editor’s picks

editor’s picks
Vineyard Vines’ 100% importedsilk, handmade ties, from left:
“Burgee” in Dutch Blue,
“Bar Stripe” in Marine, “Micro
Dot” in Palm Beach, “Stripe”
in Lily Pad, “Sailboat” in
Mariner. $75 each.
Bloomingdale’s, 1000 Third Avenue
(59th Street); 212-705-2000;
tie one on...
Time to dump the flip flops and the T-shirts and disconsolately face the
end of summer’s Casual Fridays. Back-to-work season means more
formal dressing. (Read: Break out the ties.) If you’re still lusting for
summer, though, transition through fall with brighter, pastel-y neckwear,
before you start sporting the winter Repps and bold, jewel colors.
A few ideas for tying the (Windsor) knot here. By Ruth J. Katz
From designer Josh Bach, two fun ties, both
in silk, and hand-finished in Long Island City:
“Civitas,” featuring a refined view of the
map of Gotham, in a sunny blue. $55.
Museum of the City of New York,
220 Fifth Avenue (103rd Street); 212-534-1672;
A duo of classic styles from Brooks
Brothers: “Fuchsia and Navy Stripe”
with narrower white bands (near
right) and “Pink Twill Track” (far right),
with alternating stripes in a tri-color
combo, with slivers of white accents.
$75 each.
Brooks Brothers, 346 Madison Avenue
(44th Street); 212-682-8800;
For the dog-lover in you, “Paw Prints” in
Rover’s favorite bright red. $45.
Tiecoon, Pennsylvania Station (Amtrak Level);
Seventh Avenue and 33rd Street; 212-904-1433;
Two different colorways of a swirling, paisleylike design, handcrafted in 100% silk, from
celebrated Italian designer Kiton. $245 each.
Peter Elliot Men, 1070 Madison Avenue
(81st/82nd Streets); 212-570-2300