Happy Expressions 2015 Summer Day Camp

Happy Expressions
2015 Summer Day Camp
Summer Camp Agreement - 2015
Between CAROL LEONE, INC. and
Name of Parent: ______________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________
For the care of (Child(ren)’s name(s)): ____________________________________
Days, weeks, and time of attendance will be billed according to the attached schedule form. All
charges are based upon this schedule. You will be charged in full for the week if you are
registered whether you attend or not. This policy must be enforced to cover the costs for
staffing, field trips and supplies. The tuition includes the cost of care, lunch and snacks.
Field trip fees are a separate charge. Field trip fees must be paid before or on the day
of the trip. Children who do not go on the field trip may not attend camp that day (all of
the staff goes on the trip)
The weekly tuition is to be paid in full by the first day of each week. Your child will not be
permitted to attend camp after the first day if payment is not received. There will be no credit for
missed days or early pick-up/late arrival. Medical care, if required, will be paid for by parents.
Transportation to the center will be provided by parents.
I give my permission for (full signature required for each item):
My child to take trips and walks under supervision of qualified staff.
My child to participate in the Center’s swimming and/or
wading program under the supervision of qualified staff.
The administration of minor first-aid procedures by qualified staff.
The administration of non-prescription medications.
I further give my consent to all emergency medical or dental procedures which would be
necessary to preserve my child’s life or prevent permanent
impairment of my child’s health.
I agree to abide by the policies and procedures of Carol Leone, Inc.
Happy Expressions
2015 Summer Day Camp
ASSUMPTION OF RISK: Participation in gymnastics, dance, daycare and camp activities could
involve motion, rotation and height in a unique environment and as such carries with it a
reasonable assumption of risk.
WARNING: Injury can result from improper conduct of the activity.
Signature: ________________________________ Date: _________________
I acknowledge that I understand the terms and conditions of enrollment, and understand and
appreciate the risk.
Signature of Director
Signature of Parent/Guardian
Items to be Returned Checklist
Our mailing address is 551 Thorn Run Rd., Moon Township, PA 15108. Please return
these forms to complete your enrollment:
___ Camp Agreement (this form)
___ Camp Enrollment
___ Camp Information Forms
___ Camp Permission Forms