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Dietary Food & Drinks Opportunities
‘387m people in the world living with diabetes’*
The food and drink industry is increasingly being
challenged to become part of the solution to
improved weight management and healthy
eating as the world is facing soaring rates of
diabetes. Millions of people are living with the
condition and making lifestyle and food choices
to help them manage their diets.
Welsh Government are supporting the development
of the Dietary Food & Drink Wales Alliance to act as a
catalyst for NPD and innovation in dietary food
products which may be suitable for consumers with
The Alliance will offer member companies:
‘A further 205m people will have diabetes by 2035’*
The global market for food products which are
suitable for consumers who need to manage
their diet for health reasons is projected to grow
exponentially. This growth will be driven by the
huge increase in diabetes, greater awareness of
the link between diet and diabetes, and the
ageing population. All channels, including retail,
food service and institutional food sectors will be
affected by this growth. Consumer buying
decisions will be based on availability, nutritional
content, quality of flavour, taste and trust. The
challenge for producers will be to develop
products which support healthy eating and
weight management without compromising
taste and quality.
Insight and intelligence about the diabetic
food and drink market (UK and global)
Insight from the latest medical research on
the treatment and management of diabetes
as well as food related research such as the
metabolic impacts of different food
Understanding of and access to R&D funding
opportunities and potential research
Support in prioritising NPD opportunities
Support in developing market entry
strategies to identified markets
Information about labelling and legislative
The Alliance will be launched at a symposium
on Wednesday 22nd April 2015 at the
Copthorne Hotel, Culverhouse Cross, Cardiff.
‘The global market for diabetic is growing by 10%’**
Speakers at the symposium will include:
However, the development of food products
Leading medical experts in the field of
specifically labelled as “diabetic” or “suitable for
diabetes research and management and
diabetics” has been controversial, particularly
functional foods
around the use of some sugar substitutes,
Market analysts
labelling and pricing. Food producers need to be
New product development specialists
aware of these challenges if they are to develop
Market entry specialists, with a focus on the US
and market products which are described as being
suitable for diabetic consumers.
Food companies engaged with R&D in this
Event Details:
Venue: Copthorne Hotel
Copthorne Way
Cardiff CF5 6DH
Date: Wednesday 22nd April 2015
Start: 9:00am Finish: 3:30pm
Registration to attend this event is
essential as spaces are limited.
To register, please email
[email protected]
*According to the International Diabetes Federation Diabetes Atlas, 6th Edition, 2014
**Global Diabetic Food Market, Technavio Insights