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• Nearly 50 years of
• 6 million student travelers
• More than 10,000 teachers
travel annually
• Nearly 600 dedicated travel
As a teacher, you love it when learning “clicks” for your students, when lessons from the classroom become real. Those
moments are waiting for you when you take your students beyond classroom walls to experience what they have only
read about in books. This is the experience you’ve been waiting for.
“From the moment you sign up to travel
with WorldStrides, they support your
educational and trip goals for your
students. Thank you for running such a
top-notch company. I hope to travel with
you for years to come.”
-Sarah, Teacher
Since 1967, WorldStrides has been the nation’s leading educational student travel organization and
the foremost innovator in our field. More than 10,000 teachers and 270,000 students from all 50 states
participate in WorldStrides programs each year. As the nation’s oldest and largest student travel provider,
WorldStrides has continually demonstrated a commitment to education. We were the first organization
of our kind to be accredited, enhancing the educational value of our programs. We are dedicated to
ensuring the safety and security of all of our travelers, inspiring students to learn beyond classroom
walls, and supporting every component of our programs with a passionate and professional team.
Each year, thousands of educators take students on WorldStrides DiscoverNow! programs and witness
countless “aha” moments. Seeing your students experience these life-changing moments is a feeling
you can’t put into words. There is no greater reward than seeing that look on your students’ faces as
they’re inspired by history, science, and the hands-on experience you’ve made possible. WorldStrides
specializes in making opportunities like these a reality for you and your students.
a passion for learning in each of your
students. You will be the teacher
they thank for giving them a new
perspective of the world.
The safety of our travelers is our number one priority. Many WorldStrides team members are former educators, and we know that traveling with your students is a decision you make
because you are committed to making a difference in their lives. We believe in the power of experiential travel so passionately that we have gone to great lengths to make your
experience worry-free.
Tour Central
Our 24-hour offices in Washington, D.C.; Williamsburg, VA, and New York City are staffed with WorldStrides employees who are trained to handle any situation that may arise while you
are traveling.
Night Chaperones
After an exciting day of discovery, you’ll rest peacefully knowing that WorldStrides Night Chaperones are monitoring hallways and keeping watch over your students. Night Chaperones
are available on all East Coast and Florida programs.
Doctors on Call Program
WorldStrides has an exclusive partnership with The George Washington University Department of Emergency Medicine. A George Washington University doctor serves on our staff as
the WorldStrides Medical Director, overseeing medical response planning for the organization and providing direct case management in the event of a medical response issue anywhere
in the world. WorldStrides has access to doctors who are available 24 hours a day to provide in-hotel emergency care in the Washington, D.C. area. These physicians provide phone
consultations and treatment recommendations for students, parents, and teachers traveling to other destinations throughout the United States and internationally.
WorldStrides Name Tags
All students are given a WorldStrides Name Tag to wear while they travel. The back of the name tag contains our Tour Central phone number, giving every student quick access to a
WorldStrides employee in the unlikely event that he or she is separated from the group.
WorldStrides takes a number of steps to ensure that the financial investments of students, parents,
and your community are completely secure.
Extensive Insurance Coverage
WorldStrides sets itself apart with an exceptional safety record and an extensive insurance plan for all
travelers. As a Program Leader, you are automatically named as insured on our comprehensive liability
insurance. Upon request, your school can also be named as an insured party. We also offer accident,
medical, and dental insurance for all participants at no additional charge.
Full Refund Program
Participating in our optional Full Refund Program means parents can cancel at any time prior to
departure for any reason and recover all payments (less the non-refundable fees) – no questions asked.
USTOA Travelers Assistance Program
By traveling with WorldStrides, you and your students are protected through the $1 Million USTOA
Travelers Assistance Program.
Non-School-Sponsored Status
Administrators can feel assured about teachers traveling with WorldStrides. Our programs are
non-school-sponsored, and students typically travel during school breaks or immediately following
the conclusion of the school year. This means schools do not have to worry about planning or paying
for the trip, and you won’t spend time and energy on paperwork usually associated with traditional
school field trip approval processes.
Every day, you do your best to improve the lives of your students. WorldStrides shares this mission and has nearly 600 employees who are personally committed to providing safe,
life-enriching experiences for your students. Beginning the moment you decide to lead a group on a WorldStrides DiscoverNow! program, you will have a personal team supporting you
and ensuring you and your group get the most out of your experience.
An Educational Travel Specialist will introduce you to WorldStrides and help you select a destination and travel dates. Your Account Manager is your go-to person. He or she will be with
you every step of the way – meticulously arranging your itinerary, answering any questions you have, and ensuring the best trip possible for your students. Your personal WorldStrides
team handles all of the accounting and planning, while you focus on having fun!
Starting a WorldStrides program in your school is easy; simply decide you’d like to discuss the idea
with students and parents, and we’ll handle the rest. We’ll send you invitations to hand out to each
student and provide the tools you’ll need to set up an informational meeting with interested parents.
The WorldStrides team is at your destination with you to ensure a safe, well-organized travel program.
We have employees and partners on-site who share our passion for providing exceptional educational
On your WorldStrides DiscoverNow! program, you will have a caring and dynamic Course Leader
who will lead your group and introduce interactive activities and thought-provoking questions for
your students. Course Leaders are trained specifically to engage and work with students of all levels
and abilities. You will also have 24-hour access to our extensively trained Tour Central representatives.
Night Chaperones (if applicable) will keep your students secure in the hotel at night, and chaperones
of your choice will help direct students while you travel.
WorldStrides travelers have received
millions of dollars in donations through
our Gift of Education program, our most
successful fundraiser ever! Students can
request donations by sending letters and
e-cards to friends and family members, or
by posting donation links to Facebook. One
hundred percent of donations is credited
to the student’s individual trip account. Visit
www.worldstridesfundraising.com for more
WorldStrides believes that every child,
regardless of financial background, should
have access to the benefits of educational
travel. To support this vision, our team
established the FLAG Foundation, a 501(c)(3)
non-profit organization that provides financial
assistance to students. This year, more than
$1 million in financial assistance is available.
The application process is simple and
confidential, and families with annual adjusted
gross incomes up to $85,000 may qualify.
“You’re never alone. There’s
someone who helps you from
the very beginning of the
process…and it continues all
the way to your return
flight home.”
-Roland, Teacher
Travel is a transformative experience. Leading a group of students to a new and exciting place is an opportunity to
share your personal passion for knowledge, adventure, and discovery. Students gain a sense of independence and
experience true social growth. WorldStrides DiscoverNow! programs are not just fun and educational, they’re rewarding
for everyone. We invite you to become part of the WorldStrides family of educators and professionals who inspire
students through experiential learning.
“In the classroom, my students always
ask me, ‘Why do I need to know this?’
After our trip with WorldStrides, they
don’t ask that question. They understand
the ‘why’ and are hungry to learn more.
As a teacher, that is the ultimate reward.”
-Tom, Teacher
WorldStrides is independently accredited as a school by accrediting bodies in regions across the country. We
maintain both school accreditation, which verifies the high academic quality of our programs, and corporate
accreditation, which assures our organization’s commitment to safety, security, and financial stability.
Traveling with WorldStrides means that your program is built upon a structured curriculum that aligns
with state standards. WorldStrides Course Leaders undergo continuous training in methods for delivering
content to students and bring this curriculum to life through interactive lessons and fun activities.
WorldStrides programs comply with states’ requirements for teacher
professional development. WorldStrides will help you identify opportunities to
earn professional development in your state, assist you in the development of
your portfolio, and issue a transcript for up to 35 points/hours of professional
development. Educators can also earn low-cost graduate credit through our
partner universities.
Accreditation enables WorldStrides to offer students the unique opportunity to earn free high school credit
and teachers the chance to receive free professional development and earn low-cost graduate credit.
Western Association of Schools and Colleges
Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools
AdvancED, parent organization for:
- North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and
School Improvement
- Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on
Accreditation and School Improvement
- Northwest Accreditation Commission
WorldStrides is an organization comprised of many former educators who understand that administrators and school
boards are committed to protecting students. The common vision of safety as the paramount priority has helped
administrators across the country come to trust this continuing pledge: WorldStrides will not operate a program, or any
part of one, if the organization feels that the safety of any traveler will be compromised. In addition to the organization’s
exceptional safety record, administrators enjoy the full service approach that only WorldStrides offers. Teachers and
administrators have their hands full educating students. WorldStrides will not add to those responsibilities or allow a
program to become a burden for a school.
“If I had to sum up my years of taking
students to Washington with WorldStrides
in one word, it would be ‘terrific!’ I simply
wouldn’t sponsor a trip without the
peace of mind that I have in knowing that
WorldStrides is there for me.”
-Lilian, Administrator
Our curriculum was developed with national and state education standards in mind. We’ve aligned
the learning objectives of our programs with the curriculum standards set by several educational
organizations, including the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS), the CollegeBoard/AP®,
and Common Core State Standards (CCSS).
WorldStrides provides teachers with numerous educational resources to help enhance your experience
before and after your travel program. Classroom lesson plans, links to educational partner organizations,
and supplemental activities help bring the learning in the field back into the classroom.
Each year, thousands of students enroll in our Discovery for Credit program, giving them the opportunity
to earn free high school credit and return to the classroom a step ahead. On select programs, high
school students also have the opportunity to earn college credit through one of our partner universities.
This is a great way for students to get a head start on their college studies, distinguish themselves from
their peers, and equip themselves to achieve at a higher level while still in high school. Online course
experience is just another way that WorldStrides is meeting the learning needs of 21st century students.
your students to think critically,
allowing them to develop a lifelong
passion for learning.
The WorldStrides DiscoverNow! lineup of programs includes exciting history, science, and career-focused programs designed specifically for students from elementary school
through high school. These programs range from science explorations in Costa Rica to Christian-focused tours of our nation’s capital. No matter what your curriculum or
destination, a WorldStrides DiscoverNow! program is the perfect mix of fun and education.
Washington, D.C. (Middle and High Schools)
Discover U.S. history and government in one of the most influential cities in the world.
New York, NY (Middle and High Schools)
From Ellis Island and the top of the Empire State Building to Central Park and Broadway, students will never forget their New York City experience.
Williamsburg, VA (Elementary and Middle Schools)
Turning points in American history come alive as students experience colonial life in the Virginia settlements of Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown.
Christian Discoveries (Middle and High Schools)
Step beyond the walls of a classroom to learn about the faith of our Founding Fathers and the history of our country’s Christian heritage.
California State History (Elementary Schools)
Developed using the History-Social Science Framework for California Public Schools, students examine California history from its earliest days to modern times.
West Coast Adventures (Middle Schools)
Explore American history and culture in two of California’s biggest cities: Los Angeles and San Francisco.
Illinois State History (Elementary and Middle Schools)
Experience Springfield, Illinois’ state capital and the home of President Lincoln, or explore Chicago and visit some of the top attractions in the Midwest.
Field Studies Center (Middle and High Schools)
Explore dynamic careers in fashion, sports marketing, dance, and theatre, as students interact with professionals in New York City.
Costa Rica (Middle and High Schools)
Explore rainforests, dry forests, mangroves, cloud forests, and volcanoes, and learn how organisms adapt to their habitats.
Splash into Science (Middle Schools)
In the Florida Keys and Everglades, students get a closer look at coral reefs, alligators, sharks, dolphins, and other wildlife in their natural habitat.
Habitat: H2O (Middle Schools)
Follow the course of water through a small area of Florida’s Gulf Coast wetlands. From freshwater to saltwater habitats, students gain a greater understanding of these ecosystems.
Science in Motion (Middle Schools)
Study how science impacts society while exploring Kennedy Space Center, meeting rare and endangered animals, and going behind the scenes at SeaWorld®.
Iceland (Middle Schools)
Discover geysers, glaciers, volcanoes, and geothermal hot springs in the land of fire and ice.
Dive In: Life in the Field (High Schools)
High school students live the life of scientists through active labs, hands-on activities like snorkeling and kayaking, and working side-by-side with scientists in Florida.
In 2011, Heritage Festivals, Bowl Games of America, BGA Performance, Festival of Gold, Festival at Carnegie Hall, and Sky’s the Limit combined to form WorldStrides Heritage Performance
programs. Our programs offer students the highest quality performance opportunities at renowned domestic and international venues, as well as the chance for students to meet other
student performers and show off their talents.
Music Festivals and Bowl Games (Beginner to Advanced Student Performers)
Choirs, orchestras, concert bands, marching bands, dance teams, and cheer squads have the chance to showcase their talents in incredible venues from Riverside Church in New York
to the halftime show at this year’s Orange Bowl on a WorldStrides Heritage Performance program.
Elite Performance Series (Advanced Student Musicians – Invitation Only)
Choirs, bands, and orchestras enjoy the incredible opportunity to perform on the celebrated stage at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Exceptional ensembles may also participate in the
Festival of Gold Series, which offers performance opportunities at prestigious venues in Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C.
WorldStrides Capstone programs are customized global immersion programs for undergraduate and graduate classes across the globe. Specializing in business and professional studies,
WorldStrides partners with the nation’s top-ranked universities to provide experiences that meet a wide variety of educational needs and budgets in destinations across six continents.
These programs are a key component in globalized curricula essential to leadership in our integrated economy.
WorldStrides International Discovery programs, formally Casterbridge Tours and NETC, are educational study programs for middle school, high school, and undergraduate students
in more than 85 countries, spanning six continents. Travel groups can focus on one of many academic themes, including art, history, literature, language, music, and science.
New Worlds Emerge programs are short-term academic and cultural immersion experiences to domestic and international destinations for individual travelers. Through unique
experiences such as authentic meals, native dance lessons, or up-close encounters with exotic wildlife, students create lifelong memories. These programs range from cultural and
historical study in Europe or China, to theatre, sports marketing, and fashion marketing in New York City, to business and college prep at UCLA.
As the nation’s leader in student travel, WorldStrides coordinates travel and activities for various special events, including the American High School Theatre Festival, International
Collegiate Theatre Festival, American High School Honors Performance Series, All Star Invitational Marching Band, Boy Scouts of America Jamboree, Students Against Destructive
Decisions (SADD), and the Center for Civic Education.
In the student travel field, the WorldStrides name is synonymous with quality. The hotels, restaurants, airlines, and motorcoach companies that WorldStrides partners with match our own
high standards. WorldStrides maintains a close and valued relationship with each partner company, ensuring that your students enjoy top-notch service and a safe travel experience.
All overnight accommodations are carefully selected, and students stay in hotel rooms with indoor corridors.* WorldStrides works closely with hotel operators on the details of each program,
including the responsibilities of the hotel staff and the roles of WorldStrides representatives. In addition, WorldStrides ensures that mid-Atlantic based professional motorcoach drivers are
aware of current U.S. Department of Transportation regulations, and WorldStrides’ expectations and general policies, by providing annual Motorcoach Driver Manuals and hosting regular
training sessions. All drivers that charter WorldStrides groups have access to support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, during a WorldStrides program.
All service providers are evaluated by you, the Program Leader, at the completion of your program. Representatives from WorldStrides review your survey results and work with the
companies to provide feedback and implement a continuous improvement process.
The travel professionals at WorldStrides understand that no matter how much training and planning goes into a trip, unexpected events may occur. In these instances, WorldStrides asks
its service providers to go the extra mile. Sometimes these requests are relatively simple. Other times, the circumstances can be more demanding, such as the time a hotel staff member
drove through a snowstorm to pick up a student’s prescription from a local pharmacy. This level of service comes from years of building relationships with great service providers.
Preferred Service Providers for programs within the United States:
(not an all-inclusive list)
Hotels – Our groups stay in nationally recognized chain hotels such as Marriott properties, Sheraton, Holiday Inn, Hampton Inn, Crowne Plaza, or comparable.
Airlines – WorldStrides uses all major carriers. American, Delta, Southwest, United, and US Airways are our top carriers.
Restaurants – We choose restaurants that are student-friendly but high in quality, such as Chipotle, Applebee’s, Hard Rock Cafe, and Old Country Buffet.
*Our Costa Rica programs require unique logistical arrangements to ensure quality and the safety of each student.
WorldStrides maintains partnerships and memberships with the following
United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA)
National Tour Association (NTA)
American Society of Travel Agents
Student and Youth Travel Association of North America (SYTA)
Washington, D.C. Convention and Visitors Association
Airlines Reporting Commission / International Airlines Travel Agent Network
National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP)
Association for Middle Level Education (AMLE)
National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS)
National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)
Learning Forward
International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL)
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Mount Vernon
Educational Theatre Association
inspiring your students for a lifetime.
At WorldStrides, we believe that every
student deserves an unforgettable
learning adventure. We make it
possible for any group to travel with
our proven Recipe for Success!
A portion of WorldStrides’ revenue supports
these outstanding organizations:
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California Seller of Travel Registration No: 2041618-20
Lakeland Tours, LLC DBA: WorldStrides is registered with the state of Florida as a
Seller of Travel - Registration No: ST24541
Hawaii TARS-5388; IA 568; WA 601 887 646, 602 011 744
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