little sexy top- this backless tank has a
brass ring to keep all the strings together symmetrical
on the back. The bottom string can cross right around
the hips and ties on the front or back. It is an
excellent hot weather or layering shirt. Made from
ORGANIC lycra cotton- it’ll make you feel soft and sexy!
BL-Black. PL-Plum. DO-Dark Olive. CH-Charcoal Grey.
S/M Small/Medium. M/L Medium/Large.
B. Exactly like WT-105A but this backless string top is
made from “Relic” cotton. Relic is two layers of fabric,
always black underneath and the top colour layer is has
tiny cuts and holes through out. We’ve begun using this
fabric from our influence of Burning Man and Tank Girla little ‘post-armaganon’ has come to TFP.
Relic Charcoal. Relic Plum. Relic Dark Olive. Relic Black.
S/M Small/Medium. M/L Medium/Large.
Back on Both
WT-101 Corset Top- ORGANIC
This top is the more structured and decorated
of this collection. We have managed to flatter
the bust with horizontal lines and textural trim,
while keeping the flexibility of the top. That’s
right, it can still be worn for athletic activities
such as yoga, dancing and hula-hooping. The
comfortable elastic straps are covered with the
same stretchy Organic Cotton-lycra as the body
of the top. The center-front comes to a “Fairy
Point”, and the back can be tightened by the
corset-inspired lace-up ribbons.
BL- Black. DO- Dark Olive. PL- Plum
Small/Medium. Medium/Large.
WT-103 Halter Top- ORGANIC
This year, we’ve redesigned TFP’s
favourite cowled halter and also included
it in our ORGANIC cotton lycra
collection. In keeping with the hot sexy
look, the cowl in the front falls in a
very flattering manner- no matter what
the body type. The front wraps around,
crosses each other at the low back and is
secured into the waist band. It is a great
layering piece that can be worn longer,
like a very short dress or mix it up with
our WP-104 Layered Booty Shorts. Hot!
BL-Black. PL-Plum. DO-Dark Olive.
CH-Charcoal Grey.
S/M Small/Medium. M/L Medium/Large.
WT-102 Tank Girl Top- ORGANIC
This fairly simple tank top is an amazing addition to your
layering wardrobe. With a few subtle details- the cotton
crocheted trim, elastic under the chest, and 2” split sidesit’s super comfortable, cute and practical.
And hey- its made stretchy soft ORGANIC cotton.
PL- Plum. DO- Dark Olive. BL- Black.
S/M Small Medium. M/L Medium/Large.
WT-106 Cowl Tee- ORGANIC
In our collection of ‘cowls’ this year we introduce
a flattering tasteful “t-shirt” alternative.
Made from soft stretchy ORGANIC lycra cotton,
the neckline cowls while being controlled by the
upper back string ties, which pulls the short
sleeves, and shapes the back circular shape.
Can be worn longer, with the waist band cinched
on the sides. Another great layering top.
BL-Black. PL- Plum. DO-Dark Olive. Ch-Charcoal Grey.
S/M Small/Medium. M/L Medium/Large.
WT-115 Multiple Way Long Sleeve- ORGANIC
A long sleeve layer made from stretchy ORGANIC lycra cotton- perfect for year
round comfort and layering. It can be worn multiple ways by tying the front bottom
panel up and folded over the chest, see pic 1. Or tie the ends behind the neck for
a cowl look, see pic 2. Or fold the panel right under the chest and tie in the back
for the look on pic 3. Or don’t tie it at all and leave it loose or tie it in the lower
back for the look on pic 4. There is trim on the bottom and sleeves made from
cotton embroidery, opposite fairy angles front and back, a contrasting colour in the
ribbon under the chest (see pic 4), and a slight flare in the sleeves from the elbow.
DO/LO-Dark Olive/Light Olive. BL/PL- Black/Plum.
PL/BL- Plum/Black. CH/PL- Charcoal/Plum.
S/M Small/Medium. M/L Medium/Large.
WT-111 Just Sleeve w/ Lace- ORGANIC
Looking for a new layer to cover just the arms and shoulders?
Want to wear the maximum amount of layers and coordinating
colours? Here is the perfect top layer to pair with any
sleeveless top; Just Sleeves. With Bell Sleeves, embroidered lace
trim and reinforced seams, this stretchy ORGANIC layer looks
very sexy with a low-cut top underneath.
A TFP Classic, reinvented for our 2012/2013 collection
BL-Black. PL-Plum. DO-Dark Olive. CH-Charcoal Grey.
S/M Small/Medium. M/L Medium/Large. L/XL Large/XLarge.
WT-110 Short Zelda Vest
DO/LODark Olive/Light Olive.
PL/LO-Plum/Light Olive.
Sometimes we feel like
we want to be in costume
and this little shrug vest
is inspired from the video
game character Zelda.
With a strap and buckle
under the chest, leaf
pattern stitching design
on front and back, stylish
collar, and princess
shoulder sleeves. Its made
from durable twill
cotton and is short,
making it an ideal layer
on top of any of our tops
or dresses. Match it with
our WP-103 Flare Pants
with Leaf Skirt.
WT-112 Hooded Vest with Lace- ORGANIC
This longer loose vest has a little bit of a witch kind of look - especially in the black. It can be
worn open and casual, or tied up with the included sash for a dress look. There are pockets on
the bottom sides and cotton embroidery trim on the hood and edges except the sleeve holes.
Made from soft stretchy ORGANIC cotton, ideal for the beach, a summer robe,
over a dress or match it with our tops and bottoms.
BL-Black. PL-Plum. DO-Dark Olive. One Size.
WT-107 Halter Vest
This vest has an
impressive collar and real
pockets. It’s a halter shape,
so it’s not necessary to
undue the snaps on the
front. Just tie yourself in
however tight you’d like.
Wear it sexy with one of
our backless shirts
underneath or layer it up
with our WD -101 Halter
Dress. Made from Nepali
Twill Cotton, each colour is
mixed with a little black,
only noticeable close up.
BL-Black. PL-Plum. DO-Dark Olive.
CH-Charcoal Grey.
S/M Small/Medium. M/L Medium/Large.
WT-108 Corset Vest
Like most fairies, we are a little bit in love with
pirates and cowboys, so we made this vest to layer
into anyone’s wardrobe - especially those looking for
a period piece or costume addition. With strong snaps
in front, real pockets in the fitted structure and an
impressive collar we think you’ll love wearing your new
vest all over town- day and night.
Made from durable twill cotton
it ties up tight in the back
with criss-cross ribbon.
BL-Black. PL-Plum.
XS-XSmall. S-Small. M-Medium.
L- Large. XL-XLarge.
WP-103 Flare Pants with Leaf Skirt- ORGANIC
These leafy pants are perfect
for dancing, yoga and everyday
comfort. They are legging like
capri pants that flare from the
knee down, have a flattering
elastic waist, panel and leaf bum
cover skirt. The leaf skirt
is the same idea as our
WS-009 Short Overlock Leaf Skirt.
They feel like leggings but with
more style. We’ve added cotton
embroidery trim to the bottom of
the pant leg. Made with soft
stretchy ORGANIC cotton with
contrasting stitching on the leaf
pattern- they are extremely
DO/LO-Dark Olive/Light Olive.
S-Small. M-Medium. L-Large.
WP-102 Rail Pull Leggings with Lace- ORGANIC
We certainly like making designs that are multi
functional and these “rail pull” leggings can be worn
cinched up by pulling the cords from inside the rails or
pulled down for full length. Just tie the cords in a bow
and you have cute tassels on either side. This year the
rails go higher so you can cinch them even more and
we’ve added cotton embroidery trim for the ‘doll-like’
look. Oh and they are made from soft stretchy
ORGANIC cotton- making them the ultimate leggings!
BL-Black. PL-Plum. DO-Dark OLive. CH-Charcoal Grey.
S-Small. M-Medium. L-Large.
WP-105 Relic Leggings
We have named this Double-layered fabric “Relic”
fabric. These leggings have the appearance of layered
tights, with the comfort of just one waistband. The
under layer is always in black. The top layer comes
in different colours and has a ripped
and torn look. We have also added a
middle panel for extra comfort and durability.
RBL-Relic Black. RPL-Relic Plum. RDO-Relic D. Olive.
S-Small. M-Medium. L-Large.
WP-104 Layered Booty Shorts
Layers of cotton embroidered trim
create a ruffled texture in these
fun and sexy booty shorts. Wear
them as knickers under our WS-01
Tutu, or wear them on their own
when you get down on the
dancefloor. They are so
comfortable, you could wear them
to bed. Looks good on all body
types and can be matched with any
of our tops. With an elastic waist,
flattering lycra band and inside made
from stretchy cotton lycra. They are
great for movement, dance, yoga and
all around fun. Same cotton trim
found on many of our new designs.
TQ- Turquoise.
DO-Dark Olive
WP-101 Hula Hoop Pants w/ Booty Shorts-ORGANIC
We have combined two festival looks to
create these Hula Hoop Pants. We love
short-shorts like our WP-104 Layered
Booty Shorts, and you can never have
too many pairs of Leg Warmers like our
AA-103, 104 and 105 styles. It only made
sense to merge the two together to
create this piece. Fused together with
garter-like straps, The Hula Hoop Pants
allow for some bare leg in the middle
while still being covered and warm for
festival nights. The shorts have an
elastic waist, cute frill around the hem,
and vertical seam lines. Hula Hoop Pants
are perfect for festivals,
Hula hooping attire, or any kind of
circus-inspired look. We have made them
extra long this season, so they can be
hemmed to your desired length.
BL-Black. PL-Plum.
DO-Dark Olive.
S-Small. M-Medium. L-Large.
WS-01 TuTu
A layered TuTu skirt with ribbon edges to give more
volume. Made from a light quick dry fabric for the
festival season. Can be flipped inside out for a different
look! Elastic waist for a one size fits all and long enough
to wear as a mini 50’s style crinoline layer (but not too
long!) Goes very well under WD-04 Fairy Patch Dress, or
layer any of the Leaf skirts over top like WS-009, WS010 and WS-104. Match it with fun legwarmers too!
BL-Black. PL- Plum. Pi-Pink. TQ-Turquoise.
One Size
A. WS-009 Short Overlock Leaf Skirt-ORGANIC
Using inspiration from nature, this bum cover suggests
the shape of a leaf. With overlock stitching, it slants
to one side and the lines meet up on the side point.
Made from stretchy breathable ORGANIC lycra
cotton. It’s a great layer over pants for yoga wear,
or over a skirt for decoration. At hot festivals it fun
to wear on its own or layered with the longer version
WS-010, and WS-01 Tutu.
B. WS-010 Long Overlock Leaf Skirt- ORGANIC
Like the short version- just longer!
For both WS-009 and WS-010
BL/PL-Black/Plum. PL/BL-Plum/Black.
DO/LO- Dark Olive/Light Olive.
CH/PL-Charcoal Grey/Plum.
Small/Medium. Medium/Large.
WS-104 Festival Skirt- ORGANIC
This design is an evolution from the Leaf Skirts
WS-009 and WS-010. Because we always love
wearing multiple layers it made sense to bundle
a few of them up into a set. Some decorative
tassels were added and voila- ready for the
jungle! With an elastic waist and flattering waist
panel- wear on its own, layer it with pants or
skirts- perfect for movement in breathable
stretchy ORGANIC lycra cotton.
Get your stomp on!
DO/LO/BR- Dark Olive, Light Olive, Brown.
PL/CH/BL- Plum, Charcoal, Black.
S-Small. M-Medium. L-Large.
WS-105 Multiple Points Skirt- ORGANIC
In our leaf family we’ve introduced a
new addition, the multiple points skirt.
Literally it has many fairy points,
slanting gradually to the side. Made
from soft stretchy ORGANIC lycra cotton,
it has an elastic waist, one pocket on the
upper left, and panelled lines creating a
flattering cut. The higher side of the skirt
is about 10 inches above the knee, the
lower side is about 10 inches below.
A fairy skirt, a witch skirt, layer it up,
wear it on its own- its all around fun!
BL-Black. PL-Plum. DO-Dark Olive.
S/M- Small/Medium. M/L- Medium/Large.
WS-106 Lace Sash
A little burlesque, a little salsa, has inspired this multi use lace sash.
Wear it over the shoulders to cover some skin. Tie it around the waist for
a beach sarong, or over a longer skirt or pants for that gypsy look. It’s made
from woven lace, with a pattern of roses- true to the love of salsa!
The lace is always black with the colour variations just being in the choice
of the cotton embroidered trim tone. Being a long wide triangleyou’re sure to find it sacred and dear to your wardrobe.
BL/PL- Black/Plum. BL/TQ- Black/Turquoise. BL/CH-Black/Charcoal.
BL/BL- Black/Black. One size.
WS-107 Rail Pull Long Skirt- ORGANIC
This skirt is a similar idea to
WD-104 Rail Pull Dress, and
WP-103 Rail Pull Leggings.
It can be manipulated by
pulling the ribbons and
cinching the rails to make it
shorter. When let down, the
skirt is actually shorter in front
by 8 inches. Tie the ribbons
and the skirt can be multiple
lengths, shortest being above
the knee. Made from soft
stretchy ORGANIC cotton, the
folded fringe creates flare and
the lace under together
create movement as you walk.
Burlesque, Steampunk- it’s classy!
BR-Brown. BL-Black. PL-Plum.
S/M- Small/Medium.
M/L- Medium/Large.
WS-101 Future Skirt with Piping Points
We are loving skirts this year and this
wrap one is part of our ‘future’ collection.
Made from durable twill cotton, it has piping
or border cord, around the outsides and a
flattering double point in the back. There are
a few zipper pockets for stashing cash and ID.
It does up on the side with a velcro panel and
two straps with metal “D” link metal threads.
The fringe is lycra and lacewhich moves as you walk.
S/M-Small/Medium. M/L-Medium/Large.
WS-102 Future Skirt with Removable Bottom
In the same ‘future’ family as WS-101
Future Skirt w/ Piping points, but a little bit
shorter and can be used as a belt with
pockets. The bottom literally zips off, making
it a multi purpose addition to your wardrobe.
With pockets for the ID and cash, does up
with a velcro tab and “D” link metal threads.
Fringe is lycra and lace and angles upward
where it does up on the side.
DO/LO-Dark Olive/Light Olive.
S/M-Small/Medium. M/L-Medium/Large.
WS-103 Future Skirt with Pockets all Around
Our own version of a kilt- but true
to the ‘future’ family with piping cord
outlining the box pockets on the front
and back. It also has a middle zipper
pocket for the ID and cash. Does up
with a velcro slit on the one side.
Made from durable twill cotton, and
the fringe is lycra with lace underneath.
A little playfula whole lot functional!
PL/BL- Plum/Black.
S-Small. M-Medium. L-Large.
PJ-101 Nighty Nite Top
w/ Lace- ORGANIC
PJ-102 Cozy Shorts w/
We’ve decided to release an
actual Pyjama outfit this year
and just like our regular designs
that are so versatile and
comfortable you could wear
them to bed- you can wear these
PJ’s matched with another
design- out during the day!
Made from super soft
ORGANIC stretchy cotton with
cotton embroidered trim
around the bust and bottom of
the shorts. With a coconut button on the back and elastic straps
covered with cinched lycra, you
might end up with multiple
colours of this cute comfy and
sexy PJ set.
S-Small. M-Medium. L-Large.
PJ-103 Cozy Robe
Don’t you just love
putting on that cozy robe?
We do - so we’ve made our
own. With a hood, deep
pockets, half sleeves with
fringe, and just above knee
length with a fringe on the
bottom. It’s made from
sweatshirt cotton and comes
with a sash. Perfect at the
festivals when you have to
use the facilities at night,
over our PJ set, or wear it as
a hooded cardigan.
Guaranteed cuddles when
BR-Brown. PL-Plum.
BL-Black. CH-Charcoal.
One Size.
WD-104 Full Length Can-Can Dress
Feel like dancing? This dress is full of
romance, movement, and all around good
living. It’s shorter in the front, and full
length in the back. With a V-neck line
bordered with cotton embroidered trim. This
trim detail is also found above the bottom
fringe. The waist band ties up in the back and your cleavage is slightly covered with more
embroidered trim. The fringe is two layers of lycra, with lace underneath. The top part of
the dress is made from stretchy lycra cotton, the waist down from light twill cotton, with slip
underneath. This dress twirl’s and move’s as you do.
BR/PL/BL-Brown/Plum/Black. S/M- Small/Medium. M/L Medium/Large. L/XL- Large/XLarge.
WD-103 Steampunk Railpull Dress
Recently we’ve become fascinated with a
sub-genre called Steampunk - and designed
this dress in this futuristic Victorian fashion. It
doesn’t have steam but it sure has rails.
Use the railpulls to manipulate the dress to be
different lengths. Wear it longer in the back
and shorter in the front and paired with our
WS-01 Tutu. With embroidered cotton lace trim
on the shoulder sleeves and v-neck line, a sash
to custom tighten the front and make a nice
bow on the back, and made from ORGANIC
stretchy lycra cotton, you might envision
wearing this lovely dress while holding a sun
umbrella and wearing lace gloves.
BL-Black CH-Charcoal Grey
S/M-Small/Medium. M/L-Medium/Large.
L/XL- Large/XLarge.
WD-004 Fairy Patch Dress
In a flattering Ballerina cut with a scoop
neck, A-lined waist band and playful flare in
the skirt, this Fairy Dress design has become
a classic TFP dress- and now its made in
ORGANIC lycra cotton! An ultimate layering piece
with our TuTu (WS-01). It also looks marvellous
on its own. On the back is a pair of Fairy Wings,
which are made from embroidery patches- this
patch technique is a Nepali favourite and we’ve
incorporated it into our TFP design.
Let yourself take flight while being
comfortable and looking fantastic!
BL/PL-Black/Plum. DO- Dark Olive/Light Olive.
Small/Medium. Medium/Large. Large/XLarge.
WD-101 Halter High Waisted Mixed Cotton
The main body is light thin weave
cotton- perfect for hot climate and air flow
underneath. Around the waist from empire
to the naval is a group of horizontal thin
elastic sewn inside two pieces of the thin
light cotton so its soft on your skin. The
upper section is the viscose lycra in a halter
top style which falls and folds in an elegant
manner. Show off your back, or layer it up.
You’ll be wearing this dress in multiple ways.
DO- Dark Olive. PL- Plum.
Small/Medium. Medium/Large.
WD-105 Layered Dress
Layers of fabric create a three
dimensional texture to this dress.
Alternating lycra and lace, it can be
worn as a mini dress, or a long top. The
layers of fabric move as you do and give
the design a playful feel with a sexy
look. Comfortable to wear, as the
layers are sewn on with elastics to a
lycra under layer, making it very
stretchy. The shoulder straps cross in
the back and can be adjusted. Comes
with a sash to tighten under the chest.
BL-Black. WH-White
S/M-Small/Medium. M/L-Medium/Large.
WO-103 Long Fleece Jacket
We’ve always made a fleece since the
beginning- but this one blows them all out
of the water- and enters the fleece into the
‘future’ collection. It’s a little longer, covers
the bum at the back, has a pointy hood just
like any pixie jacket should, and deep pockets
for all your treasures. Throughout the design
we’ve added cord-like flattering lines made
from fleece. We’ve put the zipper in the middle
this time, and added an impressive collar. The
sleeves are belled, the cut is A-lined or empire
waisted, the back is panel cut….basically we
couldn’t think of any more improvements! Made
from super soft cozy fleece.
L-Large. XL-XLarge.
WO-102 Big Hood
Low Collar and
Side Zipper
Everybody needs that
comfty sweater- and we think
this is that layer you need to
keep you warm, to complement
your wardrobe, and to
fit under your jacket. It’s made from thick lycra cotton but
we’ve double it up for extra warmth and finishing. With a
zipper on the side, thumb holes, and a large hood that
exaggerates the collar, you might just spend every chilly
moment in it. It’s a little longer, has side pockets,
and flattering lines on the back and front.
BR-Brown. PL-Plum. S-Small. M-Medium. L-Large.
WO-101 Side Zipper High Collar w/ Hood and Fringe
This hoodie has a metal side zipper that goes all the way
up to a neck collar. The hood comes out of the neck line, and
there are flattering lines suggesting the fitted look including a
empire waist. The back has a folded fringe from the waist down
giving this sweater a ‘equestrian clothing’ look. It has
reinforced thumb holes and is a little long to cover your bum
in the back. It is made from
stretchy soft sweatshirt
cotton and has one pocket on
the side. Cozy and warm.
DO/LODark Olive/Light Olive.
S-Small. M-Medium. L-Large.
WO-106 Future
Warm Vest
Another addition to our ‘future’
collection, this outer layer vest
is made from durable twill
cotton on the outside and soft
cozy fleece on the inside. It is
long enough at the back to
cover the bum and slightly
shorter in front. The zipper is in
the middle and goes all the way
up the collar- keeping you’re
neck warm. It has a two way
zip so you can unzip at the
bottom when you’re sitting down
for maximum comfort. There are
pockets on the front sides big
enough for anything you need to
carry, whether at night at a
festival for the next beverage,
or to carry your notebook and
pencils when you’re climbing
up a rocky hill to get the best
view. With an empire waist it
pleats at the bustle back, and is
cut to feel and give a form
fitting look. The cotton
embroidered trim on the sleeve
holes and bottom give a dainty
suggestion while the fun fur
trim on the hood suggests an
arctic adventure. Can be worn
on chilly nights layered with a
long sleeve or sweater, WO-103
Long Pixie Fleece. Or on its own
paired with our WP-104 Layered
Booty Shorts, acts like a warm
sleeveless long layer. Sometimes
we put it on after going for a
surf and need that
quick warm up!
Wear it with our
AA-103,104,105 Legwarmers
and you’re ready to stomp and
dance all night at the festival.
PL-Plum. BL-Black.
S-Small. M-Medium.
L-Large. XL-XLarge.
WO-105 Future Fairy
Coat with Fur
We’ve been making our fairy
coat for more then a few
consecutive seasons and this
year we decided to fancy it up
into the ‘future’ collection.
Keeping the same idea- but
improving it to the max. As
usual is does up with a fold over
collar and big wood button.
Now we’ve added an inside
zipper to keep the warmth in,
and it zips all the way up the
collar, keeping your neck warm.
We’ve changed the pockets to
be front panels and they are
deep for all your treasures. It’s
the same cut as before, with
an empire waist band, doll- like
flare and belled sleeves with
armwarmer inserts with thumb
holes. But now we’ve improved
the cut by adding panels to the
upper back to help you move
freely, and lines down the skirt
of the jacket all around for a
petticoat look. The secondary
colour is the inside hood,
collar and armwarmers. The
hood is fringed with fun fur to
keep you warm but also for that
arctic adventure look we are
loving this year.
Feel like a fairy goddess in the
fitted hour-glass exaggerating
sweater jacket.
Match underneath with our
WD-04 Fairy Dress and
WS-01 TuTu.
Pair it with our
WP-102 Rail Pull Leggings
with Lace and double hood it up
with the AH-108 Fun Fur Hood
with Bear Ears!
BL/PL- Black/Plum.
DO/LO-Dark Olive/Light Olive.
XS-XSmall. S-Small.
M-Medium. L-Large.
MT-101 Short Sleeve
Made from light
breathable Nepali woven
cotton, this traditional
looking shirt is perfect on
it’s own in the summer, or
layered in the chilly season.
The Kurta looks great with
a scarf tucked inside. It has
3 coconut buttons up the slit
neck line, and a Mandarin
collar. The sleeves are elbow
length, and are wide for
maximum breathability.
There is a breast pocket for
your small belongings.
Choose a smaller size for a
more fitted look, or a size up
for a looser fit.
BL-Black. BR-Brown.
DO-Dark Olive. NT-Natural.
S-Small. M-Medium.
L-Large. XL-XLarge.
MP-101 Future Full Length
Pants with Circle Pockets
Tall Can
Water Bottle
These multi pocket full pants
are inspired directly from the
need to have your hands free
at music festivals. Made from
canvas cotton they are strong
and durable but breathable.
They have belt loops, metal
zipper and buttons. There is a
pocket for a water bottle and
a pocket for a tall can on each
side. It also has three zipper
pockets on either side to keep
your more precious belongings
safe. We’ve added the geometric
print to the inside panel of the
pocket area, evolving it further
to its futuristic status.
Body/Piping/Pocket Panel/Inside Print
1. BL/LO/BL/CH-Black/Light Olive/
Black/Charcoal Grey.
2. DO/LO/DO/CH- Dark Olive/Light
Olive/Dark Olive/Charcoal Grey.
XS-XSmall. S-Small. M-Medium.
L-Large. XL-XLarge. XXL-XXLarge.
MT-09 Button up Military
Long Sleeve
This long sleeve button
up shirt has a militant neck
strap on the collar and is cut
in a cowboy style. It has two
pockets on the front and a
faux pocket on one side which
colour matches the inside
collar and inside cuffs. The
shirt can be rolled up with
the inside cuff colour showing.
Wear it on its own or undue
the coconut buttons and wear
it ontop of our MT-03 Tank
with Overlock design
underneath. Good for a formal
occasion or a relaxing time in
the soft smooth cotton.
BL/DO- Black/Dark Olive.
DO/LO-Dark Olive/Light Olive.
XS-XSmall. S-Small.
M-Medium. L-Large. XL-XLarge.
MP-102 Future Full Length
Pants with Points Pockets
Similar idea to MP-101, full
length pants with multiple
pockets, this time in a trio flap
pocket stack on a elven pointy
panel. Each pocket has a flap and
velcro under to keep your
belongings secure. The middle
pocket has a leaf outside
stitching detail. Above each pocket
is another zipper pocket for
quick access to your treasures.
Both the panel and the zipper
pockets are outlined with cotton
piping- elevating it to the ‘future’
status. Made from durable twill
Nepali woven cotton, they will
mould to your dancing legs!
LO/LO/BL/LO- Light Olive/Black.
BR/LO/LO/DOBrown/Light Olive/Dark Olive.
XS-XSmall. S-Small.
M-Medium. L-Large.
XL-XLarge. XXL-XXLarge.
MT-006 Hood Scarf with
No Sleeves- ORGANIC
This warrior tank is made
from soft stretchy ORGANIC
cotton and can be worn
fitted (as shown) or worn in a
bigger size depending on your
style. The collar looks like a
scarf but can actually rolls up
into a hood, very elven-like.
When worn as an under layer
the collar can come up and
through, just like a scarf. In
two contrasting colours, it is
also available in a longer
version, MT-06 Hood Scarf
with Sleeves.
DO/PL- Dark Olive/Plum.
BL/DO-Black/Dark Olive.
PL/CH- Plum/Charcoal Grey.
CH/DO- Charcoal Grey/Dark Olive.
XS-XSmall. S-Small.
L-Large. XL-XLarge.
MP-104 Future Shorts with
Point Pockets
We just love having our hands
free from carrying around our
belongings and these over the
knee shorts are a part of
helping the world become hands
free. They are made from Nepali
woven cotton, and are very
similar to the full version,
MP-102. With a elven point panel
on each side, there are two
pockets with flaps and velcro.
One has a leaf outside stitching
design. Both have a zipper pocket
above them. There is piping
outlining and the front upper
jean pockets are in the mix of
colour design.
DO/LO/LO/DO/LOLight Olive/Dark Olive.
BR/LO/DO/LO/BRBrown/Light Olive/Dark Olive.
XS-XSmall. S-Small. M-Medium.
L-Large. XL-XLarge. XXL-XXLarge.
MT-002 V-Neck with Leaf
This two-tone “T-Shirt”
has a V shaped neck for
extra comfort. The sleeves are
folded up and can be folded
more. With outside ‘rough cut’
stitching around the neck and
on the shoulder but
otherwise all hemmed nicely.
In true TFP style there is a
real pocket that is shaped
like a leaf. Made from soft
stretchy ORGANIC lycra
cotton. With its wide rounded
V-neck its great in the
summer on its own or paired
with our MT-09 Military
Cowboy Shirt worn open.
DO/LO-Dark Olive/Light
Olive. BL/LO- Black/Light Olive.
XS-XSmall. S-Small. M-Medium.
L-Large. XL-XLarge.
MP-103 Future Shorts with
Circle Pockets
Similar to the full length
version, these shorts have
handy pockets to organize
all your treasures. Water
bottle, tall can, wallet, you
name it. They are well over
the knee length and have
front jean pockets. There is
cotton piping cord outlining
the panel and pockets. Made
from woven Nepali cotton
they are durable and ready
to be worn to all your
favourite events- hands free!
Body/Piping/Pocket Panel/Inside
LO/LO/BL/CHLight Olive/Black/Charcoal Grey.
BR/LO/LO/DOBrown/Light Olive/Dark Olive.
XS-XSmall. S-Small. M-Medium.
L-Large. XL-XLarge. XXL-XXLarge.
MT-003 Tank with Overlock
This masculine ORGANIC lycra
cotton sleeveless shirt is
designed with a warrior cut and
can be worn tight to show off
the muscles or loose depending
on your style. It has a rounded
neckline and slants at the
bottom to one side. We’ve
added some textural “overlock”
lines, one across the torso like
a bow and arrow would sit and
another series suggesting a leaf
shape on the side where the
slant meets. Its an attractive
alternative to a plain tank, looks
great on its own or paired with a
button down shirt such as MT-08
Short Sleeve Two-Tone.
DO/LO-Dark Olive/Light Olive.
BL/LO-Black/Light Olive.
XSmall. Small. Medium. Large.
XLarge. XXL-XXLarge.
MP-105 Ninja Cargo
Punjabi Pants
Incorporating a bit of global
influence from India with a future
fashion fusion, these low crotch hip
hugging pants are comfy and have
room to move. With elastics on the
pant legs, they can be worn down
to the ankles or pulled up to the
knee so they fold over and look like
a skirt. With multiple pockets down
the left side, you’ll certainly be
hands free while dancing all night
long. The top pocket will fit your
smartphone, the big pocket is huge
with a smaller pocket on the
outside of it, and all have the
secondary colour on the side panels
of the box that make all pockets a
good size. Ties on the side with a
drawstring and has decorative cotton
cord piping on the front and back in
a big oval. Made from smooth cotton.
Gals can wear em too.
BL/LO- Black/Light Olive.
LO/DO-Light Olive/Dark Olive.
M-Medium. L-Large.
MT-08 Short Sleeve 2 Tone
Similar to our MT-09
Military Cowboy Long Sleeve,
but in the shorter version.
Made from smooth cotton and
has a double sleeve, the under
in lycra cotton matching with
the militant collar, faux pocket
and inside button tab. You can
roll up the lycra sleeve to
shorten them Looks good for
formal occasions tucked in or
casual untucked or open with
a tank top underneath. Comes
in two tonal combinations and
has coconut buttons.
DR/LB-Dark Brown/Light Brown.
DO/LO-Dark Olive/Light Olive.
XS-XSmall. S-Small.
L-Large. XL-XLarge.
MP-107 Board Shorts
These shorts are made
from ripstop cotton, usually
used for tents and other
outdoor gear. Designed for the
active person, the fabric is
durable and quick drying.
With multiple pockets
including a zipper pocket on
either leg, and backside. We’ve
added a flap with velcro over
the box pocket and zipper on
the legs this year for extra
security. With little details like
shaped pockets and contrasting
stitching these functional
yet good-looking board
shorts are bound to be worn
all summer long.
BR/LB- Brown/Light Brown.
DO/LO-Dark Olive/Light Olive.
S-Small. M-Medium.
XL-XLarge. XXL-XXLarge.
MT-005 Hood Scarf w/
Sleeves- ORGANIC
Made from ORGANIC lycra
cotton this shirt has thumb holes and
is fitted like a normal long sleeve
except the collar turns into a hood.
The style makes the collar appear like
you are wearing a scarf yet it is
attached and can be rolled up to make
a hood. Very cozy and perfect
layering item under vests, sweaters
and jackets. Also available in MT-06
Hood Scarf with No Sleeves (Tank).
DO/BL-Dark Olive/Black. BL/CHBlack/Charcoal/Grey. CH/PL-Charcoal
Grey/Plum. PL/DO-Plum/Dark Olive.
XS-XSmall.S-Small. M-Medium.
L-Large. XL-XLarge.
MT-004 Druid Shirt-ORGANIC
This unique kind of “t-shirt” is a great upper body piece for the Elven and Fairie folk.
Its a little longer then a normal tank and slants
to the side as the leaf pattern meets in the front
and back. Leaf pattern and flattering lines are
created with the outside “overlock” stitching. The
hood is lined with secondary colour. Made from
soft ORGANIC cotton/lycra mix, it is quite
stretchy making it a good fit to wear tight but
can be worn in the bigger size for a loose
fit. Maybe your gal would like one too- check
out WT-113 Druid Shirt for ladies. DO/BL-Dark Olive/Black. BL/DO-Black/Dark
Olive. CH/PL-Charcoal Grey/Plum.
M-Medium. L-Large. XL-XLarge.
MP-106 Thai Shorts with Elastic
These super comfortable long shorts are
inspired by Thai Fisherman Pants. The front
area crosses in front of each other but unlike
fisherman pants, they are sewn and secured
into the elastic waist- meaning they won’t
undue when you least expect it! They have a
low crotch, for breathability and mobility as
well as side pockets. They tie up on the side.
Made from Nepali light woven cotton with
stripes- vertical of course!
BL/WH-Black/White. BL/BU-Black/Blue.
NAT/BR-Natural/Brown. BL/PL-Black/Plum.
MO-101 Future Hoodie
We took all the best parts
of a hooded sweater and
combined them with a ‘future’
fashion look. It’s armour meets
sacred geometric panels- made
in one colour so the fabric
appears uniform at first glance.
On closer inspection, the details
make this a favourite sweater
companion. There are two stacked
front breast pockets, the top one
with metal zipper and the bottom
pocket has a flap with snap. A
pocket on each side for you hands
and treasures, and an inside
pocket for the items you want
to keep extra close. The hood is
made from a three panel cut to
keep its round shape, and the
metal zipper in the middle goes
all the way up the collarkeeping you warm. On the
shoulders are armour like panels,
and on the back is a symmetrical
line of hexagon panel shapes. The
edges of this cozy sweater are
‘rough cut’ to give a slightly worn
look but are finished. The hood
is lined with the same colour. All
around, you’ll find this design to
be a perfect addition to your
everyday wear.
BR-Brown. BL-Black.
DO-Dark Olive.
S-Small. M-Medium. L-Large.
XL-XLarge. XXL-XXLarge.
MO-102 Poncho
Back by popular demand is our
hooded poncho - this time made from Nepali
Thick woven cotton. It’s textured reminiscent
corduroy but not as ridged
as the woven threads allow the thick rope like
Nepali cotton to bend as you do. With a hood
and tassels and a V-neck opening, you’re sure
to layer it up, use it as a blanket, or pillow.
A good travel companion.
TQ-Turquoise. BR-Brown. PL-Plum.
BL-Black. DO-Dark Olive.
One Size.
AA-003 Short Overlock Armwamers- ORGANIC
An addition to an amazing outfit, a layer
to keep the forearms, wrists and hands
warm- armwarmers are fun, colourful and
functional. These short ORGANIC lycra
cotton armwarmers have reinforced thumb
holes and slight points on top of the hand.
They go to mid arm and are textural with
the overlock stitching.
BL/PL-Black/Plum. PL/BL-Plum/Black.
CH/PL- Charcoal/Plum.
DO/LO- Dark Olive/Light Olive.
AA-001 Long Overlock
Like our Lycra armwarmers but
made from the “Tank Girl” Relic
fabric, with holes on the top layer
of the two types of lycra. They
have reinforced thumb holes and
can be matched with our AA-103
Legwarmers, WT-105 and WP-105.
BL/PL-Black/Plum. PL/BL-Plum/Black.
CH/PL- Charcoal/Plum.
DO/LO- Dark Olive/Light Olive.
AA-101 Long Relic
Like our Lycra armwarmers
but made from the “Tank Girl”
Relic fabric, with holes on the
top layer of the two types of
lycra. They have reinforced
thumb holes and can be matched
with our AA-103 Legwarmers,
WT-105 and WP-105.
Relic Black. Relic Plum. Relic
Charcoal Grey. Relic Dark Olive.
AA-102 Short Relic
These short armwarmers
are made from Relic fabric which
is two layers, one on top having
holes and slits. With re enforced
thumb holes match with the other
Relic fabric designs.
Relic Black. Relic Plum. Relic
Charcoal Grey. Relic Dark Olive.
AL-09 Lycra Legwarmers
Like wearing a short skirt or tutu? These belled light lycra
legwarmers compliment your outfit in a fun and sexy way. Stomp
in them at festivals and then wash them clean again in the
machine. With a drawstring at the knee and layered fabricmatch them to the AA-001, 003 lycra armwarmers.
BL-Black. PL-Plum. CH-Charcoal. DO- Dark Olive. TQ-Turquoise. One Size
AA-103 Relic Legwarmers
To match with
our AA-101, and
AA-102 Relic
Armwarmers and
tops such as
WT-105 Sexy
String Relic Top
and bottoms
WP-105 Relic
Leggings, this
post armageddon
fabric is two
layers with the
top cut with
holes and slits.
We’ve kept the
top panel plain
lycra and it ties
with a lycra
Relic Black.
Relic Plum. Relic
Charcoal Grey.
Relic Dark Olive.
One Size
AA-104 Fleece Overlock Legwarmers
DO/LO-Dark Olive/
Light Olive.
These ‘space bells’ are soft and
warm. They have overlock, stitching
horizontal up the bell which create a
3-dimensional texture. They tie with a
lycra cord just below the knee.
AA-105 Velvet Legwarmers
Just a little
more texture
involved with
these Velvet
Legwarmers. There
is stuffing inside
the draped stitched
velvet bottoms. The
top panel is made
from lycra cotton
as well as the
bottom trim.
Dark Olive/Light
AH-108 Fun Fur Hood
with Ears
AH-109 Fleece Hood
with Ears and Fur Trim
These two cuddly and cozy hoods have a bit of costume
flare, a bit of functional use and a whole lot of fun! With long
scarf like front ends you can wrap yourself up in the night air
while continuing to wear your day outfit. If you’re looking to
gather a whole lot of hugs- these hoods will surely do it for
you. Your friends will be able to spot you through the crowd
with your bear ears listening to the music.
Choose from all fun fur or fleece with fur.
PL-Plum. BL-Black. NAT-Natural.
AH-011 Plain AH-012 Tie Dye Headband/Bando- ORGANIC
We just love designs that can be worn in
multiple ways and this little stretchy tube sure
does a lot. You can wear it like a rambo headband,
a bandana, or a fifties-style neck scarf, really
anyway you feel. For the ladies its also able to be
worn as a tube top or bando. Some even wear it
as a cuff/bracelet by twisting it twice around
their wrist or a bandana around their neck. Ideal
in any weather- as a top in the summer,in the
winter under a low cut top, or as a headband.
Guys really dig the bandana look. Made from
super stretchy ORGANIC lycra cotton.
DO- Dark Olive. TQ-Turquoise.
One size.
Also available in
Non- Organic Colours
AH-110 Bucket Hat in Knit
This very thick Nepali woven
cotton hat is shaped like a
bucket- hence the name.
You can fold it to
become shorter too.
LB/BR-Light Brown/Dark Brown.
DO/LO-Dark Olive/Light Olive.
AH-111 Army Hat in Knit
Our own version of an
army hat, this Nepali rough
woven cotton cap has a brim
and flat top. Looks good
on gals and guys.
DO-Dark Olive. BL-Black. PLPlum. TQ-Turquoise. CH-Charcoal
Grey. DBR-Dark Brown.
AH-112 Recycled Silk Hat
in Thin Knit
This loose kind of hippy hat
is made from a thin cotton knit
with the pattern made of
recycled silk saris
(Indian women dress fabric).
Looks good worn on
the back of head.
WH-White. BL-Black. PL-Plum.
AH-113 Little Cap
Made out of sweatshirt
cotton this 5 panel cap is cute
and comfy. With a tiny brim and
elastic inside it’s a little
jester like.
PL-Plum. BL-Black.
DO-Dark Olive. TQ-Turquoise.
CH-Charcoal Grey.
AB-117 Small Scarf
Wear it as a bandana,
hat, scarf, and a whole
lot of ways! It’s longer then
our AH-011,012 headbands
and made with soft stretchy
ORGANIC cotton.
BL-Black. PL-Plum.
DO-Dark Olive. CH-Charcoal Grey.
AB-115 Reversible
Little Purse
Just a little purse bag for
your small important items.
It’s reversible to maximize
matching your outfit
of the day.
DO/LO-Dark Olive/Light Olive.
CH/TQ-Charcoal Grey/Turquoise.
AB-116 Yoga Matt or
Ninja Hoop Bag
Able to fit a rolled up yoga
matt, or a fold up hula hoop- this
bag made from rip stop cotton is
durable and water resistant. The
strap is wide to sit comfortably
on your shoulder. It has a buckle
for clipping on or off easily.
AB-23 Mobile Pocket Bag
A functional side bag, with several large pockets including
a perfect one for your smartphone accessible on the front
upper side. The lower large pocket has a flap and inside is
another zipper pocket. And above the flap pocket is the
main zipper pocket which is the whole bottom of the bag.
On the back is a secret pocket.
Adjustable strap.
Brown. Charcoal. Black.
AB-16 Small Belt
with Pockets
BL-Black. PL-Plum.
TQ- Turquoise.
CH- Charcoal.
DO- Dark Olive.
One Adjustable Size.
AB-17 Medium
Belt with Pockets
BL-Black. PL-Plum.
TQ- Turquoise.
CH- Charcoal.
DO- Dark Olive.
One Adjustable Size.
AB-18 Large Belt
with Pockets
BL-Black. PL-Plum.
TQ- Turquoise.
CH- Charcoal.
DO- Dark Olive.
One Adjustable Size.
HIP POUCHES Belts with Pockets
Whether you’re travelling around the
world, headed to buy groceries, or
partying at a folk or electronic festivalthese belts make your life much easier.
With multiple compartments,
you can organize your necessities
while still being able to access them.
Choose from five colours to
co-ordinate to your wardrobe.
All belts have hidden back zipper
pockets - perfect for your passport or other
items that you need close at hand but
concealed. Made from cold water
washable twill cotton.
All snaps and belt loops are strong durable
metal. The belt strap is adjustable so you
can wear them as a belt or around your
shoulder as a bag. We’ve added extra
protection with the double velcro do up
(so nobody can rip it off). We wear ours
everyday. Let your hands be free
and your belongings safe!
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