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Volunteer Application Form
Thank you for your offer to help with at The Colindale Foodbank.
In order for us to process your application please would you
answer the following questions:
(If you have any questions about your application or would like help
completing it please contact us)
Name: _________________________________
[email protected]) ))
Address: _______________________________
Postcode: ______________________________
References (please note that neither
Email Address: __________________________
referee should be a close family relation)
Mobile No: _____________________________
Referee 1
Name: ___________________________
Date of Birth: ___________________________
Address: _________________________
National Insurance No: ___________________
Next of Kin:
Name: _________________________________
Tel No: ________________________________
Relationship: ___________________________
Tel No: __________________________
Referee 2
Name: ___________________________
Address: _________________________
Contact in case of emergency (if different from above)
Name: _________________________________
Tel No: __________________________
Tel No: ________________________________
Email address: ___________________
Relationship: ___________________________
I would be interested in helping in the following area(s):
Food pick-up and delivery/Driving*
Helping in the Food Bank centre
Maintenance / DIY
Help with Fundraising
Helping in Warehouse
Assisting in the Office
I am available for:
One off events ie supermarket collections, Warehouse sorting, Delivering food to
vulnerable residents
1-4 hours a week
Full Day(s)
Full Time (Monday-Friday)
day __________________ am
day(s) ________________
Do you have any health problems that we should be aware of?
If yes, please give the details:
Please tell us your previous work experience or qualifications:
Are you willing to complete a form for us to submit for a Disclosure Barring Security
(CRB) check?
If you have any criminal convictions (except those ‘spent’ under the Rehabilitation of
Offenders Act) please give details:
Please State your reasons for volunteering:
How did you hear about the foodbank?
Do you require a work permit to work in the UK?
If yes, do you have one and (if relevant) when does it expire?
YES/NO Expiry date:
By signing and returning this application form, I consent to the charity obtaining, keeping, using
and producing information relating to my application in line with the requirements of the Data
Protection Act 1998.
The information contained within this form will be used to consider whether to offer a volunteer
I confirm that the information given in this application is, to the best of my knowledge, true and
complete. By signing and submitting this application, I signify my own acceptance of The
Colindale Foodbanks’ statement of Faith which I have seen and which I am willing to sign in the
event of my being offered any voluntary work with The Colindale Foodbank.
Please return this form to The Colindale Foodbank