UKAEA Discounts is available on-line to all employees of

UKAEA Discounts is available on-line to all employees of UKAEA. UKAEA Discounts is a free
to use benefit, paid for by UKAEA, and offers numerous opportunities to regularly save
money on normal everyday shopping. It has the potential to save you many £10s or even
£100s per year.
The 3 main ways of saving using UKAEA Discounts are:
Re-loadable gift cards
Re-loadable gift cards typically save you between 5% and 10% each time you load
money onto them. You can have cards for all your immediate family members and
even friends and the cards themselves are provided free of charge. You can even
give cards away as Birthday and Christmas presents. Examples of savings are: Argos
(8%), Debenhams (10%), Boots (10%), Currys/PC World (8%), ToysRUs (8%),
Sainsbury’s (5%), Asda (5%) Wickes (10%), Halfords (10%), Pizza Express (10%). So,
loading £100 on to your Sainsbury’s card, will cost you only £95 and loading £50 onto
your Boots card will cost you only £45.
Using the re-loadable “Easy Saver” card gives a pre-loadable discount of 7.5% on one
card to use at many outlets including the following:
Marks & Spencer
House of Fraser
Early Learning Centre
Ernest Jones
Stead & Simpson
River Island
Toys R Us
Shoe Zone
New Look
Cash back through on line purchases
When shopping on-line, navigate to your preferred retailer via UKAEA Discounts to
earn cashback on high street retailers, gym membership, theatre tickets, insurers,
travel, holidays, airport parking and more.
Instant vouchers through your smartphone
When in-store get an immediate discount within minutes to use at the till e.g. M&S
7%, Pizza Express 10%.