Panther Pride April 2015

Sports Center
Diving into sports, we win
by Noah
This issue features athletes who play
baseball, softball and dive into the pool to swim.
Sierra Weeks recently competed in
swimming on the state level. Her relay team took
fourth place.
She does all the strokes including butterfly backstroke, breastroke and freestyle. She said
her coaches are excellent.
Sierra has speedo, Nike and Alena speed
suits because they are good for speed.
She admires Missy Franking who is an Olympian gold
medal swimmer. She would like to
swim in the olympics.
David Dean who plays
basketball and football. He says
his dad is also a great basketball
His favorite brand is Nike
and he likes the LA Clippers.
Walker Moore plays
shortstop for the Aces. He also
plays football. Evoshield is his
brand and his favorite team is the
Yankees. His
favorite player is
Robinson Cano
because of his
smooth fielding
and he is a left
handed hitter.
Caszen Frandsen, Walker says they have
Moore and Nick Price are done well so in
tournament play.
baseball standouts.
Noah Dansie
passes the ball
off to Sean
in the boys’
last week afterschool. The
blue team won.
All Stars face off in hoops dance
by Hunter
The first semester all stars faced off against
semester two last week and the blue team came out on
top, 60-54.
It was a tough fought game and Tanner Sorensen was the MVP with 32 points. Mason Miles had
nine points for the blue team.
The gold team was lead by Noah Danise with
16 and Kennan Faulkner and Yanni Pierre had 12
points each.
The first semester team included hot shooting
Tanner Sorensen, Kris Pauni, Malu Plunett, Anthony
MOrales, Mosiah Coca, Gordon Ocampo, Mason
Miles and Tyson Holden.
The second semester team included Ben
Myles-Mills, Keenan Faulkner, McKay Knell, Joshua
Ramos, Sean May, Noah Dansie, David Dean, nate
Rhineer and Yanni Pierre.
On the P.E. board
In boys p.e., they are out on the field playing
flag football. The All Star Flag football game will be
played April 2 afterschool.
In other news, Roberto Altamirano set a record by transversing the mnkey bars in 3.18 seconds.
In girl’s p.e., the ladies are doing circuits.
They move to different stations and do workouts to
become more physically fit.
April 2 Deadline to pre-order a
April 6-10 Spring Break
April 13 Student Body Elections
April16 Yearbook, digital media
applications due
April 21 Sage testing begins
April 22 District music festival
April 27 Art Show 7 p.m.
Inside this issue...
-Sound of music opens pg. 2
-movies for spring break pg. 3
-news around campus pg. 4
Panther Pride
April 2015
Kindness rally planned,
be a buddy not a bully
by staff
Dixon students are invited to be one of many
school participating in the first annual Kindness Rally
sponsored by the Provo PTA.
The event focuses on encouraging students to
be kind and will include activities, speakers and BYU
football players. The event will be held April 27 at the
Provo High School stadium.
Students will walk into the stadium with other
schools and will carry their chain of kindness. The
event will be from 6-7:30 p.m. Students are also encouraged to purchase and wear a kindness tshirt These
shirts are just four dollars and students can visit www. for more information.
The event is also sponsored by the Fredette
The PTA is sponsoring the Be A Buddy, Not
A Bully assembly and anti-bullying event after spring
break. Students will receive a t-shirt. A contest is
being held to design the t-shirt, as well as to create a
video piece for the event. T-shirt designs should be
in one color, and are due to the Main Office by March
Latinos in Action, the leadership class and the
honors society have completed many service projects
throughout the school year This includes tutoring,
helping the homeless and writing letters to armed service personnel.
A kindness rally and anti-bullying assembly
are events planned by the PTA.
Fourth term begins,
iTime expanded
by Kylee and Lindsey
iTime intervention and enrichment has
been expanded from three days to four days.
iTime now runs from Tuesday through Friday. As part of this change the school
is trying a pilot for intensive remediation for students who are struggling with I can statements.
Students who struggle with math, science, and
english can get help with their I can statements. A small group of student are selected by
teachers to attend this remediation where they
receive help with skills and specific instruction.
The expansion of iTime on Friday allows for
elective and social studies.
‘Round campus news...
Mrs. Moody’s English
students are finishing up their
novel unit. Her honors students
have been reading dystopian
books including Cinder, The
Limit, The 11th Plague, and The
Maze Runner.
They will now be making
a movie based on their books.
In her other classes her students
have been doing packets based on
the Freak The Mighty book. After spring break they
will be taking the final state test.
In her creative writing class her
students are working on making
6 word metaphors and taking
Mrs. Drussel’s English
classes are writing letters to
another school to practice writing
skills. They will also be taking
the end of level testing.
Mrs. Dyck’s English
classes are learning about themes
and will be testing soon.
Authors, waffles and
prizes were earned by student
who participated in the readathon.
Dixon students read over
300,000 pages as part of The Impossible Race reading challenge,
proposed by author Chad Moris.
Out of all of Dixon
the top 35 students got to eat a
waffle with “everything” on it.
Dixon was also very excited to
welcome author Sara B. Larson,
author of Defy and Ignite. Her
books are about Alexa, and the
magic world she lives in, and that
took her parents away. She earns
a reputation and becomes an
excellent swordsman.
Yearbooks need need
need to be pre-ordered by April
2. This year they are 120 pages,
hard back covers, full color and
packed with photos from the
school year.
This year’s theme is Born
to Rise, and has tons of movie
quotes and themes.
Editors for the 201415 year are Elena Steele, Indy
Jaynes, Lindsey Gordon, Hunter
Rentz, Carson Frost, Kate Cook,
and Noah Dansie.
Yearbooks are $30 and
can be purchased in the Financial
CTE students under
the direction of Mr. Wardle, Mr.
Capps, Mr. Starling, Ms. Hutchings and Ms. Ordaz attended a
Stem fair at UVU.
Selected Students at
Dixon were invited to participate
in a most unique opportunity
hands-on experience with science
and technology that sparked their
imaginations and gave them a
peek into their future careers in
Ms. Ordaz’ students are
also completing their egg babies
In Mr. Steven’s history
classes, students are researching
Eight tech students qualify for nationals
Fifteen students represented Dixon at the state TSA meet.
They won eight first place awards, ten second place awards and
eight third place awards.
The eight students who took first place qualified for nationals in Dallas, Texas. In Communication challenge, Eric Coffman
won first place. Our Chapter Team of Aurelia Bro,wn, Kyndra
Burke, Bailey Johnson, Hallie Gee, Kaitlyln Rasmussen and Jane
Wight took first place.
These nine students qualified
In Environmental Focus the team of Enoch Robertson,
for the national TSA competJackson Moulton, and Jane Wright won second place. The “Go
Green” Manufacturing team of Kaitlyn Rasmussen, Takoda AllMason Robison read 7000 pages
Students create
for the read a thon and recieved a dredge, Kolby Johnson, Hallie Gee and Jane Wright won second
for Adobe festival
signed book.
The team of Hallie Gee, Kaitlyn Rasmssen and Jane Wright Photoshop, stop motion
the industrial revolation and
won second place for the Invention Innovation Competition. In the and creating film with a purpose
presenting their research through
flight flight challenge, Mckinley Johnson won third place.
and message have students in
papers and electronics.
The Leardership Challenge team of Kaitlyn Rasmussen,
Mrs. Moody’s digital media class
These go-deep projects
Jane Wright, and Eric Coffman won third place. In Essays of Tech- busy this time of year.
are their favorites.
nology competition Hallie Gee won third place.
They have just completed
Mr. Harris and Ms.
film and photography projects
Cellar’s art students are busy
Latinos in Action serve at food bank
that will be posted on a state wide
creating work for a May art show
by Nancy Lopez
website and displayed as part of a
that will be held in the library.
Latinos in Action went to the food bank in Provo the first
film festival in May.
This art show will begin
part of March and completed their eight hours of service for third
They have created three
April 27 at 7 p.m.
stop motion pieces and also
Eighth grade science
They helped organize canned food and had fun. Later, most
worked on photoshop projects.
students in Mr. Lockwood and
of the students went to the Eclipse to eat food from the food trucks
Indy Jaynes and Hunter Rentz
Mr. Ellinger’s classes recently
will be submitting their photograbuilt and demonstrated their
Throughout the whold school year, LIA has been practicing
phy and photoshop work.
simple machines.
a batenata dance for certain events. One student commented that
They had the option
they are excellent dancers. They will be dancing at the Salt Lake
of bringing them to class or of
LIA conference and Amelia Earhart.
creating a video.
LIA will be attening a conference at the University of Utah
In Ms. Homolik’s
March 27 to participate in activities. They will be dancing the
health classes students have
routine they have been working on in front of 2000 middle and high
been learning about healthy
school students from across the state of Utah.
lifestyles and how to deal with
Lucy Ordaz is the advisor for Lationos in Action.
stress. They recently had a guest
Be a yearbookie!
Mrs. Tippetts and Mrs.
Indy and Lindsey work on
Applications due April 16!
Boyd science classes also had a
their projects for Adobe.
Panther Piks
by Indy and Kate
This month’s Panther Piks were
like to introduce you the following students:
McKennan Call is a seventh
grade honors student. Her favorite Easter candy are the little chocolate Easter
She likes to run a 5K and plans
to complete one over spring break. Her
favorite movie is The Avengers. Her
favorite class in school is Art and she
enjoys playing Minecraft.
Brenna Wells is a seventh
grader who enjoys sports and excels at
softball. Spring break will find her playing some softball.
Her favorite Easter candy are
Werther’s carmels. She likes to watch
the movie Ferris Bulher’s Day Off.
Favorite class at school? She really likes
Corbin Gale is an eighth grader. His favorite Easter candy are Butterfingers.
Over spring break, Corbin plans
to play some basketball. His favorite
movie is Guardians of the Galaxy.
He likes P.E. and enjoys some
downtown while playing Halo.
Ben Tessem is an eighth grade
boy who enjoys ball room dance and is a
member of the dance team.
Spring break may find him
hanging out on the computer and also
playing some video games.
His favorite Easter candy is
anything chocolate. An honor’s student,
Ben’s favorite class is ballroom dance.
His favorite movies are anything with
Auditions set for Into the Woods,
popular musical ends year
Auditions will be held for a first-time ever honors musical.
The rights for Into the Woods became available and Ms. Marriott and
Mr. Tijerina couldn’t resist the opportuntiy to bring this popular fairytale musical to the Dixon stage in May.
Students who are intested cam audition March 31 and April
1 after school in the choir room. They need to pick up an appliation
from Ms. Marriott or Mr. Tijerina and bring it to the audition signed
by a parent.
Students auditioning should be prepared to sing 16 bars and
also recite a monologue.
On the music scene...
by Nayeli and Mylenna
Concert Choir, girls' ensemble along with Choir 7 are
working on pieces for Choir festival in May. They will have a final
concert May 19.
Jazz Band and concert band are working on pieces for a
district musical festival April 22. Choirs and the orchestra under the
direction of Rebecca Quinn will also participate. These groups also
have concerts in May.
Ballroom events in May including May 20, Ballroom Dance
social May 14.
Sound of Music opens this week
Scenes from the musical Sound of Music display the talents
of many students. Many enjoyed this popular show, which celebrates it’s 50th birthday this year. The musical will run Friday,
Saturday and Monday in the Dixon auditorium at 6:30 p.m.
Student Life
Dixon students are
stacking up the science
awards. Three students
made the top ten in the
state Sea Perch contest
while others qualified
for the Central Utah
science fair at BYU.
Students qualify for CUSEF science fair
by Lindsey and Kylee
Dixon students earned awards at a recent district science and
engineering fair held at Timpview. Over 180 students from 17 different schools participated.
Some 90 students will represent Provo School District at
Central Utah Science and Engineering Fair held at BYU late in
Winners in the Junior division included first place Andi
Jarvis and Annie Luke, who won a special award from UVU for a
project that demonstarted potential solutions to environmental issues.
Brooke Faulkner also took fourth place. CUSEF finalists from Dixon
included Asha Churhill, Katelyn Cox, Brooke Faulkner, Keenan
Faulkner, Hallie Gee, Michael Hansen, Andi Jarvis, Mercer Knowlton, Annie Luke, Luke peay, Kaitlyn Rasumussen, Enoch Robertson
and Whilliam Whitely.
Three place in Sea Perch contest
By Lindsey and Kylee
Seventh grade STEM students recently competed in a state
wise Sea Perch competition. They built underwater robots for the
contest under the direction of Ms. Haacke and Mrs. Gaylord.
There were 175 teams in the compeition. The Dixon teach of
Kyalea Toutai, Isabela Cerrato and Amberly Larsen finished night.
Other students attending were .Jim Tucker,Creed Roberston,Ashley, Macfalane,Laurel Williams ,Abby Martin ,Camryn
Guzman ,Sam Terry,Kelli McCaffery ,Enoch Robertson and Jade
We are the bunnies
What’s new on the
book shelf?
by Lindsey
As a bunny,
you would wait
And watch from far away
But you always kenw that
you’ll be the one
That eats while they all play.
And you, you lay, asleep at night
and dream
Of all the things that you could eat,
But it was just a dream!
Here we are, Don’t run away now,
We are the bunnies that ate this town.
Here we are, don’t run away now,
We are the bunnies that ate this town!
Advice for April
by Elena
Spring is on its way, but
of course with Utah's bipolar
weather, who knows what we will
be pelted with- rain, sleet, hail,
heatwave- all of it is probably in
your future.
You must prepare for the
worst. First you're going to want
to pick all of the pink flowers
from your trees.
You never know when
the wind will blow them all
away- including you, so batten
down all your hatches! (and make
sure to leave the white flowers,
no one likes those) Now, make sure to stock up on
summer supplies, but also be
prepared to not be able to use any
of it until later. Finally, get ready
for school's end!
It’s spring and a stack
of books now sit by my chair as
some of my favorite authors have
come out with new reads. Code Virals: Terminal has Tori
Brennan facing a new threat as
there a trio of three virals threatens the teen and her friends.
This new trio is not out
to perform heroic acts however,
rather they are bent on revenge
and taking control of the city. Tori
must team up with her nemesis
Chance Claybourne who has also
discovered he is a viral.
In the riveting conclusion
to the Virals series, Tory and the
others are nearing an impossible
choice—and the ultimate showdown.
Brandon Mull continues his Five Kingdom series as
Cole Randolph ventures to a
new kingdom as he continues his
search for his friends—and also
pursues his quest to mend what
has gone awry with the magic in
The Outskirts. Can he overcome
the challenges ahead, or will he
be stranded forever in a world
between reality and imagination?
The final book in the
trilogy will be eagerly anticipated
by fans.
Morris finishes his Cragbride Hall series with the futurist
school holding its most popular
Flicks--Cinderella is movie magic
What’s on your film list for spring break? Cinderella should
be and while the guys are rolling their eyes and heaving a sigh, they
should know that this is not just a fairytale, chick flick.
Director Kenneth Branaugh has rebooted the tradition fairytale into a story about an orphaned girl and a young prince, both needing to find the courage to become heroic and reach for their dreams.
When her father suddenly dies, Cinderella finds herself becoming a
servant to an evil stepmother and two obnoxious step sisters. While
these characters could have been over played, direction and some excellent acting add to the performances of Lily James as Cinderella and
Richard Madden as the prince.
The two meet by accident in the forest and find a connection
and common ground. A fairy godmother, played by Helena Bonham
Carter (Harry Potter, Tim Burton fame) does an excellent job in a cameo. She is also the narrator.
Add to this Cate Blancett as the evil stepmother and you have
a loaded cast in a great story about bravery and courage. Madden has
been seen on the screen in Game of Thrones and the mini-series Klondike while Lily James and Step sister Sophie McShera have Downton
Abbey fame.
Excellent direction and a great story make this a good film to
see with your friends and family.
You can also check a slew of movies that just hit DVD status
including Battle of Five Armies the last of the Hobbit films and another Disney fairytale Into the Woods.
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Knock Knock Jokes
It’s April we are just joking!
by Tucker
Knock knock Who's there?
Ether. Ether bunny.
Knock knock Who's there?
Anna, Anna who?
Anna nother ether bunny
Knock knock
Who's there? Juan
Juan who? Juan more ether bunny
More book column
tournament-the Race: a series of
challenges that require the use of
the school's amazing inventions
like its holographic time machine!
But this year is different.
Rather than a monetary or academic reward, this year's winner
will be the recipient of a carefully
guarded school secret: a secret
that could prove both powerful
and dangerous.
Hale returns to finish her
Princess Academy series with
The Forgotten Sisters. After a
year at the king's palace,
Miri has learned all about
being a proper princess. But the
tables turn when the student must
become the teacher.
She starts a princess
academy for three sisters, cousins
of the royal family. Unfortunately, Astrid, Felissa, and Sus are
more interested in hunting and
fishing than becoming princesses.
Knock knock
Who's there? Stella
Stella who?
Stella nother ether bunny
Knock knock
Who's there? Samoa
Samoa who?
Samoa ether bunnies
Knock knock
Who's there? Dewey
Dewey who?
Dewey have to listen to any
more ether bunny jokes
Knock knock
Who's there?
Cargo who?
Cargo "beep" "beep" over
all the ether bunnies
Knock knock
Who's there? Orange
Orange who?
Orange you glad it's not
another ether bunny joke?
Studio C will be back at Dixon, this time to audition students
for an upcoming music video in which the local favorite comedy
team will be performing spoofs of some top ten tunes. They are
looking for singers and dancers to be a part of their project.
If you are interested you can pick up an audition form from
Mrs. Marriott. Students will need to sing 16 bars of their favorite
song and then will be taught a dance routine.
Auditions will be after school the first week in May. Students
who participate will not be paid for their parts in the music video but
it will be a great opportunity for them to be seen on tv and to add to
their resumes. They are looking for 12 students to perform in their
video, which will be filmed at Dixon during the summer.
Sony inks contract with local teacher
Jakob Ellinger, Dixon science teacher, was notified this week
that Sony would like to use his talents in creating a new game for
their Playstation 4, interactive.
The new gaming system, expected to be released next year,
will have the science teacher spending his summer creating a world
for a game with the working title Middle School Madness.
The game will be a cross over between Candy Crush and
The funny papers
Dreamworks to create new Panda flick,
introduces Chick Po fashion doll
Dreamworks Animation has announced their newest film, a
spinoff of their hit movie, Kung Fu Panda, called Kick Box Panda.
This show will center on Po's long lost sister, ChickPo. However, because of this movie, Dreamworks has decided that they will
not be releasing a Kung Fu Panda 3, and do not plan to go back.
The character will be voiced by Sandra Bullock and will
feature some intoductory scences with the original character voiced
by Jack Black.
This is an attempt by Dreamworks to make the series more
female friendly. Timed to coincide with the release of the film will
be the ChickPo doll. This will hit the shelves of Toys R Us in June.