The DECA DIGEST - Cherry Creek High School

April 2015
A Publication of
Cherry Creek DECA
and the Publicity Committee
Emily Kang and Jane Lynch: Co-Chairs
Creek DECA off to Compete in Orlando By: JoAnn Hopko & Grace Kercher
Inside this issue:
Much Fun to be Had in
Nationals Schedule
Students Apply to be
Café Managers
Sheeks’ 3rd Period
Laser Tag Mystery Trip
Congrats to our
National Competitors!
The Election Process
DECA March Madness
Upcoming DECA Events
April 24 to 29 - Nationals in
May 1 - Banquet money due
Nationals is just
around the corner and we are
heading to Orlando, Florida to
compete in this year’s ICDC.
We will depart on Friday,
April 24 on two different
flights; one for senior DECA
students and one for junior
DECA students. We will
return on Wednesday, April 29 bright and
early in the morning. A record number 85
Creek DECA students will be attending and
hoping to get on stage in their event. It is not
too often we can say that we are competing at
a national level! There will be around 13,000
high school students at the national
conference from all around the US and even
some other
level is like
none we’ve
seen this
year, but we
are confident
we will do our best and have some students
place among the nation’s best.
Our students will be competing in
either a role play event or a written event.
needs to
practice their
speeches and
prepare for role
plays as well as
they can. A lot
is at stake as
most students
have been working on their projects since last
There will be a Colorado meeting
where students will receive a light up accessory
to show off Creek DECA’s Colorado pride.
Remember to be properly dressed at all times
and not only represent Colorado well, but also
May 2 - The Dam Cancer Run
Series 5K’s
Here Comes the DECA Banquet By: Ikra Mohamed
May 4 to 5 - Café Manager
Once a year, all the DECA dorks
come together for the end-of-the-year
banquet. So, come and put your semi-formal
wear on and enjoy an amazing dinner along
with friends, family, and a lot of awards. The
banquet will be on Thursday, May 7th 6:00
PM at the Red Lion Radisson Hotel near I225 and Parker Road. Among the many
awards and recognitions, the nail-biting reveal
of who will be next year's President and Vice
President of our chapter will be announced!
will all be
celebrating a
year of
May 4 - President/Vice President
speeches taped during 5th
May 5 - Juniors vote for
President/ Vice President
May 5 - Rockies game social
May 7 - End-of-the-Year DECA
May 11 - Applications for
remaining officer positions are
May 13 - Remaining officer
position elections
June 2 to 3 - Officer retreat in
Estes Park
goals! Everyone has something to be proud of
so come for a night of fun! Other
announcements will include: who will be the
new café managers, the three DECA
scholarship winners, Senior Awards, Hall of
Fame Inductees, and the many letter award
winners. Come one, come all and celebrate a
great year of DECA and support all of our
amazing peers, teachers, and passions on May
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The DECA Digest
Much Fun to be Had in Orlando By: Nicole Hagen
This year, nationalqualifying DECA students have the
opportunity to travel to Orlando,
Florida. Compared to a few of the
venues before, including
Salt Lake City, Orlando is
a blessing for teachers
and students alike.
Located in central
Florida, Orlando is called
“The Theme Park Capital
of the World” offering
Walt Disney World
Resort, the Universal
Orlando Resort, SeaWorld,
Gatorland, and Wet 'n Wild.
Students going to Nationals will
have the opportunity to visit Walt
Disney World, Universal Studios, or
The Universal Orlando
Resort consists of two theme parks,
Universal Studios Florida and
Islands of Adventure.
At Islands of
Adventure, you can
find my personal
favorite, The
Wizarding World of
Harry Potter. This
area's flagship
attraction is Harry
Potter and the
Forbidden Journey, which recreates
JK Rowling’s Hogwarts School of
Witchcraft and Wizardry. The area
also features an imitation of
Hogsmeade, containing many gift
shops and restaurants of the Harry
Potter novels including the Three
Broomsticks and the Hog's Head.
With the competitions, theme
parks, and hotel swimming pool the
competitors will have more than
enough to keep themselves busy. We
are sure to have a great time while in
Orlando, Florida!
Nationals Schedule By: Paloma Solis
Friday, April 24
Leave Denver for Orlando
Arrive at hotel, check-in, curfew
Saturday, April 25
9:30AM – 5:00PM
DECA Day at Disney World
Colorado DECA Meeting
Grand Opening Session
Sunday, April 26
Competitive events briefing and testing
Fun time at hotel pool
6:30 PM
Practice time
Monday, April 27
8:00AM – 7:00PM
Preliminary Competitions
Universal Islands of Adventure
Tuesday, April 28
Mini Awards
Final Competitions
Cherry Creek DECA Dinner at Dave &
Grand Awards Session
Wednesday, April 29
Fly back to Denver
Cherry Creek DECA would like to thank our entire Officer/Senator Team
for making this year a great success!!!
Also, thank you to all of our parents, alumni and supporters who judged
at one or more of our competitions!!!
We have had a record-breaking year and it’s only possible with huge support from many people!
We are happy to report that our program is growing!
We will be adding 1 section of both Marketing 1 and Marketing 2 next year as well as
another part-time Marketing/DECA teacher. Welcome Erica Padzik!
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The DECA Digest
Students Apply to be Café Manager By: Hailey Horvat
f you have an interest in
becoming a DECA Café
Manager, listen up! Next year,
Cherry Creek High School is
moving away from the Federal Food
Program. Four DECA Café
Managers will be needed to oversee
the many changes in our two
As a café manager you will
be in charge of the food inventory,
submission of orders to vendors,
counting the revenue collected and
preparing deposits for the café,
overseeing the other workers,
ensuring the café is clean and
running smoothly, and any other
general daily operations. You will be
required to work one period each day
and attend weekly Wednesday
meetings during fifth period as part
of the officer/senator team.
The café manager is a paid
position, so you will be rewarded for
your work done in the café each
month. If you are interested, pick up
an application from your DECA
teacher. After completing the
application, submit it along with a
letter of recommendation from a
teacher at Cherry Creek High
School. The DECA advisors will
interview for the position during 5th
This year’s café managers
period on May 5 and May 6. Good
luck to all applicants applying for
the Café Manager position!
Sheeks’ 3rd Period Juniors By: Ashley Hilyard
The class featured in this
DECA Digest is Mr. Sheeks’ 3rd
period Marketing 1 class. Recently
we finished our pricing unit where
we learned an extensive amount
about pricing. We discussed why
certain companies price in certain
ways and how things such as supply
and demand and competitors
drastically effect prices of certain
products. Different types of
pricing strategies were also
discussed in this unit. Even
pricing, odd pricing, price
lining, and many more
techniques and their
significances were discussed.
Just recently, Sheeks’ 3rd
period began the product unit, which
required a fun little field trip to King
Soopers. There the class looked at
products and discussed different
product lines and items of things
such as potato chips and sandwich
meats. The rest of the unit has many
fun activities to come including a
taste test day.
Overall, Sheeks’ 3rd period
class has been busy learning lots of
information on both pricing and
products over the last couple
Laser Tag Mystery Trip By: Jack Muntean
excitement. Even though some came
The DECA mystery trip was
one filled with action and fierce
competition. As we met in the bus
lanes, Mr. Konrad instructed us to
drive down to the one and only
Laser Quest. With excitement we all
made our way down to the intense
two story location to compete
against one another in an intense
game of laser tag. With about an
hour of fun some came out
victorious and others were not as
lucky. Hopefully next year’s mystery
trip can live up to this year’s
out victorious, everyone came out a
winner the day we played laser tag
for DECA’s 2015 mystery trip.
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The DECA Digest
Congratulations to our National Competitors!!!
Mustapha Abuzbiba
James Adams
Morgan Alexander
Nikita Baral
Scott Beck
Melanie Benson
Clara Blackhurst
Alaina Bolton
Cailey Bosman
Joshua Boxer
Chase Brownell
Matthew Brownlee
Alex Bushell
Spencer Buted
Caroline Calderaro
Madison Calderaro
Alexander Cohen
Andrew Cole
Madeline Cole
Austin Cooper
Grace Cunningham
Lauren Decker
Cristina Del Rosso
Maryanna DeLine
Lauren Dock
Coleton Edwards
Quinn Evans
Lindsey Fullmer
Abigail Goettelman
Nora Greene
Julia Grogan
Lauren Hagen
Nicole Hagen
Colby Haines
Samantha Harding
Ashley Hilyard
Madison Hinchey
Joann Hopko
Hailey Horvat
Alana Horwitz
Vincent Houghton
Francesca Huth
Lindsay Jackson
Seth Juris
Emily Kang
Jessica Katz
Jillian Kaufman
Grace Kercher
Elise Konrad
Kaley Kris
Aubrey Lefebre
Makenna Leyden
Matthew Lunde
Riley Malloy
Carli Mastin
Keane Mcclintock
Lauren Mcgrath
Hannah Meek
Alana Moreen
Ella Morris
Miranda Mostellar
Meghan Mulligan
Phoebe Nielsen
Christopher O'Hagan
Estelle Olsberg
Mallory Plachy
Anne Raymond
Katherine Raymond
Emma Reilly
Ellie Ritchie
Natalie Roberts
Dennis Roshkovskiy
Megan Schmidt
Amanda Seale
Leah Sobernheim
Paloma Solis
Alan Stolyar
Abby Thomas
Sean Thomson
Caroline Till
Audrey Walker
Theodore Walker
Grace Wilkins
Brady Zerr
Julia Zimmerman
The Election Process By: Lili Valis
The Cherry Creek DECA elections
are just around the corner and DECA
juniors are working hard on their speeches.
First, the presidential and vice presidential
elections will be held. Everyone who has
decided to run is going for president. The
person with the most votes wins president,
and the next winner gets VP. All candidates
must turn in an application, write a speech,
record it with Mr. Sheeks, and the chapter
decides from there. All of the candidates'
videos are watched in the junior DECA
classes, and the students signed up for
Marketing 2 will vote.
The results of this election will be
announced at the DECA banquet on May 7.
Of course, the names are announced at the
end of the banquet, so it is a very nervewracking time for our candidates. After the
new president and vice president have been
chosen, elections
for the secretary,
co-social, and copublicity positions
begin. The same
process of writing a speech and recording it
occur all over again. The results of these
positions will be posted on the DECA
office door for the everyone to see before
the end of the school year.
DECA March Madness Basketball for MDA By: Alex Bushell
hursday, March 26th
marked Creek DECA's
annual 3 on 3 MDA Basketball Tournament.
The event took place in the South Gym and
started at 5:30. It had a
great turnout, as many
students coordinated
outfits with their teams
looking to win the
tourney. Participants
had the option to join
either an all guys
bracket, all girls
bracket, or mixed bracket. Coming out on
top in the boy’s bracket was the team of
Jeremy Feerer, Niko Bryant,
and Andrew Cole. Winners of
the girl’s bracket were Molly
Rohrer, Olivia McCann, and
JoAnn Hopko. An individual
shooting contest also took place
at the beginning of the event.
Each person had to pay $3 to
play and all the money went to
the Muscular Dystrophy Association which
helps kids with muscle diseases. It was a fun
event overall and the money raised went to
a great cause.