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Seasoned financial services professional with a strong regulatory and risk analytics focus. Deep knowledge of the financial
services industry including banking, insurance & Islamic Finance. Track-record of working with senior executives including
Boards of Directors, Governors and C-suite. Highly competent in identifying solutions to complex regulatory and risk issues and
dealing with Central Banks and regulators.
Advising the Governor of a large regional Central Bank of Banking Sector Reforms.
Our project involves setting out a Vision for the Financial Services Industry and developing implementation plans to transform the
industry into a financially stable engine for economic growth, providing innovative products and services to customers.
We ae also conducting a quantitative impact study for all local banks across capital adequacy, liquidity, leverage, asset quality,
provision adequacy, market risk and interest rate risk.This will be followed by a subsequent phase of conducting risk based
supervision for all problem banks to identify the root cause of the ill health and restructuring these problem insitutions.
Worked across the MENA region with a focus on GCC and Levant. Led over 50 projects across the financial services industry.
Established the FS Risk practice for Ernst & Young in MENA and worked with many of the region's largest corporates and banks.
Advised Board of Directors on growth, customer and acquisition strategies, risk management, global regulatory reform and capital
Sample central bank regulatory projects include:
Led the development of Basel II guidelines for Islamic & conventional banks for the Central Bank of Bahrain
Led the development of Basel II Pillar III guidelines and templates for conventional banks for SAMA
Led all workstreams of the Basel III implementation project for the Central Bank of Kuwait (Capital, Liquidity and
Advised the Qatar Central Bank of the development of Pillar II ICAAP guidelines
Conducted training for Recovery & Resolution Plans for the key supervision team (including Executive Director) of the
Central Bank of Bahrain
Led the Basel III implementation project for the Qatar Central Bank for Capital Adequacy including the development of
guidelines and conducting a Quantitative Impact Study for all local banks
Led the Supervisory reviews on behalf of two regional central banks for over 20 banks
Sample banking projects include:
Led a capital management strategy for a leading regional bank seeking to expand and become a Top 3 MENA bank
Assisted 3 regional banks with regulatory capital optimisation projects
Advised a major KSA investment holding company on the development of a risk framework, including risk appetite and
risk MIS for their private equity operating companies, funds and listed equity portfolios
Led the delivery of over 20 ICAAP projects for banks across the region
Developed economic capital models for many leading regional banks
Risk identification and analysis of large multi sector family business with development of mitigation plans to align risk
appetite with strategy
Assisted 3 leading regional banks with Basel III preparation (including conducting QIS, advising on the issuance of
Additional Tier 1 capital instruments, negotiations with regulators)
Developed governance framework for a leading listed entity operating across 3 geographic regions
Advised a regional banking group on capital allocation including the development of VaR and Credit RAROC models
Developed a credit VaR model for a leading Kuwait based bank as part of a larger ICAAP project
Advised a leading regional insurance company with derivatives valuation work
Sample training projects include:
Led training sessions on behalf of the IIF & IFC for governors, Banking CEOs & other C Suite officers on corporate
governance and risk management
Led development of several Solutions and Thought Leadership. Assisted establishing Ernst & Young as a leading “Thought
Leader” in the financial services industry
SENIOR MANAGER – (03/99 – 06/06)
Worked with the Financial Services Advisory practice for Deloitte in London and Glasgow. Advised many of Europe's leading
financial institutions. Led the PROPHET implementation team for Deloitte, a specialist actuarial and financial modeling team. Set
up and led Deloitte's Glasgow financial misselling review team which grew to be a team of over 60 consultants.
Sample projects include:
Led the development of a bespoke cash flow risk based projection model for a Tier 1 European bank
Developed redress methodology project for the UK Financial Ombudsman
Advised UK Minister for Works and Penions for the transformation of the UK pensions industry after the Turner Review
Developed actuarial models for major insurance companies
Project managed Deloitte's largest global FS project (circa £22m) for Prudential with work conducted by a team of over
80 consultants over three geographic locations