Registration Packet Saturday, December 13th University of Nevada, Las Vegas Campus

Registration Packet
Saturday, December 13th
University of Nevada, Las Vegas Campus
It is with great honor and enthusiasm that we
formally invite your chapter to the first Nevada
DECA Competition Academy hosted by the UNLV
Collegiate DECA chapter. Since our chapter was
founded many high school alumni, current
members, and advisors have shared a vision of a
“scrimmage” formatted competition to help its
membership prepare for state and international
competitions. We are super excited to bring that
vision to life for Nevada DECA and hope that you
will take advantage of this opportunity to grow
as a future business leader. Our competition
committee is going to be working hard over the
next few months to execute this event for the
high school chapters and we cannot wait for you
to join us on the UNLV campus. We hope this
packet serves as a guide to registering for the
competition and answers any questions you
might have about the event. We welcome you to
contact us using the below information if you
have any further questions about the
UNLV Collegiate DECA Officers
Academy Coordinator
Jamie Hillen
[email protected]
Academy Co-Coordinator
Randy Huynh
[email protected]
(L-R) Nicholas Huynh (President), Celine Endy (Administrative
VP), Annie Bellorin (VP of Finance), Randolph Huynh (VP of
Technology), Denisse Labori (VP of Marketing), and Kriza
Dagdag (VP of Community Relations).
UNLV Collegiate DECA
4505 S. Maryland Pkwy #6034
Las Vegas, NV 89131
[email protected]
C o m p e t i t i on Pr a c t i c e, L iv e F e e d b a c k o n P r e s e n ta t i on s ,
C o m p e t i t i on T r a in i n g, an d E xp o s u r e t o a C o l l e g ia t e E n v i r on m e n t
* W i l l N O T to s e r ve a s a q u a l i f ie r f o r s ta te o r n a t i o n a l c o n f e r e n c e *
Saturday, December 13 f r o m 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) Campus
Student Union & Frank Estella Beam Hall
R e g i s t r at i o n F e e:
$ 1 5 p e r p e r s o n ( c o m p e ti t o r s , a d v i s o r s , p ar e n t s , c h ap e r o n e s , e t c . )
I n c l u d e s : R e g i s t r a t io n , w o r k s h o p m a t e r ia l s an d l u n ch
R e g i s t r at i o n D e a d l i n e :
N o v e m b e r 3 0 t h at 5 : 0 0 p m
R e g i s t r at i o n P r o c e s s :
P l e a s e v i s i t w w w . u n l v d ec a . c o m
O n l y A d v i s o r s c an r e g i s te r t h e i r c h ap t e r s / c o m p e t i t o r s
A l l c o m p e t it o r s m u s t b e a r e g i s t e r e d N e v ad a DE C A M e m b e r
T h i s y e a r w e a r e c ap p in g r e g i s t r a ti o n a t 2 0 0 com p e t i t o r s .
I f t h i s n u mb e r i s r e a ch ed w e w i l l n o t i fy al l r e g i st e r e d c h a p t e r s .
Change Deadline:
December 10 at 5:00 pm
S p a c e c an n o t b e g u a r an t e e d a f t e r t h i s d at e
P a y m e n t:
B r i n g a c h e c k f o r t h e i n v o i c e d a m o u n t t o th e co m p e t i t i on .
P u r c h a s e o r d e r s w i ll n ot b e a c c e p t ed .
P l e a s e m a k e c h e c k s p ay a b l e to “ U N L V DE C A ”
In an effort to allow for the judges to provide as much feedback as possible to the delegates and keep the
event running on time we are only able to offer a condensed list of competitive events at the
Competition Academy. Delegates will only be allowed to register for one event and will have the
opportunity to present to a judge twice during the competition.
Principles of Business Administration Events (1 participant - 10 minute prep - 10 minute presentation)
PBM: Principles of Business Management and Administration
PFN: Principles of Finance
PHT: Principles of Hospitality and Tourism
PMK: Principles of Marketing
Team Decision Making Events (2 participants - 30 minute prep - 15 minute presentation)
MTDM: Marketing Communications
HTDM: Hospitality Services
FTDM: Financial Services
Here are the DEADLINE DATES for the various forms
Online Registration with attached forms
Competitor Registration Excel Form
Attach with online registration
Students with Special Needs Form
*if necessary
Attach with online registration
November 30th
Bring to the Competition: *DO NOT MAIL CHECKS*
Check made payable to: UNLV DECA
Bring to competition
Type information requested in the registration materials to assure accuracy of name tags, etc. This will
save you time at registration! Be sure to use both capital and lowercase letters (do not enter names in all
Follow-up with us to make sure the check will be received on time.
Do not MAIL your forms! The only acceptable way to register for the competition is online at
Photocopy all forms and correspondence for your records.
Bring a copy of all school forms and competition registration records with you to competition.
Write your chapter’s name on the top of each form. This will reduce mix-­‐ups and delayed
registration. Do not abbreviate your high school name.
Get the CELL PHONE numbers of every participant attending from your chapter members
Invite your school administration to showcase DECA to them!
Make registration checks payable to: UNLV DECA.
Nevada DECA Las Vegas Competition Academy Tentative Agenda
Saturday, December 13, 2014
*Sessions are still being finalized, all workshop information including
descriptions, locations, times, and bios will be available on the website.*
8 – 8:30 a.m.
8:30 – 8:50 a.m.
9:00 – 11:00 a.m.
11:00 – 3:00 p.m.
Registration in the UNLV Student Union
Academy Welcome
Nevada DECA Competition Training
Competitive Events
12:00 p.m.
11:00 - 1:00 p.m.
3:00 p.m.
4:00 - 5:00 p.m.
Competition Lunch Available
Leadership Sessions
Meet the Pros Panel Discussion
Award Ceremony
Only participants registered for the competitions may enter the competition areas.
Anyone not registered for the competition may not attend or participate.
Students may not “come and go” during the duration of the event. Students may not leave
competition facilities without the permission of their advisor.
Nevada DECA requires that all attendees be accompanied by a school approved chaperone that
is responsible to ensure all students are supervised and participating fully in the education and
leadership activities. Registration materials will only be given to the chaperone.
This competition will NOT be a qualifier or by any means effect placement at the State Career
Development Conference (SCDC) or the International Career Development Conference (ICDC).
Professional business attire is required for the Competition Academy. Please consult the “Official
DECA Dress Code” resource at when determining what to wear for competition.
This competition has been designed to allow delegates an opportunity to receive feedback from their
judges' during the competition. We will instruct all judges' to return any score sheets and feedback
forms to the event coordinators so we can include them in your chapter's exit packet. Please make sure
to pick this up before you leave the UNLV Campus.
The purpose of this competition is to provide an opportunity for Nevada DECA members to practice and
train for competitive events. Each participant will be receiving judges' feedback and will be allowed to
interact with their judge directly following each simulation. Due to the competition format we do not
believe it is reasonable to give a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place award for each event category. However in an
effort to recognize those students who do exceptionally well during the competition we will be giving
out awards to those with the highest for each individual judge and those who score a 70 or higher.
DECA has established guidelines for both dress and conduct that contribute to the learning
experience. All delegates must understand that though having a good time is definitely encouraged,
expectations are high and violations of accepted principles will not be tolerated.
Conduct Enforcement
Chapter advisors are primarily responsible for enforcing all conduct activities for his/her chapter
members. Staff is available to assist advisors, when necessary, in the enforcement of conduct
All delegates are expected to participate 100% in the competition academy. This includes attending all
general sessions, meetings, and workshops. It is not appropriate for members to be simply “hanging
out” when they are not competing. It is also important for participants to display excellent standards
of professionalism and demeanor. Talking during sessions, refusing to participate, or disrupting
sessions with distracting behavior is not a sign of a professional future leader.
Cell Phones
Students should be strongly encouraged to TURN OFF their cell phones during the hours of the event.
Cell phones on vibrate or silent mode will be accepted as long as they are not distracting. AT NO TIME is
it appropriate for members to get up and leave a session to take a call. It is very disruptive to
participants and rude to presenters when members and advisors are accepting phone calls and
removing themselves from participation to accept outside calls and pages.
As leaders and teachers of young professionals, it is important that we prepare our students for the
events to come. The following information will help you to plan for the Competition Academy and
prepare your students with important information about the event. We anticipate a significant
number of local business partners or potential partners to be attending and volunteering at the
competition. Our members, or in other words, our product, will be on “display” at all hours. Please
keep this in mind when determining who represents your chapter.
Students with Special Needs
The competitive event team will make every attempt to accommodate the special needs of the
students. If you contact us prior to the competition, we can make the competition as barrier free as
possible. If you have students with physical challenges or other special needs that make movement or
participation more difficult, please be sure to explain the accommodation during the online registration
form process.
Drop in and check on your students. Performing a "head count" from time to time is important, but be
sure to physically see every student during the competition. Ask questions about events and have a
conversation with them so you can see how they are doing. With all of this, you will know that your
students have been accounted for which helps prevent challenges.
Meet challenges head-­‐on in a positive manner! Do not let things get out of hand – do your part,
tactfully. Ask other advisors for ideas if you are not sure how to handle minor situations
39. Frank &
Estella Beam Hall
38. Student Union
The competition area will be held in the Student Union (SU) and Frank & Estella Beam Hall (BEH) which can be accessed from the UNLV entrance
at Maryland Parkway & Harmon Avenue. Enter campus from Maryland Parkway and make a left to the parking lot.
Parking on the UNLV campus is not enforced on Saturday in any of the lots and will be free to park anywhere on campus. Suggested parking areas
are designated by a “gold star”. Please do not park in the business centers or residential areas surrounding or across the street from UNLV;
vehicles in these areas are subject to towing and ticketing enforcement. For more detailed maps please visit
If you are bringing your students on a bus we suggest to park in the main lots by the Thomas & Mack Center accessible at Tropicana
and Swenson Street. Iphone users can also download the "UNLV CAMPUS MAP" app to their phone.
Student Union First Floor
Student Union Second Floor
208 C
208 B
208 A
Prefunction Space
North Balcony
Pida Plaza