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In an increasingly competitive market, efficient and effective project management is essential to the success and
viability of today’s businesses. The Project Management Fundamentals Certificate explores the core principles of project
management as documented in A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) – Fifth Edition.
This program will prepare you to move into a project management role by giving you the tools and techniques
required, and expanding your leadership abilities. Learn the competencies required to move a project through the
project life cycle phases of conceptualization, initiation, planning, execution, control, and closing. Explore the core
principles of project management, quality management, procurement management and dynamic leadership. Learn
best practices in the project management discipline and gain the essential skills needed to apply these practices in
a real-world setting.
This certificate will be of value to those contemplating a career change or new to the project management industry;
interested in developing a knowledge base and learning introductory skills in project management; working in project
teams or task forces; or preparing for the Project Management Professional (PMP)® designation or the Certified
Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® designation.
CORE COURSES | 165 hours The Core Courses make up 165 hours of the 200 instruction
hours required for this certificate.
BMC 290 Leadership in Project Management
40 hours
The difference between a good and an exemplary project is
leadership. Examine the skills and practices that differentiate
individuals who excel in project management and move
from the paradigm of project manager as administrator to
project manager as leader. Special focus will be placed on
the processes and knowledge areas of A Guide to the Project
Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) – Fifth
Edition in order to increase participants’ comfort level with
project management activities and language. Coursework will
culminate with a project that integrates knowledge acquired
through the course with practical experience of participants.
BMC 301 Procurement and Contract Management
15 hours
Explore the project procurement processes, from the initial
procurement decision, through the solicitation process, to
contract award, administration, and closure. Examine the
interaction of these processes and how they overlap with
the other areas of project management. Learn effective
strategies to successfully manage key partners and vendors,
and acquire the tools and techniques to manage each
contract life cycle.
BMC 302 Project Management: HR and
Communication | 15 hours
The human resource knowledge area contains many
variables and systemic elements that can affect the outcome
of a project. Enhancing this area of expertise and devoting
adequate commitment to the development of human resource
planning increases project success. Learn effective strategies
to motivate, manage, and organize project teams as well as
the skills necessary to communicate effectively with team
members and project stakeholders. Develop an appreciation
for effective communication and gain a better understanding
of how to set and manage stakeholder expectations.
BMC 299 Project Management: Level I
40 hours | Also Online
This overview course covers all the fundamental project
management processes and knowledge areas as documented
in A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge
(PMBOK® Guide) – Fifth Edition. The instructional formats
include learning activities, discussion forums, assignments,
and quizzes, all providing opportunities to apply new
methods and skills. The course focuses on planning for Scope,
Time, Cost, and Risk management, with Quality, Human
Resource, Communications, Procurement, and Stakeholder
management also included.
BMC 266 Project Management: Level II
40 hours | Also Online
This advanced course adhering to A Guide to the Project
Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) – Fifth
Edition will enhance the planning and measurement skills
learned in the basic course. The same knowledge areas are
covered in more detail; however, in this level, the objective is
the development of project control skills.
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BMC 300 Project Quality Management | 15 hours
This course is designed to present the benefits of Quality
Management to the overall effectiveness and efficiency of an
organization and the importance of incorporating it into the
day-to-day activities of business. Course modules will explain
the concepts and fundamentals of quality management, their
purpose, importance and value to the success of a project.
Topics covered include: process driven versus people
driven, what is QA and QC, cost of quality, quality planning,
quality requirements, reporting metrics, supplier quality
management, and quality audits and assessments. The
criticality of interfaces between engineering, procurement,
contracts and construction are also covered.
35 hours
BMC 348 Agile Project Management: The Basics | 7.5 hours
BMC 220 Avoiding Construction Disputes | 20 hours
BMC 333 Building the Project Management Office | 7.5 hours
BMC 352 Learning Online | 10 hours
BMC 321 Legal and Ethical Issues for Project Managers
| 15 hours
BMC 323 Project Management and Risk | 7.5 hours
BMC 308 Project Management Professional (PMP)®
Exam Preparation | 40 hours
BMC 322 Project Planning: Hit the Ground Running | 7.5 hours
BMC 347 Rightsourcing in IT for Project Managers | 7.5 hours
BMC 320 Risk Navigation: Strategies for Major Capital
Projects | 15 hours
BMC 334 SAP Project Management | 7.5 hours
In general, most students complete the program in less than
two years. Given that most students have other significant
time commitments, we recommend taking no more than two
courses at one time. Students who are keen to fast-track
their program are encouraged to contact a student advisor
to discuss their specific situation and options that may be
available to them.
You can take courses first and enrol in the certificate later;
however, as programs are subject to change, we recommend
you apply for admission to the certificate as early as possible.
Once you are admitted, you can be confident that you have
locked in the requirements leading to your graduation.
To be admitted students must be 18 years of age; successful
completion of a Grade 12 diploma and relevant workplace
experience is recommended. If English is not your first
language, please review the English language proficiency
requirements at
Prior learning from other post-secondary institutions
Advanced Standing may be granted for equivalent, graded
courses completed at other post-secondary institutions.
Credit may be granted for up to a maximum of 60 hours
towards this certificate. To apply for advanced standing visit
Prior learning from other Continuing Education
certificates, seminars, or ESL courses
If you have completed seminars, courses, or certificates
through University of Calgary Continuing Education, you
may be able to receive some credits towards this certificate
program. To discuss your course history with an advisor,
please call 403.220.2988.
This certificate is taught downtown, on main campus and
Before taking your first online course, you are required to
take BMC 352 Learning Online. If you have already completed fully online courses in the past, you may apply for
a prerequisite waiver using the online application form at
Up to 120 hours of equivalent courses may be transferred
toward certificates in: Professional Management, Marketing,
or Public Relations Management.
Awards are given to deserving students not only for their
academic achievement, but also for community involvement.
Award sponsors include both corporate and private donors.
To apply, you must meet eligibility criteria and submission
deadlines. Students in this program may be eligible for:
Mary Cone Barrie Scholarship
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To view courses and enrol online, visit and go to Interest
Areas. Choose Project Management, then
click on Courses. You may enrol online for
most courses using a Visa , MasterCard or
American Express.
You do not need to be enrolled in the
certificate to take a course. If you wish
to enrol in the Project Management
Fundamentals Certificate, please go
Project Management Fundamentals
University of Calgary Continuing Education
Room 229, 906 8 Avenue SW
Calgary, AB T2P 1H9
To enrol by phone, please call 403.220.2988
or 1.866.220.4992 (toll-free) between
8:30 am and 4 pm, Monday to Friday.
You will need a Visa, MasterCard, American
Express, or a purchase order number from
your employer.
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1.866.220.4992 (toll free)
[email protected]