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Year 12, Issue 08
A research based monthly magazine on
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Vedic Gurukulam
April 2015
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Published by Divya Yog Mandir (Trust) Haridwar, under the guidance
and encouragement of Honourable Swami Ramdevji Maharaj
Patanjali's divine
concept to build best
humans, true scholars,
teachers, sages and
to develop divine
personality to lead the
society, and to again
restore the Image of
India as Vishwa Guru
Vedic Kanya Gurukulam
Year 12, Issue 08
A research based monthly magazine on
Yoga, Ayurveda, Cultural and Spiritual message
April 2015
Price ` 15/-
Published by Divya Yog Mandir (Trust) Haridwar, under the guidance
and encouragement of Honourable Swami Ramdevji Maharaj
Patanjali's divine
concept to build best
humans, true scholars,
teachers, sages and
to develop divine
personality to lead the
society, and to again
restore the Image of
India as Vishwa Guru
Vedic Gurukulam
Udhyam Sahasam dhairyam buddhih shakti parakramah
Shedet yatra vartante tatra dev sahaykrit.
Vedic Kanya Gurukulam
Year 12 l Issue 08 l April 2015
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Eternal wisdom
Eternal truth emanating
from eternal wisdom of
respected Swamiji Maharaj
Ways to lead
happy and
successful life
very individual wants to lead a happy, peaceful, successful and prosperous life.
This journey of happiness passes through mind, body and soul. There happens
to be a momentary pleasure in the stuffs of this world but the moment you become
free from desire, you start to attain the state of selflessness and with your focus on
almighty you begin to feel the absolute bliss. Majority of people in this world believe
that fulfillment of their desire is the ultimate success of life. They consider it as final
destination of life. They spend their whole life in chasing small desires, while life is
much precious than it.
Focus on almighty means getting rid of small desire and this happens to be the biggest
success of life or the biggest pleasure of life. We have to be aptakaam from inside but
from inside, we are required to be full of absolute purity, purity in intentions, which
will be the biggest achievement of life. One who happens to be Atmakaama, he does not
have any personal desire and whatever is the message of almighty happens to be his
biggest bliss of life. And the role of mentor, guide or teachings of Vedas begin here only.
Salvation of life or divine life is to listen your inner-self and act selflessly according to
the message of god. I lead my life like this and those who love me are required to live
like this. Lets come together and lead such a happy and divine life. This is in fact is
the true way of salvation as when there will not be any discrimination on the basis of
birth and age then there will not by any scope for pains and the life will become free
of Apvarga.
Dukhjanmapravrittidoshmithyagyananam uttarotaraapaaye
tadantarapayadapavargah I (Nyaydarshan 1/2)
The absolute truth invented with great efforts by our ancestors and our great ancient
sages and the truth which we attained with great efforts and experiences of 30 years, our
Guru passed on to us such a short span of time by displaying great love, affection and
compassion. This has to be accepted with absolute honesty like Atmavetta, Brahmavetta
sages. Our biggest and basic identity is that we happen to be the descendants of almighty
and great ancient sages. We must have influence of almighty and the sages in our life.
This will be our greatest pride and the biggest duty. It is like the way parents in this
world hand over all their earnings of whole life in a day to their children, the same
way the divine souls want to make you rich and see you as an absolute sage and this
spiritual asset is selflessness, and have respect for the pure enlightenment which pours
into our soul from almighty or Parmatma, and make efforts with purity of knowledge,
enlightenment, sensitivity.
When almighty is absolutely pure, then his inspiration, the enlightenment which he
gives us, pour into us. This is my experience and also of all other sages.
Those who are living like this, you must understand that your penance has paid
off. Almighty has adopted you and Bhagwat Shakti (the power of almighty) has got
activated through you. You will become divine means of almighty. You will be full
of absolute enlightenment, absolute love, absolute capabilities, and will be able to
execute you divine duties. You will be Atmakama and hence will rise to become divine
soul. You will yourself become divine.
Oim purnamadah purnamidam purnatmapurnamudachyate I
Purnasya purnamadaya purnamevavashishyate II (Upnishad)
April 2015U
Guest editor
A call to youth
for building a spiritual India
and spiritual world
Brahmachari Bharadwaj, BCA, MCA, software engineer
time we have invited Vedic Gurukulam's very talented, wise,
sharp minded, labourious and able Brahmachari Bharadwaj, we
are sure that you will like his piece. - Editor.
n numerous preachings, we have heard that human life is rarely accessible even
to deities. It is true because human life is not confined only to consumption of
things available on this earth but it is also meant for hard work, creation, efforts to end
pains of life and attainment of bliss in life. We are capable for it since our childhood
and its attainment is our final goal. A human cannot have any goal of life other than
this. Living life for small goals is in a way insult of our life. Job, wealth, prosperity, own
house, good friends, etc are need of our present, they are not goal of life in themselves
and considering as the goal of life is a mistake because this way all our efforts will go
waste and we lose our health, time and efforts in their pursuit but our desire to get them
is never fulfilled.
Such a long time of life has been spent in pursuit to fulfill desire for them but no desire
could be fulfilled and full satisfaction continued to be a mirage. I contemplated a lot
that my life can be wasted in this pursuit and realised that I will have to do something to
make my life divine, and to get rid of all these pains of life. I was of the view that I might
not get bliss but at least no pain I should incur. I had a crave to make my country, society
and myself rid of pains and fortunately, with the grace of almighty, Swami ji made a
call to all youth of the country, saying that all those who want to serve the nation by
maintaining celibacy, who has a quest to study at Gurukul to make his life divine like a
sage, they all are welcome. Listening this, I could not stay at home any longer.
Someone has rightly said that if you will move one step towards divinity, almighty will
move 10 steps towards you. The only thing which is required is to move at least one step,
take an initiative. I had a wish to remain pure, divine and sacred even in penury. When
I arrived at Patanjali Ashram, I found its ambience no less than a paradise. All facilities
were available there. Since that day, I got engaged in Kriyoga, meditation and started
April 2015U
listening preachings of scholars and in
the company of teachers I realised that
my heart and mind was becoming pure.
I can realise a big change in me in the
last one year.
My feet are moving towards divinity and
now I cannot be misguided. I have found
solution to my life's problems. Now I
will stop after getting my destination.
Here there is a lot of opportunity for
Sadhana and serving others. Serving
your nation is not a sacrifice but a
golden opportunity.
Once an elderly person was planting a
mango tree. Someone asked him - will
be alive to eat the fruit of the tree. Why
are you planting this tree?
The elderly person replied- all the tree
you can see around us was not planted
by me but by our forefathers and today
we are getting fruits, fresh air from
It means, character building does not
only start with the birth of a child. In
fact it begins many years ago.
The kind of society we are living in
today, it seems quite impossible that any
of our kids will be healthy mentally or
Once someone asked from British writer
and thinker Helan Kelar that what is
worst than not being able to see. She
replied- overlooking things even after
seeing them is worst than not being able
to see. This mistake is being committed
all around us. We are able to see the
flaws in the society but are ignorant to
it. Its ill effect will have to be incurred by
our next generation. If a child will fall
prey to cancer like deadly disease, how
will he be able to see his adulthood.
If once the problems begin to strike, you
don't thing it is the problem of initial
stage but in fact it is the beginning of
bigger problems.
According to Government's statistics, 1/3
population of India is below poverty line.
70 per cent population of India is devoid
of the resources for their subsistence. If you search information on African countries,
you will be at awe to know that the region has become a huge market of spurious drugs
worth rupees thousands of crores. You will find no instruction written on the bottles
or packets of these medicines how to use and who to use them. Society is drastically
hit by evils like crime, corruption, pornography, inflation, pollution, bad customs, etc.
Country's economy, social, political life and decline in people's character have become
too fast. It is not a negative thinking and you are well aware of the condition of the
society. You know it much better than me. Our insensitivity and cowardness will ruin
the country.
The society is made of you and me. We will have to change ourselves. Mere launching
movements and your participation will do nothing. These activities will bring slight
change in the society. Full transformation will be possible only through character
building and the country will be great when its citizens do great things, this country is
identified by us only. We are required to move on the path of truth because the society
which values amenities more than the principles, its decline becomes very fast.
Today, this society does not need your cooperation but it needs your direct participation.
Improving oneself or improving the condition of the society is not a part time job like
you gave just 1-2 hours and your duty is over. You will have to dedicate all your life
for this purpose and we have the opportunity, nothing can be greatest fortune for us in
the life than this. You do not need to have a desire for changing yourself but you will
have to have a resolve for this. Desires can be sold out, they can be weak but resolve is
always strong. It is wrong to thing that only change in you will make no difference. Had
Swami thought like this, who would have spread yoga and Ayurveda in the world? Had
the dream of vedic education and change of power at the Centre been realised? Had this
been the thinking of our revolutionaries, freedom of the country would not have been
possible. There are numerous such examples. In fact, with change in an individual,
a bigger change in the society begins. We are required to change ourselves first, for a
bigger change in the society. The society is looking at us with a great hope and expects
us to do something.
A person who relies on fortune, gets nothing in life, they do not go out of the world after
doing something but they leave the world while waiting to do something in their lifetime.
On the contrary, who are honest to do something, they leave the world after executing
their duties. Separatists too cannot do anything. We can see ourselves believing that we
are isolated from rest of the society but it is a wrong perception. We all have our own
social and personal problems. Today, spiritualism is being viewed as an separatist idea
and it has now become a way to keep oneself aloof from the society. But this perception
is also wrong. A spiritual person cannot be aloof from the society. A spiritual person
dedicates himself for the sake of the society but he is not dedicated to the world but to
the almighty. He is the biggest patriot.
A youth is said to be the biggest force of the nation, however, he is becoming the biggest
problem for the nation. Today's youth is fast being prey to bad habits like addiction,
crime, luxury of life, pornography, unemployment and valentine day. They sometime
tend to commit suicide. On the other hand those who are talented and brilliant are
joining bureaucracy and becoming subservient to politicians. Many others of them are
April 2015U
Guest editor
joining BPOs, Call centres, MNCs and migrating abroad. All this is the result of today's
modern education system, which was propagated by Macaulay. It is responsible for
degradation of the character of our youth. Their slave mindset served the purpose of
our colonial rulers. Most of educated young boys and girls are found to be involved in
criminal activities. We are educated but fast losing our character. Why have we lost the
purity of our heart. Why are today's young men and women not respectful towards their
parents, teachers, country, Vedas, our great ancient scriptures and our great ancient
culture, it is a matter of serious concern. Our fundamental educational system is Vedic
educational system, which is imparted at Gurukuls and it is based on sacrifice, penance,
good conduct, dedication, universalisation, authenticity and secularism. It runs
according to the tradition of sages, but is it fast becoming extinct. Here a Brahmachari
(the scholar who maintains celibacy) is taught his all round development like physical,
mental, intellectual and his mind is filled with truth, love, affection, compassion. No
one would have heard that a Brahmachari or a scholar of Gurukul ever commented
suicide. His way of life is high and different from all others. He learns the teachings
of Vedas, scriptures, and he develop the capability to discriminate between right and
wrong. The Vedas and scriptures have praised the high character related values of a
student of Gurukul. Even deities and sages too have praised them. For them life become
very easy, he becomes full of confidence and has capability to take care of lakhs of
other people. His heart is full of piece and stable and he is able to take right decisions
and can deliver good results, he can balance himself even in adverse circumstances.
He gets everything and gets blessings of deities. All divine forces are with him and there
is no degradation in his character. This has been the declaration of Atharva Veda's
Brahmacharya sutraBrahmacharishnamshcharati rodasi ubhe tasmindevah samanso bhavanti I
Sa dadhar prithivim divam cha sa acharyam tapasa piparti II
Friends time for contemplation is over, if your soul is inspired and aroused, then take
advantage of the great opportunity provided by almighty. Nothing great can be achieved
in life without sacrifice, without big decisions. If you will be able to do something big,
April 2015U
your family, your parents, your society
and the nation will feel proud on you.
Now you become serious, you have to
come here anyhow here, it will be better
as much early as you come here. The
far you will go the much long journey
you will have to travel to come here.
If not now, then when will you come?
If you will keep yourself away from
spiritualism, you will not get salvation.
This best institute like Vedic Kulam,
Guru and me too are here only but
nothing will happen until you move
forward. If you want solution then
you will have to do efforts and without
efforts, it will be like death. Keeping
comforts of life away, is like death.
Forget comforts of life or pains of life
and dedicate yourself selflessly and life
for infinity, you will realise the bliss, the
We will ourselves be responsible for
our pathetic condition. One has to
pay for getting ability to stand on his
feet, similarly you will have to pay for
moving on your knees. What will you do
is your decision.
The fields we are unaware of, we cannot
decide about it ourselves.
Yes we can decide about what can we
eat, what can we wear, what can we
drink. But the path of perseverance,
gurukul, etc are the fields we are less
aware about them. Therefore we should
decide on the basis of teachings of
Vedas, teachers, so that your decision
could ensure welfare of yourself and all
Ananyayshchintayanto mam ye janah
paryupasate I
Tesham nityabhiyuktanam
yogkshemam vahamyaham II
(Geeta- 9/22)
A call for Vedic
th- 12th passed or
graduate or post
graduate boys and girls, who
are ambitious to get knowledge
through Vedic education and
have a desire to excel themselves
as great sages, they are invited
at Patanjali Yogpeeth under
the guidance of Swami ji and
Pradyumna ji for 1-5 year's
Today's world's biggest crisis
is the lack of able leadership
around us. If you too want to
lead your life like Swami ji,
Acharya ji and our great ancient
sages, who lived for bigger
purpose of life, and want to
devote themselves in the feet
of almighty by maintaining
celibacy and living the life of a
scholar, and want to see India
as a Vishwaguru, they should
contact us immediately.
oday's world's with their works, sons
and daughters will bring laurels to
their clan and the nation. Modern education
may make your children skilled and enhance
their knowledge, they they cannot be happy
and great sage. Lets come and engage at least
your one son or daughter for the sake of your
nation, religion, culture and in the service of
almighty. This way you can serve your duties.
Maharshi Dayanand
A call to parents: -
The parents who want to see their kids as
great men and women, happy and successful
in life, it is our appeal to them to send your
children to Vedic Gurukulam and Kanya
Gurukulam and we promise you to make
them great scholars, Acharya and sages so
that they could make their clan and the
nation feel proud on them. Modern education
can make them only informed and skilled
only but they cannot become great sage. Lets
come and perform our duties towards our
religion, culture and Almighty by sending at
least one of our children to Acharyakulam.
For this great purpose, contact us at-
Vedic GurukulamPatanjali Yogpeeth, Haridwar- 01334-240008, 244107, 246737, 248888, 248999
Fax- 01334-244805, 240664, email- [email protected]
Sri Arvind
Swami Vivekanand
Sri Patanjali
April 2015U
Health in Herbs
Ivy gourd
useful in treatment of
mouth, chest, stomach,
kidney and skin
related diseases
Scientific name- Coccinia grandis (Linn.) voigt.
Family name- Cucurbitaceae, English name- Ivy gourd.
Sanskrit- Bimbi, Raktaphala, tundika, tundikeri,
oshthopamaphala, Bimbika, Oshthi, Karmakari,
Tundikerika, Bimba, Bimbak, Kambaja, Gohvi,
Ruchiphala, Chhardini, Tiktatundi, Tiktakhya,
Katuka, Katutundika Hindi- Kanduri, Bimbi, Kunali,
Kunari, Kundaru Oriya- Kundu Urdu-Kundaru AssamiesKunduli Konkani-Tendulem Kannnada- Konde balli
Gujarati- Gholan Gholi Tamil-Kovai Telugu-Bimbika,
Dondatige Bangla- Bimbu, Telakucha Nepalese- Kundi
Punjabi- Ghol, Kanduri Marathi- Tondali
Malyalam- Kavel, Kova Arabic- Kabre Hindi
Persian- Kabre Hindi, Kundrus
to science of Ayurveda, a medicine has to
induce a sense of confidence in a patient
that he will get rid of the disease. Actually the body is directly
connected to our body therefore a disease is born when there
is an imbalance in the nature around us. In such a condition,
a medicine has to be found out from the nature itself. On the
contrary, if we use unnatural chemicals as medicine, then it may
not show its adverse impact immediately but in long future, its
wrong impact is bound to appear.
For eternal wellness, it is necessary that medicines for physical
and mental diseases should be found from natural sources. To
stop atrocities being committed on our body, the greatest blessing
of almighty, in the name of treatment of diseases, Patanjali has
conducted an intense research on herbs for treatment of diseases
and has also suggested medicines and their quantities for various
diseases. On the basis of the conclusion of these researches
we present this series of articles under headline- health in
herbal medicines.
Readers can find detailed information about the findings of these
researches in the book- Ayurved Jadi Booti Rahasya, which will
help to keep us always healthy. Here we present in this issue, the
herb Ivy gourd.
April 2015U
External form:
Its plant has many branches and it is a creeper or climber. Its Kand happens to be weak
and Pratan are long and thin. Its root is in the shape of bulb and thick in the size, its leaves
are simple, 5-10 cm long, triangular in shape, almost circular, green in colour and bright.
Its flowers are unisexual, white in colour fruit, 2.5-5 cm long, diameter 1.3-2.5 cm, and
when it is not ripe, it has 10 white strips, when they are fully ripe, they are bright orange in
colour and smooth, it has many seeds in it, they are flat in shape, they are grey -yellow in
colour, their flower period happens to be between march and October and its fruit period
is between October and December.
In many Nighantus of Ayurveda, we find
description about ivy gourd. According to Kaidev
Nighantu, it cures Sadyah Pragya. It is also
called Kundaru. It is found in tropical region of
Africa, Asia, Malaya, Australia. It is also found
in Assam, Bihar, Odisha, West Bengal, Uttar
Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Maharashtra, Andhra
Pradesh and Tamil Nadu states of India.
Due to its medicinal properties, it is useful in
headache, ear problems, breathing problems,
stomach problems, diabetes, Pradah, Gonorrhea,
arthritis, skin diseases, etc.
Methods to use it as medicines:
Drinking this tea will cure the problem. It
will also cure related problems.
Stomach diseases:
1. Worms: Boil ghee with ivy gourd kalka
and take its 5 gm as it will kill all worms in
the intestines.
Kidney problems:
1. Diabetes: Take 5 mal ivy gourd leave and
root extract, everyday. It will be very useful
in the problem.
2. Inflammation: Take 5 ml extract of bark
of the plant's roots everyday in the morning.
It will be very useful in the problem.
Problems of genital parts:
Head related problems:-
1. Headache:- Make paste of its roots and
apply on your head. Headache will be cured.
1. Gonorrhea: Administer 5 ml extract of
the plant's leaves. It will be very useful in
this problem.
Ear problems:
1. Ear pain:- Take extract of the plant and
add some mustard oil in it. Pour 1-2 drops
of the liquid in the ear. It will cure ear pain.
Mouth diseases:
1. Tongue sore:- Sucking green fruits of the
plant will cure the problem.
Chest problem:
1. Inflammation in respiratory system:
Make tea of the plant's leaves and trunk.
1. Aamvaat: Make paste of its roots and apply
on the affected parts. It will be very useful
in the problem.
Skin diseases:
1. Leprosy: Take chitrakmool, big
cardamom, ivy gourd, adusa leaves,
nishoth, madar leaves, dry ginger in equal
quantity and make their powder. Then
take Palash kshar and mix it into cow
urine and then add some cow urine and
April 2015U
Health in Herbs
Chemical composition:
Its fruit contains B-cytosterol,
terexarol, B-carotine, kerotinoids,
lycopine, B-amairine, lyupiol,
kukurbitesin B-glucoside, starch,
sugar, organic acid, fats, cafic
acid, campherol, etc. Its seeds
contain pomitic, olic, lynolic acid
etc. Its plant's parts cyphelendrol,
alcohol, tri-aconten, B-cytosterol,
April 2015U
prepare its paste. Apply it on the body and
sit in the sun light. It is very useful in the
Cervical lymphadenopathy: Take
Kaidrya, ivy gourd and kaner treated oil
and pour its 1-2 drops in the nostrils. It
will be very useful in this disease.
Skin diseases: Applying ivy gourd
leaves extract is very useful in the diseases
like Pama and Kandu, etc like skin
Skin diseases: Boil ivy gourd soft leaves
in oil, filter it and apply on the skin. It will
be very useful.
Sore: Make paste of ivy gourd leaves with
ghee and apply on the sore. It will be very
Ayurvedic properties of
ivy gourd:
* It is astringent in taste, sweet, cool, rough,
cures cough pitta problems, good in taste,
pragyanashak, vamak, vibandhkarak,
aadhmankarak, stanyakarak and
* It is useful in thirst, inflammation, fever,
cough, breathing problems, jaundice,
raktapitta, hepatitis, swelling, headache,
aabhyantar vidradhishamak.
* Its Shak is sweet, acrid, cool, light, may
cause gastric, and causes cough pitta
* Its flowers are a bit acrid in taste, cures
pitta problems, it is very effective in
* Its fruits are sweet, cool, Stambhak,
lekhan, heavy, pittavatshamak,
Aadhmanakarak and vibandhkarak.
* Using 2-3 gm extracts of its leaves everyday
will cure liver infection in 3-4 days.
* Its leaves' extract shows useful nonoxidising on rats if treated with ethanol.
* Ethanol extract of its leaves shows
yakritkshatmaka activities.
All body diseases:
1. Fever: Take ivy gourd roots and leaves and
extract their juice by making their paste
and apply it on the body. It will cure your
Children's problems:
1. Skandapasmar: Tie Ananta, Kukkuri
and ivy gourd with Kaunch together and
put its garland in the neck of the child. It
will be useful in this problem.
2. Pootana pratishedhartha: Take
Kaaktinduk, Triphala, ivy gourd and
gumja together and tie it in the neck
as garland. It will be very useful in this
3. Sheetpootana pratishedharth: Make tea of Kapittha, Rasna, ivy gourd,
prachibal, bel, nandivriksha and Bhallatak
and sprinkle it on the kid. It will cure the
Poison treatment:
1. Snake bite: - Make paste of ivy gourd
fruit and apply on the affected body part. It
will cure snake and Scorpio bite.
Do you know?
people die every year owing to the diseases
caused by drinking cold drinks
Then why not turn to Patanjali's standard and natural juice and always keep healthy
Cold drinks are slow poison for your body, while natural juice is like nectar
Patanjali's healthy fruit juice
Feel purity and strength in every drop
Patanjali's herbal squashes for summer
Healthy squashes made of saffron, almond, Bel, Brahmi, rose and Amla
Treatment of diseases
to modern concept of medical experts, if the body
temperature is more than 99 degree Fahrenheit
in the morning and 99.9 degree Fahrenheit or more in the
evening then the person has fever. In general our body's normal
temperature is 98.4 degree Fahrenheit. According to Ayurveda,
disturbance in sweating, rising temperature, pain in joints, etc are
symptom of fever. If sweating is low means body temperature will
rise, secretion from the glands of liver is if disturbed, the digestive
juices become weak, due to blockage in adrenal gland, the person
will feel anxiety, which is a symptom of fever. These days, we are
witnessing spread of Swine flue across the country. Everyone is in
fear. A bit of sneeze makes people afraid of Swine flue. However,
instead of being afraid, it is required to understand the nature of
the problem, and take proper treatment. For example, a person's
normal pulse rate is 72 per minutes while breathe is 18 per
minute. If the body temperature goes one degree high, then pulse
rate increases by 10 more count per minute. This way, if fever is
100 degree, the pulse rate will be 90 and at 101 degree the pulse
rate will be 100. As far as Swine flue is concerned:-
hen cold monsoon air goes into our nostril, we can be caught by
cold or cough problems. But this is not the symptom of Swine
flue. Of course, with increase in the proportion of pulse rate, the burden
on heart will increase and it will have to do more work.
In this common fever, keep the patient in a separate room. Take proper
care of sanitation, the patient should be given light meal, which is
easy to digest, keep him away from oily, spicy meal. In medicines,
take Jwarnashak Vati, Giloy ghan vati. Taking tea of pepper and Tulsi
April 2015U
Patanjali offers
ways to prevent
spread of
will also be very effective. Lets
understand the symptoms of Swine
Swine flue:
Swine flue is caused due to a virus
called H1N1. Its spread is seasonal.
According to Ayurveda, normal
flue of breathing and swine flue
have common symptoms. But
cold in swine flue is very severe.
Serious impact of infection begins
to appear, therefore immediate
treatment is must.
Fever, cold, cough, sneeze, pain in
muscles, severe headache, cold,
problem in breathing, tiredness,
vomiting, dysentery, problems
in throat, etc are the symptoms
of the problem.
Initial Ayurvedic
Giloy and Tulsi leaves,
should be taken in equal
quantity and make their
powder. This powder should
be taken by adding two
spoon of it in a glass of
These days, we are witnessing spread of Swine flue
across the country. Everyone is in fear. A bit of sneeze
makes people afraid of Swine flue. However, instead of
being afraid, it is required to understand the nature of
the problem, and take proper treatment. For example, a
person's normal pulse rate is 72 per minutes while breathe
is 18 per minute. If the body temperature goes one degree
higher, then pulse rate increases by 10 more count per
minute. This way, if fever is 100 degree, the pulse rate will
be 90 and at 101 degree the pulse rate will be 100.
water and boil it till the half of liquid is left. This has to be taken twice
a day. Take the liquid when it is lukewarm.
Take Mahasudarshan Kadha and Giloy Satva thrice a day if you have
symptoms of swine flue like cough, cold, breathing problems. It will be
very effective.
Maintain a distance from people who have cough, cold, sneeze and
fever like symptoms.
Take 100 gm Neem bark, 100 gm giloy, 50 gm Tulsi, 50 gm Dalchini,
25 gm laung or clove, and make their powder and store it separately.
Now boil 5 gm of the powder in 400 ml water and when the water is
100 ml left, administer it to the patient after filtering. Do this 2-3 times
a day.
Take 1-2 gm turmeric, 5-7 laung, 3-5 grains of pepper, 5-7 Tulsi
leaves, Giloy and boil them together. This tea is very useful in Swine
Take 7 leaves of Tulsi, 5 cloves and make their powder and boil it in a
glass, add some rock salt in it and drink it when it is hot. You can take
it 2-3 times a day for 2-3 days continuously. For expert opinion, you
can take advice of Vaidya at nearest Patanjali Chikitsalya.
Patanjali's special medicines:n
According to advise of Vaidya or Ayurveda expert, you can take
Jwarnashak Kwath for fever, Giloy Kwath, Giloy Ghan Vati, Neem Ghan
Vati, etc.
In case of cold and cough, you can take Lakshmi Vilas Ras, Sanjivani
Vati, Patanjali Baam, Divya Dhara, etc.
April 2015U
Treatment of diseases
Divya Giloy Kwath
Sanjeevani Vati
Divya Jwar Nashak
Giloy Ghanvati
Lakshmi Vilas Ras
Neem Ghanvati
Methods to use swine flue medicines
suggested by PatanjaliUse 1
Take Giloy Vati, Jwar Nashak Vati, Mahasudarshan Ghan
Vati,Sanjeevani Vati twice a day after taking meal.
Use 2
Take Giloy Kwath or Jwarnashak Kwath tea everyday when you are
empty stomach.
Use 3
All the family members should take empty stomach Giloy Ghan Vati and
April 2015U
Jwarnashak Vati one tablet,
twice a day.
Also use cardamom. Moreover,
make a small packet of the
powder of small cardamom
and camphor, crushed
together, and ask the patient
to smell it. Also use the two for
Hawan in your house. Besides,
to improve your internal
immune system, you can
also continue to do Kumbhak
ntar Pran
To ward off Swine flue, it is necessary
to make your immune power strong
Turn to yoga and Pranayam, keep always healthy
Drink 4-4 spoons of Amla and
aloe vera juice daily
Take one tablet of Giloy or its
juice everyday
April 2015U
Understanding the level of
mental stress and its
management through yoga
Dr Sherally Tellas and Ram Kumar Gupta
Causes of stress:
stress has become a part of everyone's
life due to fast shift of life style from
traditional way to modern way of living. Modern life
is full of problems, time limitation, distress and a lot
of desire. Stress is the process of our body for any kind
of change of life. Our body reacts to physical, mental
and emotional changes. Types of stress are- intense
and long term stress, physical and psychological
stress, very painful and everyday tension. Long term
tension can cause disturbances in development
of brain cells and can also disturb state of mind
which drastically affects a person's body and senses.
However, stress affects human body both the positive
and negative ways. It has negative impact to a certain
limit and in the time of need it also enables you to
perform exponentially well. This is the reason why it
is also important for proper body functions.
ccording to scientific studies, our mistakes, hurdles,
failures, etc enable us to learn new things in life and
also to cope up with the coming challenges and negativity.
They also enable us to create great resources, therefore, we
can understand the symptoms of stress and reduce their
negative impact to protect our health.
April 2015U
1. Personal causes: They have personal
problems likel Physical problems: Chronic diseases like heart
problems, diabetes, arthritis.
l Emotional problems: Inability to express your
anger, depression, sadness, guilt feeling and lack of
self respect.
l Relations: Our relations also give us stress. For
example, feeling unfriendly ambience around us,
feeling lack of support from relatives.
l Big changes in life: Like sudden death of husband,
wife or parents, losing job, marriage, birth of children
in the family, transfer in a new city.
l Tension due to adverse family ambience: Any
family member who is himself in the problem, or any
family member who is in stress or any elderly member
who has disturbed peace of the family or he is suffering
from any disease.
l Tension due to conflict between your faith
and values: - For example, a person can make the
life of his family members valuable but he may not
find enough time to share with them.
2. Causes concerned to society or
self-esteem:l Ambience of your surrounding: Where there is
massive crowd, the area which is rife with crime or
pollution, we will naturally be stressed while living
in the area.
l Social condition: If you don't have enough resources
to meet your requirements, you feel loneliness, you
are victim of discrimination, having inferiority due to
your caste, sex, age or sexual orientation, you will be
l Job/profession: You will be stressed if you are not
satisfied with your job or profession.
Unemployment: Losing job or inability to get a job can also raise the level of your stress.
Symptoms of stress:
Following list tells us about symptoms of stress. According to it, the person who will have
more symptoms of stress, his level of stress will also be higher.
Cognitive symptoms
Emotional symptoms
lMemory problems
lLack of concentration
lMental stress
l Bad decisions
lWish, lack of pleasant experience
lOnly negative outlook
lImposing oneself
lMentally stressed
lFeeling loneliness
lContinuous mental stress
Physical symptoms
lDiarrhea or constipation
lFeeling vomiting or dizziness
lChest pain, fast heart beats
lWeak potency
lFeeling cold usually
Practical symptoms
lEating more or less
lSleeping more or less
lShow off
lRefusal to accept responsibilities
lTaking alcohol, smoke for mental freshness
Self-assessment table
To assess the level of tension, following table can help everyone to know about his or her condition, and bring required
changes in their lives to make it happier.
How did you feel in the last month Never Almost never
Usually a lot
(1-5 days in a (6-10 days in (13-19 days more (more than 20
a month) in a month) days in a month)
Were you upset at something which
was against your expectation.
You felt that you are not able to take
some important decisions of your life
You felt sad and stressed
You felt uncertainty in resolving your
personal problems
You felt about that which don't come
on your way
April 2015U
Did you ever felt that the things you
did could not be collected by you?
Were you ever able to control your
Did you feel that you were not in the
highest stage of those things?
Did you ever feel angry due to finding
things going out of control?
Problems were so huge that you could
not cope up with them.
Interpreting the score (Tension level and self-assessment result chart)
Your stress level
Below average- congratulation, you are easily able to manage stressful moments of life.
Average- Your life is far away from becoming stress-free. Now you need to learn how can you
bring it upto the level of good health.
Middle high- You are not able to feel how the tension is ruining your mental and physical
health besides badly impacting your relations with others.
High- You are at the highest level of tension or stress. As your number will rise, your body,
mind and behaviour will be affected in equal proportion.
Impact of tension on life:
Body organs
Intense stress
(For some time)
Normal blood supply
Thinks with great clarity
Increase in concentration
Normal blood circulation
Normal rate and blood
Normal respiration
Improvement in performance
Improvement in performance
April 2015U
Normal blood supply
and secretion of acid
Improvement in
Less blood supply,
lesser digestion
Intense stress
(Such a intense stress which
continues for several days)
Feeling tense, decline in
Mouth dryness, lump in the
Stress and pain in the muscles
High blood pressure and chest
Cough and asthma
Ulcer, heart burn, ulcer
due to heart burn
Large intestine
Normal blood supply
and function of
Less blood supply,
lesser digestion
Sex organs
(Male) Normal, Woman
(Normal) menstruation
Due to nerves excitement, more Frequently feeling to urinate,
anomalies in prostate
Low blood supply
Impotency in men, women's
menstruation is disturbed
Low blood supply
Dryness and spots on the skin
Pain in stomach and
Re-suppressed negative feelings
and thoughts
physical diseases
brain and nervous system
origin of
body organs
nerve's hormone
immune cells
Practice yoga to get rid of stress
Yoga is a physical and mental practice which is a blend of stress, sitting posture, controlled breathing, Pranayam,
rest, etc. It helps to increase a person's internal strength which is very useful in handling challenges like intense fear,
frustration, challenges, etc. Practice of yoga is helpful in controlling breath and providing rest to our body. It also
helps to bring out toxicant substances out of the body from muscles and other parts of the body. This way it relieves
us from stress. This also helps our body to get fresh blood, oxygen and nutrition and keeps us healthy. Yoga enables
us to take deep breath which relieves from blood pressure and hence the whole nervous system is vitalized. This divine
feeling can be experienced by ourselves.
Yoga helps us to get rid of negativity and guides us to live in present, in better way it gives a great control on ourselves.
It increases the quantity of useful hormones in the body and keeps us happy. We can say that yoga helps to manage
stress and keeps us happy and conscious in life.
April 2015U
Special on World Health Day
must be aware of the adage of healthy diet healthy life. World Health Day is observed on April 7
every year. This year's World Health Day is very special in itself. Concerns related to food safety will
be the prime focus of it. World Health Organisation (WHO) has included the governments, government
agencies, private sector and all citizens under its purview. The main goal is to protect people across the
world from hazards of the diseases caused due to harmful food. Such diseases include diarrhoea, viral
diseases, etc which badly affect the human life and deformities related to fertility is also affected. People
are also caught by the diseases like cancer, ebola, dengue, swine flue and many more diseases. It is a
target to spread awareness in this regard.
A big initiative to keep the
world healthy
Dr Vijay Kumar Mishra
Concerns of World Health
Continuous changes in food production
process, anomalies in distribution and
consumption system, globalisation of the
trade of food stuffs, birth of new viruses due
to climatic changes, growing problem of
pollution, food adulteration, etc are some
of the problems which have put the world in
peril. To address these problems, WHO has
taken an affirmative initiative by announcing
to observe World Health Day across the world.
April 2015U
The organisation is of the view that
Food Sector should be given
international standard code
and should also be given
health related proper
guideline to life the world
out of this problem.
But most important
thing is to ensure
people's participation
in this drive so that the
guidelines could be
followed properly. After
all, when the issue is
concerned to common
people, then success cannot
be ensured by mere enacting
laws. For good health and
protecting people from poisonous
food, it is necessary to spread
educational awareness, and establish
the importance of this issue in the minds of the people. Retailers too are
also required to take care of people's health besides focusing on their own
In this context, it is also important to take care of cleanliness of the
plates in which food is served at pubic places. According to reports,
unsafe meal causes over 200 diseases which badly hit the health of new
born babies, youth, elderly men and women. Food containing chemicals
can cause deadly diseases while at the same time pollution related food
contamination results into permanent physical disabilities in the society.
Such a big danger has be posed to humans by themselves.
According to a WHO report, such dangers are not confined to a reason in
this era of globalisation but the whole part of the world comes equally
under its threat. For this reason, WHO has issued standard guidelines
for both the manufacturers or producers and the consumers which are
required serious attention of all. They are- 1. Sanitation, 2. Proper division
of cooked and raw food, 3. Safe temperature for cooking food, 4. Availability
of clean water and nutritious food has to be ensured.
Food safety standard
announced by WHO:
WHO has issued guidelines for good
health of every individual in the
world with a view to bring all in
the category of healthy citizen. It
is expected from the citizens A. To raise question without
hesitation on the food served to
B. Be aware about production or
manufacturing of food stuffs like
keeping them free from toxication
due to excrements of animals, use
of toxicants free water for irrigation,
storage of food stuffs according to
standard guidelines.
People in the world
are required to have a
trust that meal served
to me is safe.
* At the same time, it is also necessary
to ensure safety of expecting mothers.
It is true that WHO's this initiative to
ensure safe food for all is a good step
but its success is possible only through
participation of all. Every producer,
consumer and social organisations
should keep making efforts in this
direction. Every individual will have
to understand the reality that a small
flaw with regard to food can make the
whole world impaired.
Views of modern
experts of anatomy:
Scientists believe that cells of our body
continuously divide and new cells
are formed and this way human life
moves ahead. If this trend goes on
naturally without any hurdle then
our heart can be kept healthy for 300
years, kidney for 290 years, skins and
bone can be kept healthy for 1000,
1500 and 4000 years respectively.
Moreover, they can also be used for
their transplantation. This proves
that the human health which has
got confined to just 60 years can be
extended through proper formation
of new cells. Our ancient saints had
learnt this technique years back.
Sage Chyan by Ashwani Kumars and
April 2015U
Special on World Health Day
King Yayati regained their young age,
which is still a mystery for modern
science. This also proves that our
body also tries always to grow but
our bad food habits and our own
bad behaviour help our early death.
According to rule, experts of medical
science are of the view that when in
any living being, toxicants level rises
in the body's chemical process, the the
process of the death of different body
organs becomes very fast. If this process
is stopped, then one can become
young again even in old age. Dr Walter
Cannon says that humans are very
closely associated with nature which is
why it is necessary to keep them free
from toxic ambience. Among these
toxic substances in the nature areenvironmental pollution, activeness
of radioactive substances, poisonous
food stuffs, unhygienic and dirty
ambience around us. Dr Edward Board
of US Medical Association is of the view
that breaching food related norms,
excesses, lack of physical labour,
irregular life style, addiction of alcohol
and narcotics, depression, sensual
orientation, lack of sanitation are the
causes of short human life which can
be extended up to thousands of years.
Theory of Ayurveda:
Ayurveda is also of similar views
that diseases are caused due to our
thinking, respiration, food, drinks,
wearing, sensual orientation, lack
of labour etc. Centres of cells get
nutrition from inside the body and it
also releases unnecessary and harmful
fluids out of the body on its own but
when we ourselves start polluting these
April 2015U
centres then toxicants are not released easily out of the body and we fall ill.
The whole nervous system of the body is badly disturbed. Experts are of the
opinion that the toxicants which should normally be produced in the body
in the old age are produced in young age or some times in childhood due
to toxic food stuffs and body cells are harmed. Obesity in childhood is the
example of the problem caused due to unhealthy and toxic diet in the food.
Food related views of Indian sages:
Our sages have categorised food in three groups. First is Satwik which
purifies the blood, second is Rajsik food and third is Tamsik food. Tamsik
food makes the food poisonous, excess of carbonisation in the blood leads
to deformities in the cells. It also affects state of mind and we are always
in the grip of anger, fear, sorrow, depression and frustration and hence the
whole nervous system is affected. Finally the whole body is filled with toxic
substances and the body becomes infirm.
But only good food in not enough for good health. It will be also required
to keep body away from toxic effect of environment around us. For this,
Yoga and Ayurveda are the best. Respected Swami Ramdev ji and Acharya
ji have been working for the last two decades to associate people with yoga
and Ayurveda.
Solution of health problems through Pranayam
and Yoga:
WHO's concerns are quite genuine but only declaration of food standard
will not do. Problems are not confined to laws only. They have extended
to human intentions. When intentions are not pure then how can you
keep the food free from pollution or toxication. The nation and the world
need such a citizens who have good character, purity of thinking and have
capacity to make big efforts for the success of their goal. This can be possible
by raising the standards of human life. It is great to note that Swami ji and
Acharya ji have launched initiatives in this regard and their efforts are
paying off good results. Kapalbhati, Anulom-Vilom and various Yogasanas
are able to make our body free from toxic substances. They are making our
body according to the law of nature. This kind of purification from both
inside and outside will help us to maintain the purity of our food. This way
WHO's standards can be easily fulfilled because, to change any tradition, it
is required to display a strong will power. In fact, today's world lacks this
factor only. This will be complete only through great Indian traditions of
yoga and Ayurveda, which are parts of pure Indian trations.
Your experience
I survived from cancer at Yog-gram
My name is Jeevanmala (45) and I was suffering from breast
cancer since 2009. I am a resident of Flat-11, Karol Bagh,
Jalandhar. My problem was in the first stage and I was under
treatment at PGI Chandigarh. I was physically very weak and
mentally depressed. Later I came to yog-gram. I was unable to
walk. I was miffed at my sister for advising me to come here.
Here, they did not give me anything special to eat. I was feeling
that I am unnecessarily being advised here to do Neti Kriya,
which I considered useless. I was afraid that this way I will
become more weak.
But the reality was very different. In fact I was getting strength
from inside but would feel that I am being made weak from
outside. I realised the change in me on one evening when my
youngest son came running to me and said that he saw Swami
ji on the road. My son was 8 years old. I had a great desire to
see Swami ji once. This is the story of June 6, 2011. I came out
running to take a view of Swami ji. I was hardly ready to believe
that Swami ji was present in Yog Gram. I came out of my room
to see him. Both of my sons took me towards the road and said
he passed from this place. I would ask that they how did they
recognise him from such a long distance.
I ran a bit fast on the road and Swami ji appeared me from a
distance. I touched his feet. I was surprised to see that some days
back I was not able to bow down to lift a toy from the ground
and now I was able to run on the road and I thought that it
was no less than a miracle. I was regaining my good health at
Patanjali Yog Gram. After me, I also got both of my children
treated at Yog Gram. Ambiance of that place filled me such a
great confidence and started getting back to good health. Since
then I decided to join the activities of Patanjali because it had
given me a new lease of life. I also wanted to get my children
admitted at Acharyakulam but no body new me there. One day
I suddenly met Acharya Pradyumna ji. He on his own requested
me to admit one of my children at Patanjali. He said- O mother!
Will you agree to give one of your sons for the mission of Swami
ji. It was a great surprise for me and I thought that it was grace
of almighty to get such an opportunity. Today, both of my sons
are at Acharyakulam for the last two years. I felt myself blessed to
get such a nice place.
I got rid of my gastric problems:
Baba ji, I was unable to walk as I had pain in by feet due to
gastric. I also had pain in my back bone. I got relief from
the medicines of Patanjali. The Asanas and Pranayams like
Bhastrika, Kapalbhati, Anulom-Vilom, Bhramari, etc proved to
be very useful for me. Since I started practising them, I found
that I was able to do my daily works like doing comb in my hair,
washing clothes, other domestic activities on my own. Baba
ji, I am grateful to you for showing me the path of Yoga and
Pranayama which helped me to regain good health. I am also
grateful to Kiran Sinha who always inspired me to practice yoga
and Pranayam.
FromMrs. Yogshri Chandel,
Jaithari Road, Opposite to Civil Court, Anuppur, M.P.
My husband became free from
Respected Baba ji,
I want to thank you for helping my husband to get rid of his
addiction for alcohol. Due to his addiction, the whole family was
in stress and distress. Now he regularly watches your programmes
on Astha channel without any gap and he is also a regular reader
of Yog Sandesh magazine. He had started with taking five spoons
of Amla juice added with similar quantity of lukewarm water in
empty stomach. He would also take five spoons of Godhan Arka
in the night after taking meal. Moreover, he would also take 2
gram mixture of Ashwagandha, Shatawar, White Musli which
helped him to get physical strength he also stopped his addiction
for the last one year. Though, he had gastric problem some times
back but that problem too was over when he started taking Divya
Gashar churna in the evening. Now he has completely got rid of
addiction. Though his treatment is still continue. Today, lakhs
of families in the country are being ruined due to addiction of
narcotics and alcohol. I am sure that those families can also get
over this problem by following your advice.
Mrs. Leela,
5-81, Nauroji Nagar, New Delhi- 110029
April 2015U
that cures
indigestion due
to eating
Acharya Balkrishna
Indigestion is not confined to only humans but other animals too may be caught by this problem. It is
a problems which is concerned to immediate food. Slightest imbalance in food may cause
indigestion. In Ayurveda, our sages have conducted elaborate research on this problem and presented ways
how to cure it through meal. This write up is on solution based on food to cure indigestion caused by eating. It
means a kind of food can cure indigestion caused due to other kind of food. By using these methods, a person
can cure his problem of indigestion without any wastage of money on costly medicines.
ndigestion caused by coconut can be cured
by water of boiled rice while milk is useful in
the same problem caused due to mango. Jambir
juice is useful in the P caused by ghee, while
ghee will cure indigestion caused by banana.
Cucumber is useful in the indigestion caused
by wheat while eating jiaggary is useful in the
same problem caused due to orange. Pindalu
or Arvai's indigestion can be cured by Kodi or
April 2015U
The indigestion caused due to food made of
flour will be cured on drinking water. Harad
is useful in the indigestion caused due to
Chiraunji. Khand is useful in the indigestion
caused due to Urad and take butter milk in the
indigestion caused due to milk. Drink lukewarm
water in the indigestion caused due to berry
or mango. Indigestion caused due to excess
consumption of alcohol will
be cured by drinking water
mixed with some honey.
Mustard oil is useful in
the indigestion caused due
to Pushkar or Kamalgatta.
Indigestion caused due to jackfruit
will be cured by eating banana, ghee is
useful in the indigestion caused due to banana,
and the problem caused due to ghee is cued
by Jambhras. Indigestion caused by jambhras
is cued by use of salt. Indigestion caused by
excess of salt is cured by Tanduljal which is the
crushed rice boiled in eight time more water. To
digest coconut or Talbeej, sages have suggested
to drink Ksheerwari (milk boiled after adding
some water in it).
Pomegranate, Amla, Tinduki, Beejpur, Lavliphal
are digested by Bakul or Maulsiri.
Madhuk or Mahua, Maloor (Bilva or Belphal),
Nripadan, Parush (Phalsa), dates, Kainth, etc
are digested by the water added with Neem seed's
powder. Indigestion caused due to Beejpur or
Bijaura Nimbu is cured by Siddharthak (white
mustard). For this, a pinch of salt is crushed
with mustard and hence its use will cure the
Mrinal or Kamalnal, dates, Munakka,
Kaseru, Singhada and sugar will be digested
if Nagarmotha is used. Indigestion caused by
garlic is cured by drinking milk which is first
boiled and then cooled at the time of use.
Drinking cold water will cure indigestion caused
due to Amra, goolar, Peepal, Pilkhan and
banyan fruit. Indigestion caused by mango is
cured by Sanchar salt.
Saubeer fruit's indigestion is cured by drinking
lukewarm water. Mustard will cure indigestion
caused by Amla water. Kshiri fruit will cure
indigestion caused due to
dates, Falsa, Chiraunji.
Pepper will cure
Dry ginger will cure
indigestion caused due to Bel or
Jamun, sugar will help to digest
Tendu fruit. Cumin will digest
Maulsiri fruit, fenugreek will cure
indigestion caused due to Kainth. Seeds of Shaal
tree are used to digest jackfruit and Amla. All
fruits are digested will by Tendu or Kuchlek.
To digest Kathal, mango carnal is useful.
Chaulai is useful to digest Mango. Similarly Pua
is digested by water mixed with celery.
Poha indigestion is cured by water added celery.
Spinach, bitter gourd, brinjal, sprouts of
bamboo, carrot, Poi, Parwal, are digested by
white mustard used with a bit of salt.
Parwal, Vanshankur, bitter gourd, bottle gourd
are digested by drinking water added with
Palash Kshar.
Bathua, white mustard, Chevuna Shaak are
easily digested by Kattha. Jimikand is digested by
orange. Water rice digests potato. Tilkhaar can
digest all flowers, fruits and leaves. In Ayurveda,
Tilnaal Kshaar is one of the Kshaars of the five
of them.
Salt added boiled Kanji can digest the food made
of flour like Chapati or Puri. Barley made Kanji
can digest ghee.
Shayamak, Neevar, Til, Atsi, Nishpaav, Kangu,
Yav, Shali, if they are mixed together and
churned like curd, are digested by drinking
water and curd. Kulthi and tamarind
are digested by Til oil. Lemon is easily
April 2015U
digested by salt.
Camphor, supari, betel, Kashmir or Gambhari
phal, Jayphal, Javitri, Kasturi and coconut oil
are digested by sea water lather.
Lemon and pepper can digest ghee. Ghee can
also be digested by butter milk.
Ginger extract or Palash Kshar can easily
digest sugarcane juice. This was said by Atray
Punarvasu's disciple Agnivesh sage.
Treated borax or Suhaga can help you digest
buffalo milk. Rock salt can digest Khichadi. To
digest pulses, we use Kanji sheelan or use Kanji
to digest it. Kanji is very good for improving
your digestion.
Drinking hot rice water can help you digest cow
milk. Trikut can help you digest Sikharan.
Dry ginger can digest peanuts. Kodi can digest
orange and Jambeer. Chandan can digest
alcohol and can also destroy its bad effects.
Veswar (spices) can digest Urad or Moong, Feni
will be digested by clove, Shigrubeej will digest
papad, Peepali root will digest Laddu, Pua, Satta
(recipe made of curd), etc. It can also digest
Puri and Mand. To prepare Sattak, ingredients
like curd, Khand, spices and pomegranate are
used. In Kaiyadevanighantu-Kritannavarg (120124), four types of Sattaks have been described.
Veswar- In Ayurveda, blend of some spices is
called Veswar. It has following shapesSaindhav-Trikut-DhanyaJirkairdadiirajaniramathanvitai I
(Rathoddhata Chhand)
Pachanoatha jatharagnidipano veswar
udito manishibhih (A.M.- 49)
Rock salt, Trikut (blend of equal quantity of
April 2015U
dry) ginger, pepper and peepal), coriander,
cumin, pomegranate, turmeric, Heeng, when
they are mixed together, the mixture is called
Beswar. It keeps digestion very well.
Seh, Godha, Shallaki, chital, pig, tortoise's
flesh indigestion can be cured by Jawakhar or
Yawakshar. The indigestion caused due to eating
Kheer is cured by Moong, Kangi indigestion is
cured by lather of sea salt.
The water which has been used to cool highly
hot gold and silver, that water can cure
indigestion due to water.
Indigestion caused due to Petha, cucumber,
Karkaru, Cheenatak, etc is cured by Karanjbeej.
Rasajirna is cured by Chitrakamool.
If you have drunken water which has piece
of a woman's hair, its ill effect will be cured
by Karanj and Amla water. Dry ginger and
coriander tea will cure various kinds of mucus
Roasted Moong powder will cure ghee and
other faty stuffs. Similarly diarrhoea is cured by
Motha, Mashendari or Urad Wada's indigestion
is cured by Neem root tea. Tamarind's sourness
is cured by lemon as it has calcium in
abundance therefore it cures acidity or sourness.
This is the reason why in such problems,
medicines which have calcium in abundance
are used.
Food made of flour, if causes indigestion, drink
a bit of hot water, which is also useful to cure
indigestion caused by Chiraunji. Harar cures
indigestion caused by honey water. Khand is
useful in curing indigestion caused by Urad.
If your mouth has burnt due to excess use of
lime in betel then eat mixture of sugar, til,
barley made Kanji, it will cure your problem.
Geeta saar
eeta is the voice of almighty. As long as the common people, the society, the nation continue to function according to the
rules of discipline of almighty, the Geeta flows with peace. When the discipline is infringed, its smooth flow gets blocked.
Then voice of Geeta becomes loud. One who understands this voice, gets a high place in the society. He gets recognition as a
legend, a hero, a revolutionary, a path changer. One who is capable in understanding the voice of nature in the era of darkness.
In the Pandav era, Yogeshwar Krishna was such a person, similarly, Adi Shankar was also like the same. During freedom
struggle, it were Lokmanya Tilak and Mahatma Gandhi who worked the same way to build a new era for the betterment of the
society. When Geeta speaks, the world witnesses the phenomenon like Mahabharat in which enormous symbols of atrocities
and exploitation had got destroyed. In this situation it becomes impossible for even almighty to stop this change. The gesture
of present is the same. Today, Swami Ramdev ji, the greatest saint of present era, has adopted the same message of Geeta for
building a new era which we are presenting here...
When Arjuna saw Yogeshwar
in his magnificent form
iritinam gadinam chakrinam
cha tejorashim Sarvato
diptamantam I
Pashyami tvam durnirikshyam
samantadiptanalarkadyutimaprameyam II17II
vyaptam tvayaikena dishashcha
sarvah II
Twamaksharam paramam veditavyam
twamasya vishwasya param
nidhanam I Twamavyayah shashwatadharmagopta sanatnastvam purusho
mato me II18II
Those who don't have their beginning,
the middle stage and the end, those
who have multiple arms, son and
moon are whose eyes, flame of fire is
whose mouth, such an eternal power
you are, and I am able to see you. It is
you are who has filled the gap between
sky and the earth and it is you are
who is spread all around, seeing this
magnificent form of your, the whole
universe is afraid.
Ami hi twam surasangha vishanti
kochidbhitah pranjalyo grinanti I
Swastityuktva maharshiddhasanghah
stuvanti twam stutibhih
pushkalabhih II21II
Seeing Yogeshwar's greatest
magnificent form, Arjun said, "O
Krishna, you carry Sankha, Chakra,
Mukut, Gada, you spread light all
around, you light is like that of the
sun, it cannot be seen from normal
eyes, I find you are present everywhere,
your is no limit of your existence. You
are the almighty, you are the last
letter of literature Brahma, you are
the most powerful foundation of the
world, you are above all flaws, you are
the protector of the eternal Sanatan
Dharma, I found that you are the
Sanatan Purusha.
Anadimadhyantmannantaviryamanantbahum Shashisuryanetram I
Pashyami twam diptahutashwaktram
swatejsa vishwamidam tapantam
Dyawaprithivyoridam-antaram hi
Drishtvadabhu rupamugram tavedam,
Loktrayam pravyathitam mahatmana
Rudraditya vasavo ye cha
sadhya vishveashvinau
marutashchoshmapashcha I
Gandharvayakshasurasi II Sangha
vikshante twam vishmitashchaiva
sarve II22II
See this ! deities are entering in you
and some of them are praying in fear
with folded hand. The group of Sages
and scholars are
also praying in your respect by saying
Rudra and Aditya, Vasu and all sages,
both Ashwin Kumars, Maruds, Pitar,
Gandharva and Yaksha, demons and
scholars all are looking at you in awe.
(The food which is offered to ancestors
has to be hot which is why they are
called Ushmapa. Aditya is a Vedic
Roopam Mahatte bahuvaktranetram
mahabaho bahubahurupadam I
Bahudaram bahudamshtrakaralam
drishtva lokah pravayathitastathaham II23II
Nabhahsprisham diptamanekavarnam
vyattananam diptavishalanetram I
Drishtva hi twam pravyathitantaratma
ghritim na vindami shamam cha
vishno II24II
O great worrier ! You have many
mouths, many eyes, many feet, many
stomachs, many beards and you have
an enormous appearance and seeing
your this form, all are in fear. I am
also in fear.
O source of a great beam of light, who
is touching the sky, you appear in
many colours, you have opened your
jaws, you have bright and enormous
eyes, O lord Vishnu, my soul is in
pain, I am not able to maintain my
composure, I don't have peace of
mind, I am not able to feel peace of
April 2015U
Spritual Science
Natraj Shiv dancing to the tune of
universal wave
various parts of India, Dwadash
Jyotirling, which is very important
and based on scientific reasons since
the ancient times, is related to nature's
dangerous strike and sensitive from seismic
point of view. Therefore, the Government
should set up a Scientific Religious
Commission and promote ancient source
of scientific knowledge.
t is also a scientific view that the Dwadash Jyotirling
area is not a normal area and it is related to
higher Cosmo-physics. All these areas have abundance of
gravitational force which turns it into an luminous object
which releases light in adverse time. These Jyotirling areas,
due to maximum gravitational stress, the minute light of
here becomes highly dense and can be recognised as block
transformed areas.
This can also be called an enormous and intense pond, or
high energy .zone. We often call Lord Shiva as Bhola and
his Jalabhishek is performed all across the country. This
symbolism is very mystique, sacred and full of special
The famous seismic scientist who to know the seismic
intensity, use richter scale, had invented this scale. He had
invented it. He was also a professor at California Institute
of Technology. He had visited India to study on 1934
devastating earth quake in Bihar Nepal region. His book
Elementary Seismology is deemed as Bible of geology. He
in his book has written that fortunately we have a huge
survey related experience but at the same time we also
have two contradictory high intensity zones which have left
us bewildered. The first is that Munger was worst hit than
any other part of Bihar. Almost entire Munger area has
turned into heaps of rubbles. No structure in the city was
not devastated. This happened due to high intensity shock
while there was no ravine in the city barring the one which
April 2015U
Prabhu Narayan (Environmentalist)
is suddenly found in the northern part. Here highest number
of casualty was reported which is one sixth of the total
casualty of Bihar. After Munger, Kathmandu witnnessed
second highest casualty.
For knowledge, those days Dwadash Jyotirling Vaidyanath
Dham was those days located in Munger district. Now it is
under new district of Devghar. According to Charls Richter
the epicentre of this devastation was located much away
from Munger. Now you will be able to understand why
Vaidyanath Dham was called Chita Bhumi in the ancient
Scientist Albert Einstein's theory of relativity also makes
it clear that energy and mass can transform into eachother. In this particular context, you can take the situation
of Somnath, Nageshwar and 26 January, 2001 Gujarat
quake. It seems that we are required to understand our
geographical condition ourselves. We are required to also
think on Einstein's famous statement that science is useless
without religion and vice versa.
As Charls Richter wrote that Kathmandu was the second
worst hit place after Munger, we need to take it into our
account that one of the famous Jyotirling - Pashupatinath is
located in the town. Nepal is one of the oldest hub of Hindu
civilisation. In ancient Indian traditions, Rudra and Pashu
are the names of highest source of electro-magnetic energy.
In these ancient scriptures like Rigveda, Jaimini Brahman,
Tandya Brahman, Varhaspatya Sanhita, etc, we can find a
rich stream of vast scientific knowledge.
Another highly famous Jyotirling is Kedarnath which is
located in Uttarakhand's Rudra Prayag district. It is Ishan,
which means earth's Northeast Direction's rectangular
point, where highly intense
which due to its high intensity
is called Rudraprayag or the
convergence point of Rudra. If we
think on it in detail, we will know
that Pashu, Rudra or Marud are
highly intense energy waves. Similar
things have been described in "Rudro wa
Agnih pahvoanshvah" I 40/04, Kapishthal
Sanhita I and Agneyashcha Marutashcha
Pashu I Jaimini Brahman 2/23.
According to India's ancient scriptures like Rigveda,
the word Jyotirling is made of two terms- Jyotir means
light and ling means symbol. Which means- Symbol of
US' famous theoretical physics scholar who was funded by
the country's intelligence agency CIA to conduct research
on telepathy and quantum talirpotation. His famous bookSpace Time and Beyond, destiny matrices and Super Cosmos
which had rocked the world of science. It is in fact a support
to ancient Indian concept of science. According to Dr Jack,
a matter is transformation of light through gravitational
pull. At Primordial level, there is no difference between
light and the wider sky. In this series, Latur-Usmanabad
area of Maharashtra which were earlier considered as a
safe zone from seismic point of view, but on December 30,
1993, the area was hit by a devastating earth quake. Now it
is counted among ZONE III of most dangerous area prone
to earth quake. Here it is important to note that Latur and
Usmanabad are located at the trangular point of JyotirlingsBhimshankar and Trayambakeshwar.
This fact is also not exaggerated because India's all Jyotirling
areas have become transformed into an object of light and
have acquired the form of a mountain area. Actually a
matter's excess dense form and their position between sun
and earth results into a high gravitational pull and this way
the parts of earth are pulled towards earth's centre which is
a cause of excess release of energy which sometimes cause
severe earthquake. This is in fact the Tandava of Natraj Shiva.
For example, according to ancient scriptures, Pashu is the
term used for highly energetic electro-magnetic light waves
from where light or energy is released. Pashupatinath is its
best example. Famous scientist Dr Jack Sarphety's statement
proves the idea that - "From my point of view, quantum
physics and mind or conscious state are closely related to
each other. Mind is the main creator of a matter." According
to Indian Tatva Darshan or philosophy of material scienceboth Shiva and Shakti are closely related to each other. Both
of them are same. Where dwait is Aekatva or unity, where
power or light or energy are the ocean of energy, there Shiva
symbolises energy or light. Due to intense gravitational effect
is the light or energy's central power which is the area of
dynamic consciousness. First is full of light and the second
is human which in the condition of creation and destruction
undergoes internal transformation. This is the form of Shiva
dancing to the tune of universal wave. We can say that in
the ancient time, Jyotirlings were selected according to full
scientific methods.
April 2015U
who has sacrificing
character like a
Acharya Pradyumna ji Maharaj
encourages sacrifice and consumption increases consumption. Enlightenment increases
enlightenment and foolishness increases foolishness, spiritualism will encourage spiritualism
and sin will promote sin. Peace brings peace and stability brings stability. This list can be increased as much
as you wish to do. This formula is also applicable on serving others. Therefore, a person who is ready to
serve others must have one thing very clear in his mind that he is being graced by serving others and the
others are not by getting his services. Since through this circle of seva or the service, the person who takes
this service is getting favour but this thing should not come into the mind of Sevak. It is unnecessary to say
that if the person who is serving has any expectation from the one who is receiving his service, like financial
or economic, political, social, national or mental, then this can definitely be said that the person who is
serving failed to understand the importance of serving others. He will never be able to get the utmost due in
leu of his services because he was running a business in the name of service.
ervice is not a business. Service means giving
others only without any expectation from
the person who is receiving the services. The
people who are motivated by the aforementioned
expectations like economic, social, etc while doing
their service, their expectation may be fulfilled to
a certain extent but they never get the true result
of their service. In fact, there is no material return
possible in leu of your service. It will be better to
April 2015U
say that the true result of your service you can get
when you work selflessly. This definition of service
is a right kind of definition. It means the utmost
state of shunning selfishness. You can imagine
that when and how this stage can be attained.
Why all your desire is over, only then this stage is
possible. Even you don't have any lust in salvation.
Only that person can be defined as a human who
is selfless. Desire is one of the biggest thing which
is most dangerous for once character. It is biggest
character spoiler.
Maharaj often tells us one thing - in the path of
service, this feeling is also an obstacle that more
and more people should get my services. This is
also a way of expressing desire. A servent or Sevak
is always ready for serving others. But he removes
one or more from his mind. He is a devotee of
type and not of the shape. "How much" becomes
obsolete from his dictionary. In other words, after
starting his service, he does not turn back. There
is a beginning of a service and not its end. This
is the biggest meaning of Maharaj's words. It is
the functional arrogance in us which seeks to
count and as soon as the counting increases, his
arrogance too increases. When counting declines,
he begins to become anxious. Service is the
magnificent religion of being selfless. It is like
Pacific ocean, which neither rises nor declines.
Like Mahabharat's most magnificent character
Krishna, he feels proud in cleaning one's dirty
utensils after a feast is over and this feeling is
no less than that of being worshiped by others.
One who is dedicated to his duty, he will never be
concerned about his achievements. He will be calm
and composed. In this context Maharaj ji quotes
Acharya Shankar- Chitasya Shuddhya Karma.
This is the reason, the servant never gets tired,
never loses patience, because peace is always there.
A Sevak has to execute his duties while sitting on
the stage of peace, since he never gets romantic
charm or lust for big achievements, he never tries
to run behind it. Therefore there is no place for
boredom in his heart and mind.
In stead of service, Maharaj sri sits with reformers
and explains interesting things. He says that
though a Sevak's duty is to serve others and a
reformer has a duty to reform others. This way,
both appear to be same from outside. But on
A Sevak considers the person
whom he serves as Narayan or
God. His heart and mind resonates with
the adage like Janata Janardan- people
are true form of god. He is able to
maintain his composure. This feeling of
completeness is not born out of people's
support or monitory return of his work
but it is that internal completeness
which is selfless and seeks nothing
from anyone in the world.
analysing their shape and functions seriously,
both's central state is clearly known. Maharaj
says that even reformer word is also having a
special meaning. It means, spreading life but
today, any eloquent speaker is recognised as this.
He also begins to understand himself like this. A
sevak is stimulated by love, affection, compassion,
cooperation, and on this basis both has different
A reformer requires to have a already prepared
platform where people could throng to listen his
speech. He also requires to have a crowd with
him which would raise slogans to praise him.
He also requires people to read letters or papers
explaining his great works or praising his works.
He also wishes to have people putting garlands in
his neck to honour him. He is also likes to keep
people in his company who would keep informing
him about the impact of his works. His supporters
weigh him against money. A reformer has such a
fundamental needs which help him to propel his
Where a sevak has inclination towards type, a
April 2015U
reformer has inclination towards size or number.
When he is told that at a particular place his
movement is making a big impact, his face lights
up with happiness. On the contrary, when such
things are not told him he feels dejected. At times,
his such dejection turns out to be depression, and
he begins to tell people that such a dirty time has
come. People have become so greedy that they
are not ready to listen to others. Many a time, he
is seen saying that I have seen this world, it does
not deserve good behaviour. You see, I have put
all my energy for the welfare of this world but
these people are so fool that they are they are not
ready to understand. This way, our this reformer
has become hopeless and having dull face. He
sees this world as a very cruel place and becomes
If this reality is seen objectively, the reason will be
clear why a reformer has such a negative thinking
while a Sevak is miles away from such things, it
will be known clearly that a reformer is self-centred
while a Sevak is completely different from that.
Therefore, a reformer, despite putting huge efforts
for the welfare of the world, does not have control
on his ego. This is the reason why his main focus
happens to be on people's response with regard
to his works. The sequence of his depression,
dejection, feeling of dreadfulness, etc continues to
exist. On the other hand, when a Sevak does not
have such a things, he is always satisfied.
April 2015U
A Sevak considers the person whom he serves as
Narayan or God. His heart and mind resonates
with the adage like Janata Janardan- people
are true form of god. He is able to maintain his
composure. This feeling of completeness is not
born out of people's support or monitory return of
his work but it is that internal completeness which
is selfless and seeks nothing from anyone in the
world. All names in this world begin to be seen
uniform, it is like unitary almighty who is always
calm, composed, and this is the foundation of a
Sevak. His lone mantra is - if someone is thirsty,
he needs to drink water. An old person must get
help while crossing the road. The teacher askstomorrow I will ask you who one of you did what
? The next day, Ma'am begins to ask- Ram, you
first tell us, what a service ever you have done in
your life. Ram replied- Ma'am an elderly lady was
trying to cross the road and I helped her to do so.
Ma'am said- well done Ram. Next turn was of
Shyam to answer and he too said that he held an
old lady to cross the road. Ma'am congratulated
him too. Next turn was of Mohan and he too gave
the same reply that he helped an old lady to cross
the road. On this Ma'am got angry and she askedwhere did you get so many old ladies. On this all
the boys said that the old lady was one and she was
reluctant to cross the road but they forcefully took
her to other side of the road.
In fact, a Sevak does not do this kind of thing. He
never forces others in the name of serving others
because he is not required to present an account
of his services which he has rendered. He is able to
keep himself contented in even small things. He is
not hollow as a reformer happens to be. He has not
to look at others for fulfilling his needs. It is like a
mother's service to her child, she does not have to
tell others that hey, I have this much or that
much to done for other. It is equivalent to the duty
of a mother for her kid. Let us too follow the path
of a Sevak.
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For concretion problem:
B Sip water everyday in large quantity, also include horsegram
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Pranayam regularly, you will get best results in a few days in
concretion problem.
To get rid of headache:
B Pour a few drops of almond oil or cow ghee in your nostrils
every evening and also practise Anulom-Vilom Pranayam
everyday, this way your problem of headache will be cured very
soon. Be cautious that this has not to be done when the sky is
cloudy or in rainy season.
Joint pains:
B Practise Anulom-Vilom and Kapalbhati Pranayam, half an
hour each, everyday.
B Soak garlic in water in the night, make its pieces in the
morning and swallow them.
B Take 4-4 spoons of aloe vera juice both in the morning and
B Avoid taking very sour food, very cold food stuff or oily food.
April 2015U
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Message of Sansthan
700 resolute people from across the
country attended Acharyakulam education
extension camp
Many students of Acharyakulm were
selected and awarded at 'All India
Talent Search Competition' organised
by Rashtriya Adhayapak Parishad
Haridwar, 14 February: Yoga sage Ramdev ji and
Acharya Balkrishna ji's blessings, 700 resolute people
from across the country attended Acharyakulam
education extension camp, which was held for two days.
On February 14 and 15, workers were made to understand
the guidelines of the programme. On the basis of this,
the trained workers will work for the success of the
mission under the guidance of Patanjali Yogpeeth.
During the camp, Swami Ramdev ji felicitated many
students of Acharyakulm who were selected and awarded
at 'All India Talent Search Competition' organised by
Rashtriya Adhayapak Parishad Bengalore.
It is significant to note that at All India Talent Search
Competition 2014, Acharyakulam's class VII student
Yuvaraj Aditya was selected top at the national level, and
the organisers gave him a gold medal and a laptop and
Goldcup Talent Award too. Moreover, Arman Gupta,
Divyanshu Mohan and Srijan Shahi of class V, VI and VII
respectively got gold medals, Class V students M
Rishivarun, Prathemesh Bhausaheb, Saurabh Kumar,
Sanni Kumar, Hritam Patel, Utkarsh and Utkarsh and
Class VII students Harshvardhan and Ankit Kumar were
felicitated with Utkristata Praman Patra (Certificate for
April 2015U
their best performance).
Respected Swami ji Maharaj:
Acharyakulam is a world standard educational scheme
which is on the rise and success of the students of
Acharyakulam at 'All India Talent Search Competition'
organised by Rashtriya Adhayapak Parishad Bengalore
shows its future. In the coming years, Acharyakulam will
emerge as the world's best educational institute.
Two-day Seminar on Yoga for Best
Attention, memory and Associate function
More than 100 representatives from
country's various yoga and psychology
institutes attended the programme
Haridwar, 23 February: At Patanjali Yogpeeth's Disha
Hall, a two-day seminar was held on Yoga for Best
Attention, memory and Associate function, with
affirmative conclusions. Patanjali Research Foundation
and Patanjali University had jointly prepared an effective
package including theory, practical, counseling and
therapy. The experts, keeping themselves not being
diverted from the topic of the issue, they presented their
views on the topics like memory, retention, recall, sleep
and explanation, various factors of life style, etc.
Moreover, they also expressed that yoga is the best option
to cope up with today's tumultuous and stressed life. If
yoga is practised with special attention, it will not only
strengthen your state of mind but will also enable you to
display a new creativity. Dr Sharly Tellas, director of
Patanjali Research Foundation, that whether you have
got to get rid of depression or be it the mental activities
like memory, enhancement of concentration, stage of
memory recall, Yoga plays a key role in all these
April 2015U
Message of Sansthan
Nepali dignitaries held a rally in respect
of Acharaya Balkrishna
During his three-day Nepal visit, Acharya
Balkrishna ji received great honour from the
country's government, administration and
common people
Four-day yoga camp in Kathmandu to be held
under the guidance of Respected Swami ji
Drive titled "Yogic Nepal, healthy
Nepal" launched
Patanjali Herbal Park to be built in
Nepal, Government to grant land
Haridwar, 27 February I During 3-day stay in Nepal,
Patanjali Yogpeeth's general secretary Acharya
Balkrishna ji was felicitated by Nepal government,
dignitaries and its administration and a magnificent
procession was held which was five km long. A two-day
programme was organised on February 25-26 which was
started at the bank of Mahakali River in Mahendranagar
district. The event was attended by several ministers of
Nepal Government and many dignitaries.
Addressing the people present there, Acharya ji said that
he had come to energise Nepal through Yoga and
Ayurveda. To make Nepal free from addiction of drugs
and bad habits. He also administered them oath to
make the country free from diseases and bad habits and
to provide jobs to Nepali youth, he promised to set up a
Patanjali Herbal Food Park at there. Besides, to make
April 2015U
best uses of the herbs available in Nepal, he also
promised to set up Herbal Garden there. During the
programme, many ministers of Nepal Government
promised to provide all possible assistance in these
efforts. For this, a 17-day public awareness yoga drive
was also launched.
17-day public awareness march:- The march began
from Mahendra Nagar's bank of Mahakali river. The
march was attended by more than 500 male and female
teachers of Patanjali Yogpeeth. They will held 500 yoga
camps in various parts of Nepal to train them. This way
lakhs of Nepali people will have a chance to join yoga.
Stimulated by these initiatives, people of Nepal resolved
to hold a 4-day yoga camp in the presence of Swami
Ramdev ji. There, a solid programme will be prepared
for development of Nepal.
Haryana's Ayush Department medical
officers received 5-day training at
Swami Ramdev ji was handed over
letter of his declaration as Haryana's
Yoga-Ayurveda brand ambassador
Haridwar, March 1: Haryana's Ayush Department
director general Sri Gulshan Ahuja visited Patanjali
Yogpeeth and handed over a letter to Swami Ramdev ji
declaring him Yoga-Ayurveda brand ambassador of the
state. In the letter signed by the Chief Minister Manoharlal
Khattar, a thanks was conveyed to Swami ji by Haryana's
Ayush Minister Anil Vij for accepting the offer to be made
the state's brand ambassador.
Director of Ayush Department met Acharya Balkrishna ji
April 2015U
Message of Sansthan
and too advise on making Haryana a hub of yoga and
Ayurveda, to spread growing herbs in the state's forests
and provide state's youth jobs.
Mr Ahuja said that it is the result of the experiments on
yoga and Ayurveda by our great sages that every
individual is craving to associate himself with yoga. In
this drive, state government is preparing to send its
medical officials of the department to Patanjali Yogpeeth
for the success of the scheme.
40 youth of Hindu Heritage
Foundation, from 9 countries learnt
the essence of Patanjali
Haridwar, 3 March: 40 young men and women from
countries like China, Japan and Indonesia visited
Patanjali Yogpeeth and learnt about Indian culture,
yoga-Ayurveda, and various drives for the welfare of the
people. Swami ji informed them about the importance of
yoga and various Asanas devised by Indian sages and
also trained them in various forms of yoga for the
change of life. They also met Patanjali Yogpeeth's
general secretary Acharya Balkrishna ji and knew from
him about the various research works on Indian Ayurveda
and Indian culture. During a brief discussion, Acharya
Balkrishna ji said that Ayurveda is a culture, a way of life
devised by Indian sages which easily connects people
with nature. The visiting young students put their
queries before Acharya ji regarding herbs of great
medicinal values and cleared their anxiety.
Respected Swami ji Maharaj: He said that Indian Yoga
and Pranayam is completely scientific methods and
according to micro functioning of human body. Their
minute use can purify the life and its system. Members
of the team visited in various parts of Patanjali and
April 2015U
jotted down methods to practise various Asanas and
Pranayams. They expressed that after their visit they
knew that the world will soon know about richness of
ancient Indian knowledge. It is to be noted that the
members of the visiting team is trying to learn Hindi and
Sanskrit to know about the vast knowledge available in
our ancient scriptures.
Flowers and medicinal liquids used for
Holi celebration at Patanjali Yogpeeth
and Acharyakulam
For protection from Swain flue camphors
and cardamom were burnt in Holika's bonfire
On the occasion of Holi, Swami Ramdev ji's
message was to burn all sorts of social
inequalities in the bonfire of Holika Dahan.
Haridwar, March 5: At Haridwar's Patanjali Yogpeeth
premises, Holi was celebrated with flowers and medicinal
liquids. Respected Swami ji Maharaj and Acharya ji
conveyed their greetings to all members of Patanjali
Yogpeeth and Acharyakulam. Sweets were also distributed
on this occasion by organising committee. Message was
also spread to burn herbal stuffs in the bonfire of Holika
to help people remain protected from Swain flue.
Message of Holi:
Respected Swami Ramdev ji Maharaj: He said on the
occasion that Holi is a festival of harmony, brotherhood
and social equality as it ends the discrimination among
the people in the society. All discriminations whether
they are at the level of poverty, caste or the life style, all
April 2015U
Message of Sansthan
should be burnt in the pyre of Holika. This is the resolve
of Patanjali Yogpeeth.
We have given Patanjali a shape of a family, because
there is no body in the family who is seen as superior or
inferior. All are similar and they put their best efforts for
its wellbeing. Basic needs of every individual in a family
is fulfilled. Today, the country and the world needs the
same system so that a reign of peace and prosperity
could be established in the society. Lakhs of brothers and
sisters of Patanjali are working in the same direction.
Respected Balkrishna ji: Holi is important to us from
all points of views like social, religious, scientific. In this
festival, due to special importance of fire, the festival
becomes even more important. When two seasons
converse at one place, then we have environmental
flutter. This has adverse impact on health and we are
caught by diseases.
Fire is the element which repeals this adverse impact of
seasonal changes on our health. This is the reason to
burn Holika's pyre in the villages. It is advised to use as
much herbal medicines in the pyre as possible as it will
have a good impact on health. Such herbs will get
dissolved in the air and will add to our health.
It is to be noted that Swami ji began the day of Holi with
Yogasana. These days, a big part of the country is under
the grip of Swine flue, Patanjali Yogpeeth has issued an
advise to all countrymen to burn camphors and
cardamom in the pyre of Holika to make our ambience
free from the virus of Swine flue.
Among the students of Patanjali Yogpeeth's
Acharyakulam, Holi is being celebrated in the evening.
On this occasion, medical officers of Haryana's Ayush
department were also present there.
April 2015U
Patanjali Yogpeeth opened its first
modern store at Patanjali Yogpeeth
where a 10 per cent rebate being
offered on all products
Service to all, health for all and prosperity
for all is the mantra of Patanjali's Swadeshi
Movement- Swami Ramdev ji Maharaj
n This modern store is opened at the door
step of Patanjali Ayurveda's World Level
Unit Padartha
Haridwar, 11 February: Patanjali Ayurveda's World
class unit is Padartha and at its door step a modern
herbal beauty store was opened. This is the first store
opened in the environment of yagna. Here, a 10 per cent
discount is being offered on sale of all products. Since
this store has been opened on the demand of the people
of Haridwar but this facility will be provided to all the
visitors of Patanjali Food Park. On the occasion of its
launch, Swami ji and Acharya ji duly performed yagna.
Respected Swami ji: He said that this world class food
park makes every resident of Haridwar feel proud and
this decision has been taken keeping the feelings of local
residents in view. Swami ji said that many people from
various parts of the world and the country visit here to
observe the activities of the park and they will get a 10
per cent discount on MRP rate.
Respected Acharya ji: He said that Patanjali Yogpeeth
works for the people and by the people. Our products
have been prepared with the resolve of no profit no loss
and with this view it is sold in the market.
Patanjali Ayurveda's products are manufactured and
sold with the concept of no profit, no loss:
Today, everyone in the society purchases cosmetic
April 2015U
Message of Sansthan
products to use. People purchase these products according
to their financial condition. Acharya ji said that it is a
matter of pride that such products of Patanjali are being
used and purchased by all families of big and small
financial background. The reason behind it is that the
Patanjali products are standard and authentic and they
are available at minimum price in the market. The
earning on the sale of these products is being used 100
per cent in the service of humanity. This is the main
target of Patanjali's Swadeshi Movement. Everyone's
service, everyone's health and everyone's prosperity is
only then possible. This store is also an initiative in that
On the occasion of its launch, Food and Herbal Park
Padartha's director Sri Rambharat ji and other
dignitaries besides other villages were also present there.
April 2015U
It is a matter of great pride for all Indians
that only Patanjali dared to throw
a challenge to 5000 foreign companies.
Also available at 2015
online stores
1200 Cr.
Outlet 2013
450 Cr.
2000 Cr.
Biggest range of herbal
and indigenous products
850 Cr.
World's biggest
food park
Patanjali Ayurveda Limited
This way Patanjali has caused
sleeplessness to foreign companies
April 2015U
Speaking pictures
Glimpses of Patanjali's Holi celebration
April 2015U
Respected Swami Ramdev ji's Mathura visit
April 2015U
Bharat Swabhiman Movement
is dedicated to social, moral and spiritual upliftment
Acharya Maheshanand Alankar
atanjali Yogpeeth's Bharat Swabhiman Movement is a result of the
resolve for transformation from Yogdharma to Rashtradharma.
Bharat Swabhiman's mission is to ensure 100 per cent voting, 100 per cent
nationalist thinking, 100 per cent boycott of foreign companies and pledge
to turn to indigenous or Swadeshi things, and to make this nation 100 per
cent pro to yoga by organising all people of the country to ensure their good
health, good habit and induce good values in them.
Success of this mission will bring new independence and will also ensure new
beginning in the country. India will become a great nation. New definition of
the nation's various organs will be prepared and all solutions of the nation
will be found. Only those people who will turn to yoga, will be able to remain
selfless and not be influenced by the greed money, power, etc. Therefore, making
people of the nation pro to yoga.
For the success of this great mission it is required to associate all yoga teachers,
April 2015U
volunteers, members with full of their
dedication and they are required to have
full yoga oriented dedication, both from
inside and outside. This is the primary
condition. It is the view of the sages
that a Yogi (expert of yoga) cannot be
disoriented from himself as it will result
into corruption in the country and the
society, violence, crime, lack of sensitivity,
laziness, foolishness, lack of awareness,
lack of self-restrain and impurity.
Respected Swamiji has made yoga as
a means to make the whole nation
fully organised. He wants to see every
individual of the country as a yogi.
Making every individual of the country
a yogi means everyone will have good
character, he will have a great sense of
patriotism, he will be a dedicated soldier
and policeman, dedicated officer, worker
and labourer, he will be an energetic
industrialist, trader, nationalist artist and
journalist, scientist, he will be healthy,
hardworking, experienced senior citizen
and wise jurist and judge, because he
clearly thinks that prosperity of an
individual cannot be ensured without
prosperity of the nation.
21st Century's structure:
It is a pledge to make every individual
realise the importance of yoga through
Swadharma and make their individual
character pure and help them to get
healthy mind, body and thinking, etc have
been the goal of the Bharat Swabhiman.
The six institutes like Patanjali Yogpeeth
Trust, Indian and foreign, Divya Yog
Mandir Trust, Divya Pharmacy, Patanjali
Ayurveda Limited, Patanjali Chikitsalaya,
Patanjali Yog Samiti, Mahila Patanjali
Yog Samiti, have a mission to organise
all the people of the country according
to their thinking, nature, etc.
Above mentioned main organisations
and 15 associated organisations and
this way they constitute a total of 21
constituents. They are dedicated to ensure
in the 21st century a new social, moral,
spiritual goal for new freedom and new
system. Anyone can contact us to join this
great movement. This movement will
refine your life and make you capable
to lead the society and the nation. This
is the right time to become a great man.
Therefore identify the importance of the
time and move forward.
Subsidiary units of Bharat Swabhiman:
With a view to revive the works and achievements of our ancient sages on
this planet and also to establish the reign of peace, prosperity, happiness
and bliss, many units of Bharat Swabhiman have been constituted. It is an
appeal to fellow citizens that which ever of these units suits you, be a part
of that for the success of the mission of nation building. These units are- 1.
Youth organisation or Yuva Sangathan, 2. Teacher's organisation, 3. Chikitsak
Sangathan, 4. Vittiya Professional Sangathan, 5. Nyayvid Sangathan, 6. Purva
Sainik Sangathan, 7. Kisan Sangathan, 8. Udyog aur Vanijya Sangathan, 9.
Karmachari Sangathan, 10. Adhikari Sangathan, 11. Shramik Sangathan,
12. Vigyan aur Taknik Sangathan, 13. Kala-Sanskriti Sangathan, 14. Media
Sangathan, 15. Varishta Nagrik Sangathan, etc.
Now Swami Ramdev ji and Acharya Balkrishna ji are waiting for your
commitment influenced by our inner awareness
April 2015U
can prove to be
for life
Dr Nagendra Kumar Neeraj,
Director- Yog-gram, Patanjali
Yogpeeth, Haridwar
excess salt in food is
dangerous for life. In
research, it has been found that it
will be best for your health if you
avoid taking salt in meal. Excess
use of salt is harmful as chlorine
present in it will increase the
formation of Hydrochloric acid in
the stomach which may result into
hyperacidity that can cause ulcer
like problems. It is interesting to
note that the natural diet which
we take already contains ample
quantity of salt present in it. This
natural salt present in the natural
diet is enough to keep us healthy.
r Henry C Sherman says that due to
influence of salt, our digestive system gets
disturbed and affects digestion and absorption
of food which ruins the osmotic pressure in the
April 2015U
According to Dr Ullaman, excess
absorption of salt by tissues in the
body disturbs the functioning of calcium
and hence process like formation of bones,
functioning of heart, etc are badly disturbed,
and bones become weak, and the body becomes
affected by many diseases. One gram salt absorbs
70 gm water in it and if this anomaly is allowed to
continue for a long time, kidney, heart, blood vessels,
liver become weak and their functioning is badly disturbed.
Former Member of US Association of Cancer Research Dr
L Halfman, M.D., reached to a conclusion that salt increases
the problem of cancer tumour which is the reason why cancer
patients are advised not to take salt.
Salt increases cancer tumour:
According to a study, salt contains 8300 germs and 400 spores.
Doctors like Gems Brethwide (England), Frederick T Marwood
(Denmark), L Dumpkan Wulclay (Mexico) have concluded that salt is
directly concerned to cancer. Their findings said that due to salt intake,
cancerous tumour increases very fast. Salt is non-organic substance
and it has very adverse impact on tissues. It increases blood pressure.
It also causes an imbalance in the electrolyte mineral salts in the blood
and prevents release of toxicants out of the the body during metabolic
process. It's effect on the cell formation and through malignant process
and turn them into cancerous tumour. In the research it has been seen
that tumour cells have high salt content than normal cells.
Role of salt in high blood pressure, kidney
and heart diseases
After many years of his research on relation between salt and high
blood pressure, Dr Levis K Dall of New York reached to the conclusion
that sodium present in the salt is responsible for high blood
pressure. Those who have history of high blood pressure in their
family, they should not take salt more than 1/2-1 gm salt in a
day. Our body needs only 100-500 mg salt a day for necessary
body functions and this much of salt is already present in
our natural food like cereals and vegetables.
Dr Frederick Allen in his research proved that a person's
blood pressure level comes down by 30-70 mm within
four weeks if he stops taking salt. According to new
theory, in dropsy it is sodium which is responsible for the
problem and not the water. It is also observed that to nullify
the ill-effects of sodium in the body, water is collected in
the tissues. This disease is concerned to kidney and heart
related problems. Dr Fredilin Replay stopped salt intake of
dropsy patients and observed that toxic substances collected
in the tissues come out of the body through urine and the
patient began to recuperate.
Obesity and salt:
Excess intake of salt increases obesity. If there will be high
quantity of salt in the food, enzyme saliva is secreted in
high quantity and a person feels more hunger and he starts
taking more food and collection of water in the tissues also
increases and this way he becomes victim of obesity and
kidney related diseases.
At Patanjali Yoggram, many of the patients of obesity
and kidney related diseases got good health by stopping
their salt intake. According to US magazine Good Health,
tension, sleeplessness, epilepsy, swelling and hives are the
diseases caused due to excess use of salt in the meal. It has
also been observed that stopping salt intake of expecting
mothers, the problems among them like high blood
pressure, swelling in the body and anaemia do not crop up.
Many experts including Dr Hains Countiz and CJ Lehmen
are of the view that taking less than two gram sodium a
day is sufficient for our body. Each of 2.5 gm salt contains
one gram sodium, therefore, a person should not take more
than 5 gm salt a day.
When you have desire to take more
salt in food
US' Lova University experts consider salt as an antidepression medicine. They believe that taking salt makes
us feel happy therefore in the state of tension and anxiety,
people naturally begin to take more salt. In an experiment,
it was found that when salt intake was stopped in rats, they
were found to be in anxiety, tension and depression and
they grew to be lazy.
Similarly, in case of human, low salt intake reduces their
Salt's most dangerous impact
happens on kidney and the
poison from it has to be removed
frequently and finally it becomes
very weak and leads to the stage
of kidney failure.
work efficiency. In a research published in physiology and
behavioural journal it was said that taking salt keeps us
happy. The Science Daily writes that taking anti-depression
medicines or salt in low quantity give similar results.
Are you not addicted to salt:
In research it was proved that we take more of salt
not because of our body's requirement but it is due to
addiction. It has impact on our brain like narcotics and
we become addicted to it. According to a report on food
habit based on a research of 11 years, we take 10-15 gm
salt in a day through food or fast food that we take. Due
to this, chances of cancer and heart diseases increases by
three times. These scientists have also said that the people
who take more and more salty diet, probability of stomach
cancer in them rises. According to The Scientific Advisory
Committee on Nutrition, Food Standard Agency and UK
Health Department, only 3-5 gm salt is enough for all body
April 2015U
functions in a day. For children of age group between 1-6
years, only 2 gm salt is enough, for 7-14 years of age group
5 gm salt is enough. One pinch of salt is 0.25 gm while
one tea spoon salt is 5-7 gm.
Research scholar Sinawali Beshier is of the view that desire
of salt is not the demand of our body but it is just part of
our habit according to our upbringing. Its roots run very
deep but there are also certain tribal communities which
do not use salt in their food and none of their members
have the problems like high blood pressure, kidney related
diseases etc. Dr Ugine Folds in his experiments has proved
it that high salt intake increases your impulse and also
causes hair fall. Excess of salt intake is also responsible
for sleeplessness and skin diseases. According to research
scholars of Duke University Medical Centre, excess of salt
intake is responsible for improper absorption of calcium
which causes diseases. According to study of the scientists
of Italy, excess of protein and salt intake is responsible for
kidney stone.
Salt in Ayurveda
In our ancient scriptures, it has been described that salt is
harmful for heath. It has been said in Charak Sanhita that
salt disturbs balance of Pitta. It is also responsible for excess
of thirst, high blood circulation and hence high blood
pressure. Lust and faint are the results of high salt intake.
Salt has bad impact on your flesh and it also causes leprosy,
increases the level of toxic substances in the body, makes
teeth weak, ruins your potency, makes body organs weak
and is also responsible for wrinkles. It is also responsible for
graying hari, baldness, Raktapitta, Amlapitta, Vaatrakta,
lust, sensuality, old age, etc. Salt is also responsible for bad
health of both the animals and plants.
When it is necessary to take salt:
Despite have ill effect on our health, it also works like
medicines in certain cases. When elders and children
have shock, low blood pressure, dehydration, etc, then
take mixture of salt, sugar, water and lemon. It will give
you a new leases of life.
In malaria:
According to Dr Brook, take a handful of salt and roast it
April 2015U
in a pot on low flame till it turns brown and take 10 gm
of it with lukewarm water while empty stomach. If you
feel thirst, take some water. Even in case of hunger, do
take food for four hours. Later take light meal. It is a very
effective medicine of malaria. Applying this treatment for
1-2 times will cure the problem. Patients of high blood
pressure and kidney are advised not to apply this therapy.
Tiredness in feet, pain in the feet, swelling, sleeplessness,
keep your feet for 10-15 minutes in the lukewarm water
mixed with salt. Use salt hypo tonic solution to wash sore
and other skin problems. In it, WBC level rises and the
problem is cured. In tonsil, throat swelling, teeth pain,
tonsil related cough, wound, arthritis, joint swelling, pain
is cured when you put towel soaked in hot salty water on
affected parts. Cough, arthritis, flue, headache, etc are
cured when you take salt steam.
Take bath by adding salt in warm water, it will cure your
body pain. If you have white spots on the face, apply salt
solution. In case of bite of poisonous animals, apply salt
solution on affected parts and drink a bit of the water. In
case of cold, cough related problems, make paste of salt
and berry leaves and lick it with honey. It will be very
effective. In the salt added hot water, mix a bit of garlic
juice and drink in the problem of stomach pain. The
problem will be cured. When salty solution is poured in the
nostrils, unconscious person will return to consciousness.
In condition of burn, apply a layer of oil on the affected
part and pour fine powder of salt on it. It will be very
useful. If you have swallowed poisonous insects, acid or
other harmful chemicals, administer 50 gm salt solution,
those toxic substances will come out of the body through
Weakness of muscles, etc full tub salty water bath is very
useful. For beautiful foot skin our also to enhance its
beauty, wash your feet in salt water for 5-10 minutes.
Licking 10 gm salt and 20 gm honey will cure the
problem of migraine. This way, salt is somewhere used
as medicine while at times it is also like poison. It is
most necessary to use it with prudence for good health
and cheerful mind.
BAttractive advertisements are spoiling the live of
our innocent kids.
These food products have
deficiency of vitamins
Drinks take calorie
from sugar
Therefore say no to junk food
For healthy body and mind of
your children, give them fresh vegetables
and fruits to eat and encourage them to
do yoga for their healthy growth.
- Swami Ramdev
Patanjali's call: Turn to bio-herbal
food, save your earth
Akash Chaurasia
many successful researches in the field of
agriculture, Patanjali Yogpeeth has found solution
to Gajar Ghas through its regional centres. This grass destroys
the crops. Now it is being used as bio-fertiliser to help farmers to
resolve their problems. An effective drive in this regard is soon to
be launched. In this series, ginger, cauliflower, little finger, bitter
gourd, tomato, green chilly, potato, etc crops are to be grown cycle
wise and it is being suggested that how can a farmer earn Rs 11 lakh
in one acre of land. Bio-fertilisers are being prepared with the help
of earthworms, salt spray being used on Gajar Ghas to make biofertiliser. It is also being studied on how to use the liquid released
from the body of earthworms to make crops healthy. In fact, to
enhance confidence among farmers with regard to agriculture, it is
necessary to make them aware of bio-agriculture.
ake example of earthworms. It makes
bio-fertiliser which contains 16 nutritious
elements of which 22 are enzymes. Farmers must
be informed about it. They should be informed to
make bio-fertiliser by making a pit of size 10*5
feet, filling it with cow dung, rotten dirty straw
fodder and closing its mouth which is a simplest
way to prepare bio-fertiliser.
By making farmers understand the importance
of bio-agriculture, farmers are required to
understand the harms of chemical fertiliser. It is
the biggest need of hour.
If we take the Shloka - Jeevasya Jeevamma
Bhakshati- into account, we will know that 98 per
cent worms are carnivorous and only two percent
of them are herbivorous. Our farmers use a lot of
chemicals to kill these only 2 percent worms only.
April 2015U
This destroys earth's fertility. According to a report,
36 lakh metric tonn fertiliser Indian farmers use
in a year but only 14 lakh metric tonn could be
available to them. Rest of fertiliser is imported
from other countries.
However, with use of bio fertiliser, our country
will become more independent in terms of its
agricultural needs and the farmers too will be
encouraged to use bio fertiliser. Our land will
be protected from the hazards of chemicals. Bio
fertilisers have more of organic substances, and
carbon is good for vitality of our plants. Therefore
its use is very necessary. Organic substances
balances PH value of the soil and if a farmer will
use indigenous technique of agriculture, it will
also be good for the breeding of the animals of
cow family because only two cows can provide bio
fertiliser for 10 acres of land. It is most required on
parts of farmers to manage their time.
Stress on natural agriculture:
Farmers are required to know how the farming
is possible in jungle. White Musli, tomato, Amla,
etc can be grown through bio agriculture. It will
also help farmers to increase their income. This
agriculture too demands bio agriculture.
In India, 1 crore 90 lakh tonn chemical fertilisers
is used which necessaries people of our country
to take 100-200 ml medicines everyday to cope
up with the health hazards caused by chemicals.
This is giving birth to many diseases. It is a
part of agriculture science that 16 nutrients are
required for agriculture. They include carbon,
hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen are the four elements
which constitute air taken by plants. 12 other
constituents are taken from earth. In other words,
a plant take 950 gm its food from air, 50 gm from
earth. Earth is directly connected to nature which
automatically prove that use of chemicals makes
food harmful for us. This is the basic thinking
behind Patanjali's slogan- Turn to bio-herbal
food, save your earth.
It is an old believe that for nutrition, one should
use 15-20 kg soil from roots of Peepal and banyan
trees in one acre area of land. You can use soil
from river bank too. A worm take four months to
grow fully but if it is given right kind of food, it
can grow in just one month time. Therefore adding
jiaggry, honey, ghee, flour in the soil will make it
In India, 1 crore 90 lakh tonn chemical
fertilisers is used which necessaries people
of our country to take 100-200 ml medicines
everyday to cope up with the health hazards
caused by chemicals. This is giving birth to
many diseases. It is a part of agriculture
science that 16 nutrients are required for
agriculture. They include carbon, hydrogen,
oxygen, nitrogen are the four elements which
constitute air taken by plants. 12 other
constituents are taken from earth.
more fertile. Similarly we can use Neem fruit powder for medicine.
Farmers work like god as he feeds the world. The farmers who make the
people in towns millionaire are in acute poverty. They are being forced
to commit suicide. Our ancestors under the guidance of sages would
perform Puja or worship of plough and seeds were also properly treated
before use. However, today the crops are harvested and we don't care
to visit to the fields. How can our soil produce healthy and good food?
In one gm soil, there are crores of germs which are important for
nutrition of crops. They provide food to the plants. Today in the era
of monetary prosperity, we hardly care for soil. Similarly, what is the
need of our farmers? They need resources to make their two ends meet
besides some money for family functions like marriages, etc. But even
such minimum requirements of him are not being fulfilled. This is
the misfortune of the country. In today's modern era, they have been
forced to be dependent on chemicals. When our farmers' mother earth
is losing her fertility, how can they be prosperous. Moreover, the farmers
also need to be aware of weather and seasonal changes because only
such information decide their destiny.
We also observe that the grains grown by using bio fertilisers fetch 1.5
times more income than the grains grown by using chemical fertilisers.
The bio fertilisers can be prepared by using grass and cow dung. There
are many facilities available in natural farming to increase agricultural
income. If our farmers could associate himself through these facilities,
the agricultural activities will get a new and prosperous direction.
People of the country will get healthy and nutritious food, and farmers
will be prosperous. This is the main goal of Patanjali Yogpeeth.
April 2015U
Write up
Water: Most effective
medicine for summer
Dr Preeti Joshi
n their scientific expeditions on any planet, the
scientists search for water first. If the signs of water
are found on a planet, then possibility of presence of life
becomes higher. Water strengthens the foundation of our
health, and other nutrients taken by use reach to all parts
of body and give us vitality. This planet is made of three
parts of water, 70 per cent parts of our body too is made
of water. 95 per cent brain, 82 per cent blood, 90 per cent
lungs are water. The the balance among the elements
which constitute our body is disturbed, we fall ill. But water
is very important for our health.
of cancer becomes minimum. Water intake in sufficient
quantity ensures proper cleanliness of internal body organs
and hence cancerous elements don't get stored in the body.
Taking sufficient water will keep your skin glowing and
you remain healthy. Though taking less water may cause
diseases, excess intake of water will have very adverse impact
on your health especially on your kidney. Taking less water
will have adverse impact on your digestive system and will
also decrease the number of electrolytes in the body besides
other problems like kidney related diseases, early old age,
skin problems, etc.
Standard of need for water in our body:
Works of water:
According to naturopathy, one should take as much water
a day as you release. Normally we release 2 litre of water
from our body everyday. This means, you should take 10-12
glass water everyday.
Need for water in our body keeps changing according to
external temperature, mental condition and diseases that
we suffer from. For example, we need to drink more water
in summer while we take less water in winter. Similarly,
those who have higher proportion of Pitta in the body, they
require to take more water because Pitta is of the nature
of fire. People of gastric or Vatta nature are also required
to drink more water. It is necessary as water is required to
protect internal body organs from dryness. But everyone is
required to drink at least 8-10 glass water a day.
Lesser use of water may cause problems like constipation,
acidity, high blood pressure, heart diseases, skin diseases,
arthritis, joint pains, etc. If one takes sufficient quantity
of water and that too in proper way, then body parts like
breast, intestine, penis remain healthy and possibility
April 2015U
To maintain your body temperature we need to take
sufficient quantity of water. The blood ducts on our skin
keep blood circulation proper. This blood reaches to the
internal parts of the body. Water from inside the body gets
evaporated from our skin and hence they maintains body
temperature. Blood plasma contains 90 per cent water
and this plasma also maintains PH level of the blood. The
anti-bodies prepared by our immune system also requires
water to be spread in all parts of the body. Water also plays
key role in spreading oxygen to all body cells. It helps in
digestion of food, keeping body organs clean, removing
harmless substances out of the body, metabolism process.
It also maintains moisture in noses, ears, throat, etc. The
water present in our saliva helps in digestion of food like
chewing and swallowing of food.
Water has zero calorie:
When we have scarcity of water in the body, we feel thirst
and for this drinking water is the best idea. Water has zero
calorie while other drinks like carbonated or other soft drinks
have many chemicals besides a lot of calorie which may
give use immediate joy but they don't provide us proper
quantity of water. This way acidity in the body increase and
this could cause many diseases in the body. If we include
sufficient quantity of fruit and green vegetables in our meal
including butter milk and kerry or panna, then availability
of water is maintained in the body besides availability of
nutrition and fibre in the body. These stuffs also keep our
blood in basic form which is good for health.
Right ways to use water:
In our country, sages have suggested to take sufficient water
since ancient time. In this context, Swami ji has described
the ways to use water saying that if a person has to keep
healthy, he will have to take care of three things in life.
Maintain a balance among body's Vaat, Pitta and cough,
which are our body's Tridosh.
Experts are of the view that cold, cough, and other problems
besides cancer are caused due to imbalance among them.
If this balance is maintained, we can protect ourselves
from falling ill.
Don't take water immediately after taking meal:
Taking water immediately after meal is poisonous. The
food which is collected in the stomach's special area which
is called epistrium. After the taking meal, a heat is created
in the area but drinking water will quench the heat which
completely disturbs the digestive system. Undigested food
begins to rot and hence it causes problems like gastric,
indigestion, burning sensation, etc.
basic saliva when goes inside, it reduces acidity and balance
among Vaat, Pitta and cough is maintained. This is the
reason it is advised to sip water.
Avoid taking very cold water:
As the internal body temperature is higher, if we drink
very cold water it will have an adverse impact on internal
body parts.
After leaving bed in the morning, take 2-3
glass water:
Drinking water after leaving bed is very useful. The reason
behind it is that in empty stomach, the water is properly
absorbed by the body and it helps in cleaning of body
organs. Intestines become active with drinking water early
in the morning. Waste material too easily come out of the
body and blood circulation also become good.
This way, we should follow four rules in life regarding
water, besides other cautions.
If the food remains undigested in the stomach, it will be
useful to drink lemon juice added in lukewarm water.
Both the very cold or very hot water is harmful.
Whenever you feel thirsty, you must take water.
Overlooking this need of yours is harmful.
There are certain circumstances in which one should
avoid taking water. For example when you are breathing
fast, immediately after clearing your stomach from the
waste material. Water should not be taken when you
are standing. Avoid taking water after hard physical
work or physical exercise, soon after traveling in severe
sunlight, immediately after sex, immediately after
eating peanuts, banana, guava, pumpkin, watermelon,
muskmelon, cucumber, immediately after meal, or
soon before taking meal, etc.
This is the reason it is advised to take water at least one
hour after taking meal. If you want to drink something
immediately after taking meal, take at least lassi, butter
milk, fruit juice or lemon juice. You can drink water 40
minutes before taking meal. Taking a few sips of water will
make the food taken soft and this way it will be helpful in
digestion of it.
Whenever you drink water drink it by sipping:
The saliva present in the mouth gets mixed with water
and goes in the stomach. This saliva happens to be basic
in nature while a lot of acid is found in the stomach. This
Since the water is life on this planet, hence use water
properly to keep healthy in upcoming summer.
April 2015U
Yog quiz -6
With the efforts made by Patanjali Yogpeeth in the field of yoga and Ayurveda, people's interest in this has increased
and a book by Acharya Balkrishna ji presenting answers to the people's queries is under publication. Following are the
questions and answers from that with the help of Yog Sahityanusandhan Vibhag, sixth part of the series:-
1. According to Maharshi Patanjali's Yogsutra, how many types
of pragya or wisdom a famous person has:
a. 7
b. 5
c. 3
d. none of the following
2. The word called Ritambhara used in Yogasutra 1.48 is
related to :a. Knowledge
b. Chit
c . Indriyan
d. Wisdom
3. If we want extreme freedom from pains and agony, what
should be done:a. With the practice of AsampragyatSamadhi, the Chit has
to be dissolved in to its original character.
b. We should practice Pranayam continuously.
c. We should continuously be in touch with Satsangh
d. We should do Mala-jaap.
4. In Yogsutra 2.12, what is the meaning of the word
a. Dharmadharma roop sanskaar
b. Vaasanaroop Sanskaar
c. Flow of Karma
d. Sanchit Karma
5. 'Sati moole tdvipako jatyayurbhogah' (Yog Sutra- 2.13)
sutrarth has a meaning of a. Caste, age, use, etc depend up on Karma
b. Caste, age, use, etc depend upon grace of almighty
c. When lack of enlightenment and agony continue
to exist, only then the Karmasanskar vipak expressed in
Purvasutra result into age, caste and use etc.
d. None of the above
6. Who has written the preface of Pranayam-Rahasya booka. Acharya Pradyumna b. Swami Ramdev
c. Swami Dayanand d. Acharya Balkrishna
7. Pran Sukta is related which of the following Veda?
a. Atharvaveda
b. Saamveda
c. Yajurveda
d. Atharvaveda
8. Which of the following invisible force is attributed to be
main force behind its momentum?
a. Annamaya Kosh
b. Pranamay Kosh
c. Manomay Kosh
d. Vigyanmay Kosh
9. According to the scripture Pranayam-Rahasya, what is the
essence of soul?
a. Charaiveti
b. Charaiveti-Charaiveti,
c. Sthirta
d. Sadhana
10. According to Pranayam-Rahasya scripture, which Kosha is
attributed to be behind providing Ritambhara Pragya?
a. Manomay Kosh
b. Vigyanmay Kosh,
c. Anandmay Kosh
d. Pranmay Kosh
11. According to Swami Ramdev, what is important to know
a. Pranayam
b. Yoga
c. Meditation
d. Brahmacharya
12. With regular practice of Kapalbhati Pranayam, which part
of the body gets best resutl?
a. Stomach, uterus
b. Pancreas
c. Liver, kidney
d. All of the above
13. Which function of modern medical science is similar to
Kapal bhati ?
a. ECG
b. PFT
d. Angiography
14. When was Patanjali Yogpeeth set up?
a. 2006
b. 2005
c. 2004
d. 2002
15. Which of the following books of Divya Prakashan is most
sold in the market?
a. Pranayam
b. Ayurveda-Siddhant-Rahasya
c. Aushadh Darshan
d. Vigyan ki Kasauti Par Yog
1. a, 2. d 3. a, 4. a, 5. c, 6. d, 7. a, 8. b, 9. b, 10. b, 11. d, 12. d, 13. c, 14. a, 15. a
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Junk food
worthless food
Swati Agarwal
People in our society are so influenced by the Western culture that they have forgotten the advice of our
forefathers, and forgetting their own culture and traditions. Modernity's most adverse impact is
evident on our food and it is getting to be polluted and unhealthy. Under food, we are talking about junk food,
fast food or street food which are very popular these days. These unhealthy eatables have penetrated deep into
our rural areas. Among people's bad food habit, junk food is most dangerous for health.
unk happens to be an English term which
means, useless. Which means, junk food is
prepared by such unhealthy raw stuffs which
have high calorie and fats and it provides no
nutrition to your body. Fast food, street food,
packaged soft drinks, etc come under the
category of junk food.
April 2015U
Today, so many varieties of fast food are
available in the market like pizza, burger,
chocolate, noodles, momos, Samosa, bread,
biscuits, hot dog, patties, pastries, ice cream,
chips, candy, toffee, carbonated soda water,
cold drinks, readymade butter, pasta, French
fry, maggy, pani puri, bhel puri and frequently
processed food. These food stuffs are catered in
such a nice way that whether people of all age
groups whether they are children, young boys
and girls or elderly people, all have a crave to
eat these stuffs. Addiction of fast food enslaves
a person who tastes it once in life. They may
look very delicious and attractive but they are
very dangerous for our health. Unfortunately,
our young generation seems to be crazy for it.
At all the fast food shops and street stalls, you
can see the long queues of young boys and
girls, who eat these unhealthy stuffs with such a
great joy, being unaware of the harm by eating
them. The result is very unfortunate that junk
food has changed their lives. Not only their
physical health but their complete health
is at peril.
If the people become aware of the
health hazard of junk food, then
they will keep themselves away
from it. According to modern
science, wrong food habits pollute
our body's micro biological
environment which lead to many
diseases. It results into problems like
tension, anxiety, depression, and the
person becomes violent and behaves
this way with all others.
If the people get aware of the harms of such
food stuffs, it could be possible that they will
keep themselves away from them. According
to the theory of modern medical science, our
body's micro biological ambience is badly
disturbed due to bad food habits which give
birth to various diseases. Another research also
tells that excess eating of fast food or junk food
leads to less secretion of vital bio-chemical
material serotonine, which is a monoamine
neurotransmitter. It results into mental stress,
inferiority, lack of confidence and other such
problems. This also makes a person aggressive
and he develops a tendency to turn violent on
small issues. Such problems are a barrier in the
person's personal and social growth.
All the fast foods contain all the
five slow poisons like- all purpose
flour or Maida, salt, sugar, rice and
vegetable oil in abundance. On using
these chemicals on rats, scientists of
Washington university found that they
developed cancerous cells in them.
This is the reason they are banned in
many developed countries. Similarly sweet and
tasty chocolates and toffees are found to have a
chemical named tyrosine which is responsible
for headache. Regular use of junk food leads to
deficiency of vitamins, minerals, calcium etc in
our body. These food stuffs have no fibre content
but they have abundance of calorie which may
cause problems like pain, irritation, anxiety,
insanity, etc.
If you want to keep yourself healthy, want to
see your family happy and healthy and want
to see reign of peace in the society, avoid and
boycott fast food and turn to natural food. They
way you can help in a great way to change your
life, the life your family also the life of people
in the society.
April 2015U
Patanjali's poison-free agriculture-14
Watermelon's natural cultivation
according to Patanjali's method
Rajesh Jain
is world's rarest of rare country which has such a vast and ancient knowledge of agricultural
science. There is a famous adage - agriculture is the best, business is the middle level work and
service is the lowest level work, but unfortunately, today's situation has drastically changed - farmers are losing
interest in farming as is this profession seems not to be very profitable. This is the reason why many of the
farmers are selling their land and turning to other professions. The important fact is that this situation has not
appeared in one day. With use of modern agricultural techniques including chemical fertilisers, their economic
problems grew, a large part of their hard earned money began to be spent on high quality seeds, chemicals,
fertilisers, pesticides, costly diesel, etc and in result therefore the farmers began to say with a great pain - farmers
are born to die. Realising this pain of the farmers, Patanjali has launched a drive for poison free agriculture.
n the changed circumstances,
Patanjali Yogpeeth comes up with
the innovative idea of low investment high
income, and cultivation of watermelon is
one of them.
April 2015U
Climate for cultivation of
Watermelon is a crop of long period, grown
in high temperature areas with dry climate.
Its cultivation. Temperature between 27
degree and 40 degree is considered to be
best for its growth and sweetness in the fruit
is also very high in this condition. Fields on
the river bank are best suited for its growth.
Climate of the states like Madhya Pradesh,
Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh are considered to
be very congenial for its cultivation.
Land and field for growing
For the cultivation of watermelon, loam
and sandy soil are best for its cultivation.
River bank soil with PH value between 5.5
and 6.5 give best output. Land for it has to
be flat and first ploughing has to be done
with the plough which changes soil from
inner part of the filed to upper part. For
high output and healthy growth of the crop,
use 20 kg Panch yog and 100 kg Patanjali
Danedar Khad of Patanjali Research
Institute with a rate of one litre in one acre
of land while preparing it for cultivation.
For sowing seeds, make beds each of 2
metre wide or according to size of the
field or your need. Now make places at a
distance of 20 cm on which seeds are to be
sown. In each of these spots where seeds are
sown, add 20 gm Patanjali NPK which will
have a good impact on the crops.
Watermelon species
recommended by Patanjali
Poosa Vedna
Durgapur Kesar
Arka Jyoti
Arka Manik
Sowing of seeds and their
Watermelon seeds are sown in north India
Irrigation is very important for
watermelon and it has to be done once
a week. Moreover, it is also important
to take care that if the crop is being
grown on the bank of a river, then
irrigation has to be done carefully, and
that too at very less time interval.
between mid February and mid March,
which is best time. Before sowing, it is
important to treat them properly. For one
acre of land, 1.5 kg seed is enough. Before
sowing, it is important to treat them in
the mixture of Patanjali Suraksha or cow
dung, cow urine, ashes and lime. This way,
better germination of seeds is obtained.
Moreover, plants are also healthy with
this treatment. For 1.5 kg seeds, take 100
ml Patanjali Suraksha and mix it in 5
litre water, and soak the seeds in it for two
hours. After this, store the seeds in a jut
sacks overnight for germination before
sowing it.
Natural fertiliser in
watermelon crop
For best results or output, use sufficient
April 2015U
Patanjali's poison-free agriculture-14
For controlling Churni
fungi, take 10 litre sour
lassi, 50 gm copper sulphate
powder and 40 litre water and
mix them together. This
has to be used twice
a week.
quantity of bio-fertiliser. Patanjali's
poison free agriculture department has
found in its experiments that use of bio-gas
slurry 20 more output is possible. If this
slurry is not available, then use Patanjali
Research Institute's mixture of humic and
gyme. It will surprisingly increase the fruits
sweetness and size.
Irrigation of crops:
Irrigation for watermelon crop is very
important. The crop should irrigated once
a week. When the crop begins to bloom,
then irrigate it once in 15 days. Moreover,
also take care that if the crop is being
cultivated on the bank of river, then irrigate
it carefully and the interval should be long.
If you mix cow dung and jiaggary in 500
gm:50 gm ratio in the soil of the place
where seeds have been sown, then output
will be amazingly best.
Controlling weeds:
The crop of watermelon requires 3-4
April 2015U
times removal of weeds from the field.
First it should be done 25 days after the
germination of seeds, send after 45-50 days,
third after 60-65 days. Mulching around
the plants destroys weeds and it also helps
to maintain moisture in the land. It has a
positive impact on the crop.
Protection of crop from pests
and diseases: 1. Laldi- This problem may strike after
two leaves grow. It destroys the leaves
and thwarts the plant's growth. This
pest also destroys roots of the plant.
Treatment: To save the crop from this
pest, use Patanjali Natural Keetrodi
Karanjadi. For one acre watermelon
crop, take 15 litre Karanjadi
Keetrakshak and 50 ml Patanjali
Abhimanyu added in 40 litre water
should be sprinkle in the plant. This
has to be used twice a week. Moreover,
the farmers have to take 2 litre cow
urine added with 250 ml Patanjaali
Neem and 70 litre water. This has to be
used thrice a week.
2. Churni fungus: This disease is very
common on watermelon plants. This
happens due to a fungi. In this disease,
a white rough spotted net is spread on
the plant which is brown in colour and
leaves begin to become pale and dry
and start to be destroyed. Growth of the
plant is also thwarted.
Treatment: For preventing this disease,
take 10 litre sour lassi added with 50
gm copper sulphate powder and 40 litre
water and it has to be sprinkled on the
plants twice a week.
3. Mridromil fungus on watermelon:
This disease is also caused due to fungi.
In this disease, angular spots are found
on the lower surface of the plant which
seem to appear yellow in colour. This
is a very dangerous disease. It spreads
from one plant to another very fast.
Treatment: To prevent this disease on
the watermelon plants, use Patanjali
Suraksha and Patanjali Abhimanyu.
In one acre land, take 50 ml Patanjali
Suraksha, 50 ml Patanjali Abhimanyu,
added in 30 litre water and sprinkle
this preparation once a week. After
sprinkling for three weeks in continuity,
this disease vanishes completely.
4. Maujeck disease : It is a very
dangerous disease and due to this
disease, growth of leaves of the plant
is badly hit. The front end of the plant
changes its shape and the size of fruits
is also affected adversely. Sweetness of
the plant is also affected.
Treatment: For treatment of this virus,
take Patanjali Nimbadi Keetrakshak
and add sour butter milk and sprinkle
it on the crop. For one acre of land, use
15 litre Nimbadi Keetrakshak, 5 litre
sour butter milk, added in 40 litre of
water and sprinkle it thrice a week.
5. Anthracnose disease of watermelon:
It reduces the output in the crop. This
disease spreads through coletricome
virus due to which red spots appear
on the leaves. This causes decline in
the quality of the plant and hence you
get lesser value to your produce in the
through seeds of the fruit, hence you
must treat the seeds properly before
sowing them.
How to pluck the fruits:
It is a very sensitive aspect. Therefore,
the fruits should be plucked properly and
carefully. If you hit on the fruit with your
palm and you hear ghap-ghap sound, it
means the fruit is ripe therefore it should be
According to Patanjali's poison free
agriculture department's research data, if
you apply above methods while growing the
crop, you can get 54000 kg per acre of crop
and its fruit will be very tasty and sweet.
Treatment: This disease is caused
April 2015U
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gheesmritimedhagnibalayuh shukra-chakshusham.
Cow desi ghee provides good
memory power, sharp mind,
physical strength, longevity
of life, vital sperm and good
eye sight. It is very useful
for the kids and elderly
people, improves potency,
gives glaze to your skin and
keeps the body stable.
Scientific facts: Cow ghee
contains an element called
carotene 6.98+0.098
(micro gram/ gm) which
is not found in Buffalo
ghee. It helps to keep the
eyes healthy. (International
Journal of Dairy
Technology, Page no- 252)