Newsletter 17

Newsletter 17 of 2015
19 May 2015
Dear Parents,
Well done to all children and families for their response to the sandwich making part of the
Sandwich Drive. Thank you to the families and companies who donated extra bread; packets; boxes; jam and peanut butter. Thank you to the willing helpers who no doubt enjoyed
“eau de peanut butter” for at least a day. Thank you to the teachers who released their
children so that they could make the sandwiches. Thank you to the Grade 7 helpers who
were indispensable. Thank you to the office staff for putting our ideas together. Thank you
to Mrs Roshni Moodley for organising and facilitating the whole event.
Peanut Butter and Jam
A total of 798,84kg of peanut butter and jam was collected. Thank you for your generosity.
The winners of the class collection
Foundation Phase: Grade 2 Luckan with 72kg
Grade 2 Singh with 61,5kg
Senior Phase
Grade 7 Reeves with 101,230kg
Grade 5 Dyter with 82,665kg
These classes will get to enjoy an ice-cream treat.
The children will have brought their sponsor forms home. Parents are urged to collect the
money donated; pledged and/or sponsored and send it to school so that teachers can start
their “Money Collected” Thermometers”. The closing date for sponsor/donated money is
Friday 19th June, but parents are urged to take advantage of May month end to collect
their child’s money from friends, families and friends of DNPS.
Tracksuits have arrived. Please send the balance of payment in order to collect your child’s
Senior Cricket Coaching
Senior boys and girls in Grades 4, 5, 6 and 7 are invited to attend cricket coaching with
Coach Reddy on Saturdays at DNPS from 9:00a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
Please be advised, normal school uniform rules do apply.
Parent Interview Week
Teachers are already into the swing of things seeing their class’s parents at scheduled
interview times. All parents are encouraged to make the most of this opportunity to enjoy
a one-on-one meeting with their child’s class teacher.
Term 2 dates
Please be aware that dates may be subject to change without notice
18 – 21 May
18 – 22 May
1 June
8 June
Mon - Fri
11 June
12 June
15 June
16 June
17 June
18 June
19 June
20 June
21 June
23 June
25 June
26 June
Music and Drama exam
Parent Interview Week
Pre-exam week
Exam week starts
Exams End
Youth Day Assembly (Grade 6 Brett)
All sponsor money handed in
School holiday
Youth Day holiday
Sponsored prizes
Fathers’ Day Assembly Gr 2 and 3
Final Date for Sponsor money
Sports Day – Date Changed to 1 August
Fathers’ Day
Reports go home Gr R – 7
Finalise Sandwich Drive Prizes
Sandwich Drive Prize Giving
Term 2 Ends
One-liners for clever people
Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want.
Who is General Failure and why is he reading my hard drive?
What is a 'free' gift? - Aren't all gifts free?
There's too much blood in my caffeine system.
From the … Sports Office
13/05 – Senior Soccer vs Northcrest Primary
U10 – Lost 0-1
The U10 team lost their first match this term and it was an unlucky
result. Our boys created chances and played some good football
during the match. Unfortunately one mistake in defence led to the
goal. The boys need to develop their teamwork but their
understanding of the game is improving every week, which is
pleasing to note.
U11 – Lost 0-2
Our U11 boys were unfortunately unable to turn a solid first half
performance into a victory. The boys got tired in the second half and
as they pushed for an equaliser the defence got caught on the
counter-attack and this led to the second goal. The U11’s need to be
strong for the entire match and work hard till the final whistle.
U13 – Lost 0-6
This was another tough game for the U13 team. Mistakes in defence
and a midfield that needs to work harder cost the team. Our boys
did show a slight improvement from their previous matches but a lot
of work still needs to be done.
13/05 – Senior Netball vs Northcrest Primary
U10 – Lost 2-3
The U10 girls are improving with every match they play together.
They must remember to communicate on the court and play until the
whistle blows. Keep up the good work girls.
U11 – Lost 5-10
The U11 girls have got a lot of potential to perform well as a team. If
they keep up the good attendance at practices they will start seeing
the difference in their overall games. Our shooting needs a lot of
U12A – Won 12 – 6
It was great to see everyone play with great enthusiasm and
determination. It was particularly pleasing to see the girls work
brilliantly as a team, encouraging and supporting each other. This
team ethic definitely reflected in the score.
U13A – Drew 3–3
The U13 girls are slowly improving but they are still too casual when
playing matches. The girls are continuously encouraged to come to
training more often, as what we do at training reflects how we play.
U13B – Won 13 -6
The U13B girls played really well and they played as a team. On
defence they were good and managed to give their opposing partner
a difficult time. With more practice they will perform much better.
Overall we are happy with their improvement.
16/05 – Mini-Soccer and Netball at Chelsea Prep
Soccer –
Team 1 – Drew 1, Lost 3
Team 2 – Drew 1, Lost 3
Our boys struggled a bit this week. Team 1 were extremely unlucky
as they created many chances and hit the post on numerous
occasions but they unfortunately could not find the goal. Team 2
improved as the morning went on and the boys managed a good
result in their final match.
Netball –
Team 1 – Won 2, Lost 2
Team 2 – Lost 4
Our girls are improving with every week that we play matches. Team
1 are starting to understand the game much better and this is
reflecting in the overall game. The girls just need to be more
aggressive on the field. Team 2 had a difficult morning but after the
second game they started playing much better.
This Week’s Fixtures:
20/05 – Senior Soccer/Netball – vs Rosehill Primary, Chelsea Prep,
and Our Lady of Fatima
23/05 – Junior Soccer/Netball – Northcrest Primary
Please note that the soccer and netball match shirts are now
available from Mrs Pather. All children playing in matches this term
need to wear these shirts.
A reminder to all the Senior Primary boys, Coach Reddy will be
starting his morning cricket practices again this Saturday (23rd May
2015), for all interested boys in Grade 4 – 7. Practices start at 9am
and finish at 11am. We encourage parents to make use of this
opportunity to continue with cricket during the off-season.