Handmade Toy Labels

Handmade Toy Labels
by Cutest Creations
© 2010
What you need:
T-shirt transfer paper
Computer and Printer
Single fold Bias tape closest to 1” width.
First you need to make your labels to fit onto your bias tape, The width needs to be slightly less than
your bias tape. You can create the labels in Microsoft word using tables. These will be folded labels and
the raw edges are sewn into the seam of your toys/garments. Be sure to leave a gap in the middle half
of your label where the fold will be.
When you print your labels, you need to make sure you print in “Mirror Image” so it will look
backwards when it prints out.
Put your iron on the cotton setting, with NO steam while you cut out your labels.
Place your label face down onto the bias tape. (I usually do 3 at a time).
Place the iron on top of the label(s) do not wiggle the iron around too much or you risk distorting the
text on the labels but don't just leave it still either. Move the iron slowly up/down the labels for about
30 seconds, then let cool.
Carefully peel off the paper backing on the transfer.
I usually do about 3 at a time on the bias tape and then you can separate them just by cutting them out.
When you're ready to sew them into your item, you simply fold them in half. The two raw edges are
sewn into the seam of your item, so the raw edges will be hidden on the inside of your toy/garment.