Your partner for medical and scientific software

Your partner for medical
and scientific software
Datamed Group grew out of the merger of two
Swiss companies – Datamed SA and Gespower New
Technologies SA (GNT). Both spent decades working
on the development of laboratory information
systems (LIS).
The new Datamed Group has more than 30 highly
qualified specialists in the areas of IT, medicine,
biology, laboratory technology and business
administration; it is working to broaden its
product range and consolidate its market position.
Customer closeness and responsive decision-making,
commercial independence and innovation are crucial
to our success.
Medical analysis software
Electronic ordering
Datamed Group offers three different LIS:
Datamed Group has several web-based modules for electronic ordering
of laboratory work. This can be done according to the client’s wishes, for
example using retrieval via the electronic patient record or directly via a
web browser.
Our order modules are compatible with all our LIS and with the systems of
other LIS providers.
WinDMLab is geared to the needs
of hospital laboratories and
medium-size private laboratories
in Switzerland. WinDMLab is fully
operational in two languages
(German & French), is based on
the latest Microsoft technology
and can be run as a multi-site/
multi-lab solution.
Jade was originally developed
as a proprietary solution for
an international chain of
laboratories. Today we offer
Jade mainly in markets outside
Switzerland because the
software is multilingual and
readily adaptable to the specific
requirements of a given market.
Multi-site and multi-lab solutions
are also possible.
DGLab Easy is designed
specifically to meet the needs of
smaller laboratories. The offering
includes a complete predefined
analysis set. DGLab Easy can
therefore be installed and
commissioned quickly.
Our LIS are also available
as SaaS (Software as a
Service). Thanks to our
innovative financial models
we can for example offer
you a fully installed LIS
including maintenance and
support at an agreed cost
per completed analysis. This
avoids start up investment
because the costs are
dependent on your success
as well as being predictable
and transparent.
Our modules DMOrder and JadeWeb are extremely easy to use for the
prescribing physician and ensure efficient ordering procedures with no
redundant databases.
Laboratory management support software
Data exchange between service providers
Our software application DGLab Management & Process is of course compatible with all LIS from Datamed Group;
it may be linked to another LIS or offered as a stand-alone solution as required.
Datamed Group has extensive experience in developing interfaces between:
DGLab Management & Process comprises three modules:
Management of
–LIS (any manufacturer) and all standard laboratory equipment
different LIS, allowing laboratories to work together safely and
–LIS and electronic patient records, so that the prescribing
physician can consult test results together with all relevant patient
–LIS and ERP, so that the laboratory can quickly calculate and charge
for the service provided.
We also offer tailor-made solutions for secure data exchange between
hospitals or between medical service providers and central data portals.
Our interfaces can be customized or supplied to meet all usual standards.
Software for environmental
Business Intelligence (BI)
With its DGLab ECO application Datamed Group has developed a software
geared to the specific needs of environmental analysis.
We use our BI module to structure and correlate the data in our clients’
database software in order to extract relevant management data.
From order entry, delivery of results including preparation and dispatch of
findings via all usual channels to invoicing, we provide a solution for smooth
and efficient processing within the laboratory.
Several systems such as LIS and ERP can be used as a data source and
the data can be linked, which is of great advantage to organizations –
particularly hospitals – that work in a heterogeneous environment with
more than one database.
Of course DGLab ECO is also available as SaaS (Software as a Service).
We are also happy to provide innovative financing.
Medical and scientific
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We offer standardized models for the use of data from our LIS; for more
extensive solutions we work on the basis of a mutually agreed specification.