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The ECS e-bulletin is the Department of Education, Training and Employment’s newsletter for services that come
under the Education and Care Services Act 2013 and the Education and Care Services Regulation 2013.
Communication practice for matters referred to the Queensland
Police Service
The department is responsible for investigating complaints, incidents or possible offences that
breach the Education and Care Services Act 2013 and the Education and Care Services
Regulation 2013.
As part of their investigations, authorised officers may decide a matter needs to be referred to the
Queensland Police Service (QPS), including a Child Protection Investigation Unit (CPIU) or
Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB).
In the majority of cases, matters referred to the QPS involve allegations of deliberate harm to a
Investigation process
Once the department refers the matter to the QPS the best course of action for each investigation
is determined, having regard to the advice from the QPS.
In some instances, where it may impede their investigations, the QPS may request that the
department not investigate immediately. As a result, the time it takes the department to investigate
and resolve the matter will be affected.
Departmental investigations may also be delayed or extended if evidence or information is sought
from other agencies or parties.
The decision to stand down a staff member during an investigation is usually made by the
approved provider of the service. The department will not intervene in these decisions unless there
is a risk to the safety, health and wellbeing of children.
Communication practice
Service providers involved in a matter referred to the QPS may contact the relevant regional office
to discuss the investigation’s progress. There are restrictions on what information the department
can share.
The department is not able to disclose any information the QPS has provided about its
The department will share as much information as possible with the relevant parties about the
progress of its own investigation. There are specific details about an investigation the department
may not disclose due to legislative confidentiality provisions and to preserve the integrity of the
For more information
Contact your local regional office.
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