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Knicks, Nets Struggling
Mightily Heading
Into Showdown
Start spreading the news. One
of New York's bumbling basketball teams is about to win!
The Brooklyn Nets, who have
been terrible, host the Knicks,
who are even worse, on Thursday night. A national TV audience can witness just how bad
things are in the Big Apple.
Or, they can just take it from
the people involved.
"Both teams stink," said Nets
coach Jason Kidd.
"We are the laughingstock of
the league right now," said Knicks
forward Carmelo Anthony.
That's not exactly what TNT
was hoping for when the schedule came out.
What was supposed to be
a matchup that highlighted a
growing rivalry between neighboring teams with high expectations has turned into the kind
of game that will have fans
scrambling for their remote
controls in search of a holiday
special to watch.
The Nets are 5-13, 13th in
the 15-team Eastern Conference but a full game ahead of
the Knicks (3-13), who have lost
nine in a row. Only the Milwaukee Bucks had a worse record
entering play Wednesday.
"You've got two teams that
expectations were high coming into the season and we've
both have had our struggles,"
Knicks coach Mike Woodson
said. "But again, if they're looking at it like we're looking at it,
nobody's running away with
the division and I still think
our team can win the division."
Yeah, well when rebuilding
Boston is currently leading the
Atlantic with just an 8-12 record,
that isn't exactly saying much.
It wasn't supposed to be this
way. The Knicks won the Atlantic last season with 54 victories,
the Nets weren't far behind at
49, and both thought they
could be even better this time.
The Nets were considered the
favorites after acquiring Kevin
Garnett and Paul Pierce from
Boston and assembling a deep
roster with the league's highest
payroll—a team that would cost
more than $180 million once
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New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony scored 34 points and
pulled in 15 rebounds against Portland on Nov. 25, though the
Knicks still lost 102–91.
luxury taxes were factored in.
The Knicks have the league's
second-highest payroll, but
both teams have been wrecked
by early season injuries.
Pierce is out with a broken
bone in his hand and Deron
Williams has been sidelined by
a sprained left ankle, an injury
that forced Brook Lopez to miss
seven games. The Knicks lost
Tyson Chandler to a broken
leg in their fourth game, taking away their most valuable
defensive player.
So as much as they want to
beat each other, both teams
realize one game isn't going
to undo more than a month's
worth of poor performances.
"I think at this point we're trying to figure out who we are and
fix this," Garnett said after a 111
– 87 loss to Denver on Tuesday.
"We're at home and getting beat
by 30, 40 points. That's not what
we want, that's not even close
to what we were predicted or
where we want to be."
Things were much better for
both teams when Kidd was playing last season for the Knicks.
New York misses his leadership
on the court and in the locker
room, and it's been a rocky transition to the Nets' bench, where
Kidd has been fined $50,000 for
intentionally spilling a drink on
the court to delay a game. He
already shook up his staff, reassigning top assistant Lawrence
Frank to a role where he won't
be at practices or games.
Lundqvist Agrees to Extension
With Rangers
(AP)—No. 1 goalie Henrik Lundqvist agreed to a long-term
contract extension with the
New York Rangers on Wednesday. Lundqvist, in the final season of a six-year, $41.25 million
deal, agreed to a seven-year contract reportedly worth $59.5 million. His salary-cap charge would
rise from $6.875 million to $8.5
million and make him the NHL’s
highest-paid goalie. More importantly, it should keep him starring
on Broadway for the rest of his
career. Lundqvist has been a Vezina Trophy finalist as the NHL’s
top goalie in five of his eight seasons, winning it in 2012. He is
284-182-57 in the NHL, all with
the Rangers, with a 2.26 GAA,
.920 save percentage and 47 shutouts. He was a seventh-round
draft pick by the Rangers in 2000
and made his NHL debut in 2005.
Lundqvist’s deal will take him
through the 2020-21 season and
keep him away from free agency
until he is nearly 40.
NFL Fines Steelers Coach
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Woodson said he feels for
Kidd, but he's got his own problems. With the Knicks on their
longest skid in eight years, the
questions about his job security
come more frequently.
"I've had the opportunity to
come in here and coach a team
and turn a team around, and
right now we've had our ups and
downs, this early season, but am
I going to throw in the towel?
Absolutely not," Woodson said.
"I'm still the coach of this team,
we've got a big game tomorrow
night, which I think we can win,
so we've just got to stay focused
and stay the course."
Neither Anthony nor Woodson would disagree with Kidd's
assessment of the current state
of NBA basketball in New York.
It should provide plenty of fodder for Charles Barkley, who
likes to needle New Yorkers
even in the best of times, and
who will call the game with
Marv Albert and Steve Kerr.
Anthony wasn't aware the
game was on TNT and wasn't
concerned much with what will
be said Thursday.
"We are the laughingstock of
the league right now. It's nothing to hide. We are," he said. "So
that's why it is a big game for us.
"Do I like being laughed at?
[expletive] no, I don't like that
feeling. But about it being TNT,
about them guys mocking us,
they've got to do their job. We
want to win, that's the only
thing that I'm focusing on."
(AP)—The NFL fined Pittsburgh
coach Mike Tomlin $100,000 on
Wednesday for interfering with
Baltimore’s Jacoby Jones on a
kickoff return in the third quarter of a 22-20 loss to the Ravens
on Thanksgiving night. There
is also the chance the Steelers
have a draft pick taken away
“because the conduct affected
a play on the field.” Though
he was not penalized, the
league said the Steelers should
have been flagged 15 yards for
unsportsmanlike conduct. All
New York Rangers goalie Henrik
Lundqvist is currently 8-11 with a
2.51 goals-against average and a
.917 save percentage in 20 games.
that from what Tomlin called
an “embarrassing, inexcusable” case of being “mesmerized”
while standing in a restricted
area that separates the sideline from the playing field and
staring at the video board during Jones’ 73-yard return. Jones
had to swerve to avoid running
into the coach and was tackled Mike Tomlin says the blunder
during a return that might have
against Baltimore was not
gone for a touchdown if not for intentional.
the obstruction. Tomlin briefly
stepped onto the field before he “blunder” was not intentional but
jumped back. Tomlin insists the
has no plans to appeal the ruling.