File - Mrs. Tellinghuisen

LA Prompts
Narrative/Short Story
Mrs. Tellinghuisen
Name: _____________________________!
Block: __________!
Directions: Each class period during Writing Zone, select one prompt. You must
write about at least one of these prompts (#1-15) per week. !
1. Every time a dog barks, something unusual happens…!
2. You switch places for a day with your favorite celebrity.!
3. You run into some trouble while camping…!
4. You stumble upon a cure for ___________. What will you do with it?!
5. Your family wins the lottery.!
6. The pizza delivery person brings you something you didn’t order. What is it?!
7. You become the youngest person every to set the record for…!
8. At the mall, you walk by a mannequin that looks like you. Something odd is
9. Your best friend is elected President.!
10. At the beach, you find a special seashell…!
11.You become a character in your favorite video game/tv show/movie, and…!
12.An alien comes to Earth, and…!
13.You find a map leading to buried treasure, but it’s buried under the principal’s
14. You take a ride on a tornado, and…!
15.You take a bathroom break when your friend finds a secret tunnel under the
16. Writer’s Choice!